Best Zero Hour Contract Jobs

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Responsible for shipping functions (maintaining zero defects per customer, 100% on- time delivery, and ASN transmission). FLEA Status: * Salaried Non-exempt.

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Frankie and Benny’s TGI Fridays Amazon DHL Greene King When it comes to zerohourcontractjobs, it’s important to note that there aren’t specific jobs or roles that are covered.

So if you’d like to work in a particular industry on a zerohourcontract, it’s always worth checking if that’s an option. So now you know what sort of jobs and industries have zerohourjobs, let’s get onto an important topic: pay.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a lot of variation in the types of jobs and industries that have zerohourjobs. So to make things a little clearer, we’ve separated the different job areas that Break room users on zero hour contracts work.

50% of workers with zerohourjobs in either warehouse or driving earn over the Real Living Wage. This is a pay rate based on the real cost of living in the UK.

Cleaning, kitchen, front of house and store jobs with zero hour contracts earn on average less than the Real Living Wage. As previously mentioned, we don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with zerohourcontractjobs.

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When looking for companies that offer the bestzerohourcontractjobs, we were only examining what Break room users have shared about their zerohourcontractjobs. Even the companies at the top of this list can do a lot to improve their Break room Rating.

A normal standby shift consists of 7.5 guaranteed paid hours plus £40 retainer. Zero Hours contract is an agreement between an employee and a company that doesn’t have any fixed time.

It is one of the written contracts where there are different kinds of provisions set for the employment status, rights, and also some obligations for the employee. As the business is not obligated, and it also provides many benefits to the people who are working full time.

In addition to this, workers can also have their annual leave along with sick pay, rest breaks, and some rights and protection from any discrimination. Such a contract is suitable for businesses that are providing excellent flexibility for the supply of workers.

Especially when it comes to a new business, this contract is one of the best benefits for the staff members and also the form to get excellent flexibility. Also, when it comes to seasonal events such as pleasure, hospitality, and catering, one can increase employee staff based on a contract, which can help them in a better way.

Zero Hours contracts are also one of the advantages when it comes to the unexpected absence of any staff due to sickness or any emergencies. This contract is quite famous in the UK and America, where there is excellent flexibility for an employment agreement.

Zero Hours arrangements are quite relatable to public sectors, restaurants, retail outlets. It is a backup for a firm, where one can rely upon the employee, who is dedicated for an extended period, but it is a temporary solution.

But a company that already has staff members who are ready to do overtime for accomplishing the peak in demand should not opt for it. A company must not use its agency staff for a temporary basis or any short notice just for the sake of meeting the business needs for a shorter period.

So, in all such cases, hiring employees with Zero Hours contracts would not be considered a prudent practice. One of the essential advantages of using Zero Hours contracts is it provides excellent flexibility to the employers.

When it comes to organizations’ point of you, Zero Hours contracts are one of the best ways to get the work done quickly and effectively. Zero Hours arrangements are one of the significant advantages for new businesses or start- ups who are finding flexibility in working.

Also, organizations can hire people based on Zero Hours contracts, which will be quite cheaper, and it will ultimately result in less usage of funding. When it comes to concern for employers, there can be differences such as delivering quality work and also of meeting the standards of the organization.

Zero Hours contracts are quite tricky, and it can also reflect to work hard and get a proper employee status. Zero Hours deals don’t have any obligation to accept work; moreover, it can be difficult for the employee to obtain any desired action.

So, maintaining the company standards with all the employees can be a daunting task for an employer with such kinds of contracts. This will let their work-force arrange their work schedule properly, plus the employees will also have the clarity that their jobs will not be canceled suddenly without any notice.

£25,443 per annum Average salary for all Zero Hours Jobs in Bedfordshire. For them, self-isolation means a sudden loss of income, often without access to redundancy payments, sick pay or universal credit.

Employers can minimize their financial and contractual obligations while transferring risks to employees and vastly reducing labor costs. Research has linked precarious work with poor mental health, rising stress levels, depression and even suicide.

They lack even the most basic stability, are unable to gain a foothold in society, and move in and out of jobs that give little meaning to their lives. While the report emphases the quality rather than just the quantity of work, it supports the principle that labor market flexibility should remain.

By treating staff fairly during challenging times, companies can develop strong relationships with clients, customers, suppliers and business partners. Conscience dictates that corporations and political leaders must accept their responsibility to protect employees against such disasters, including Covid-19.

Citizens Advice claims that over 900,000 people don’t know what holiday benefits they are entitled to with their employer. Zero hour contracts pretty much enable employers to hire and not guarantee working hours, which is different to the gig economy.

Just this week we also heard that the potential conservative government in the UK would implement much new employment law strategies, but not in regard to the elimination of zero hour contracts, unlike the Labour Party, which has promised a ban on zero hour contracts and unpaid internships. Although some political parties have pondered banning zero hour contracts, the fact remains that they are popular with employers and employees alike.

A good start for any reform would be to oblige employers using such contracts to ensure that their employees are made aware of their rights. We have heard a lot in the news about zero hours contracts, yet it still seems that both businesses and individuals do not fully understand what their obligations and rights are.

The Working Time Regulations 1998 came into force nearly 20 years ago and gave not only employees, but workers, the right to a minimum amount of paid leave. In some cases businesses may be under the mistaken impression that people on zero hours contracts are not entitled to paid holidays but that is completely wrong.

Also following the recent mass cases involving holiday pay claims and in particular the case of Bear Scotland v Fulton (which was back to the EAT in December ’16 and the decision is awaited) it was held that if there was a gap of 3 months or more between non-payment of holiday pay then the claim would not be allowed for being out of time (allowing for any extension of time for ACAS early conciliation of course). The idea is that they are properly ad hoc contracts where an employer gives them work as and when required, and they take it when they can.

Whilst it can be a headache to calculate holidays for irregular work patterns, the accepted method is to use a formula. Failing to ensure that all workers receive their annual leave can result in an employment tribunal claim which, depending on time limits, could go back as far as the last holiday year.

It comes as absolutely no surprise to me that such a high percentage of workers on zero -hours contracts are not aware of their holiday rights. Whilst there are undoubtedly going to be some businesses that deliberately play the system to save money, the majority of cases I see result from a total ignorance as to how the law in this area works.

There is also a proportion of industry that is prepared to comply with the law and needs to work in this way to maintain a competitive edge or simply stay afloat. Accordingly, I think the only workable solution beyond greater education all round would be to introduce a simple statement that an employer must issue at the same time as the written contract outlining exactly what benefits the individual is entitled to.

It would not be unduly onerous time or expense wise to do this; the statement could easily be in a set format. Whilst this would not stop those who intentionally flout the rules, it would raise awareness and make it harder to plead ignorance.

The ‘difficult’ part of the equation is harder to solve purely due to the multitude of patterns that can be worked. Employers can help themselves and the individuals they engage by properly thinking things through in advance and then being transparent as to how they will deal with holiday entitlement.

We should not overlook the fact that some workers may find themselves on the receiving end of ‘dirty tactics’ but that comes down to unscrupulous employers and is not limited to those on zero -hours contracts. Given the ongoing conversations surrounding employment law post Brexit and General Election, an annual license for approved organizations that use zero hour contracts ethically could be something the incoming Government could explore.

Any employer that refuses or fails to provide paid holidays is liable under the Working Time Regulations 1998 (‘WAR’). In this respect, individuals are already adequately protected, and the recent extensive litigation regarding annual leave and pay has shown that this issue is not exclusive to zero -hours arrangements.

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