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Damage: Tank: Support: Kenyatta LEAGUE LEADERS Overall Rank Player Team Minutes Played Elias /min Hero Damage /min Healing /min Final Blows /min Ultimate /min Deaths /min 1. Players need to meet minimum playtime to be considered for leaderboards.

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Minimum playtime for this hero is at least 10% of the league leader, or 127.2 minutes With the recent meta shift, Kenyatta went from underdog to top dog.

As a matter of fact, in the early days, he was a top dog, then he got pushed out, and now he’s back. However, regardless of his position in the Overwatch tier list, Kenyatta is an amazing hero and today I’ll show you why.

Zen is a hero I will gladly pick when doing an Overwatch boost order with a support role, he can even hard carry if played properly. Zen’s Harmony and Discord orb need line of sight to work, a lot of his damage would fall off due to shields being too powerful.

This is also the reason why Baptiste is so good right now because they both provide needed damage buffs to break down shields that were nerfed. In order to maximize Zen’s potential, you need to play wonderful and coordinated, that’s what I’m trying to achieve with you in this guide.

The best way to use volley burst damage is by charging it up while being behind a cover, peaking out, releasing it, and then repeating. Or when you’re confident that you can get a cheeky kickoff on a squishy. Another scenario is when you’re changing your position significantly, you can charge it up while moving and then fire it.

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Naturally, preflight you should be robing the person who is most likely to receive damage immediately, usually a tank. Don’t allow the enemy team to punish your second support, if that happens, you’re toast.

Unlike Mercy’s damage buff, as I said, Discord amplifies all incoming damage, that’s why the buff isn’t a crazy high number, but when your team properly focuses that target, the numbers go insane. In order to maximize the value, you need to call the ability, meaning, tell your team, preferably over voice, that you Discorded a certain enemy and that they should focus that target.

There is a visual that lets them know who is Discorded, but in a chaotic team-fight, you can allow your team to react even faster. The target you will mostly discord is the enemy tank, because if they have a Reinhardt for instance, focusing him down and killing him means no more shield and your line of sight is open for more action.

Transcendence is a great group heal that is usually used to protect your team versus cults such as Gravity Surge, Granitic Flux, and Pharaoh’s Barrage. Because of the positioning tips, that I will talk about later, and the smaller range of Transcendence, it requires activation sooner, unlike, for instance, Lucio’s beat that instantly tops you up with amazing shields.

You move faster, yes, but the heal is NOT instant, therefore you must take in note how long it will take you to reach your team’s to get them in range of your Transcendence and activate the ability accordingly. In case you failed this and the Transcendence will be too late, don’t use it, call it off and save it for the next fight.

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Another thing to watch out for as a pro- Kenyatta is, if a couple of your squishes is caught in a Gravity and their team is burst heavy, there’s no point in Transcending and trying to heal them up if they can get blown up through it. I certainly hope my Kenyatta guide has helped you and that you will start reaching higher Skill Rating as Zen.

Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment Stage One champion with insane team-play and statistics, it’s Lee “Twilight” Jew Seek. Most teams make the error of layering Transcendence and Sound Barrier a couple of times due to a miscommunication, but not Vancouver.

This team has been together for years, and they know how to play around each other, this makes Twilight shine and that’s why they won the Stage The New York Excelsior has learned to play around Jonas and give him the space he needs to pop off.

Image Courtesy of twitter.com/sfshockThis newcomer had been hyped up by analyst, it might have taken a couple of games, but Mini “Viol2t” Park delivered. Viol2t made it to playoffs and gave Vancouver a run for there money, don’t sleep on Viol2t for the rest of the season.

Courtesy of charge on Twitters team didn’t make playoffs, but Jensen SHU Kim showed off an amazing Kenyatta and Ana in Stage One. Despite his team having a 3-4 win/loss record, SHU is at the top of the player rankings on Winston's Lab.

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The Guangzhou Charge sometimes play disjointed and chaotic compositions, this allows SHU to pop off on his own. SHU is currently the most well-rounded Kenyatta in the league with great damage, assists and a low amount of deaths.

2018-02-28 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment He’s an original carry support player that finally made it to playoffs in the Overwatch League. Belong “ryujehong” BYU has always been a great support player, but his team never made it to playoffs last season.

As long as you are within line of sight and 40 meters you can cast an orb of harmony to a teammate, and it will float around their shoulder constantly healing them. You can not place orb of discord on people who are being blocked by a shield or barrier.

Instead of having a gun Kenyatta throws orbs of destruction to take down his enemies. When fired at an enemy that also has an orb of discord attached it will deal 59.8 HP damage.

Kenyatta has the ability to put their hands together and gather energy, and then send out orbs of destruction in a volley dealing massive damage. Zenyatta's ultimate causes massive healing to nearby teammates and can help your team survive many attacks.

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To compensate for all of Zenyatta's power he has an incredibly low movement speed and a large hatbox, making him a very big and slow-moving target for the enemy. There are five things you especially need to keep in mind as a Zenyattaplayer, being: positioning, awareness, communication, healing priority, and aim.

In general, you will want to stay on the back line, where you can see most of your team in order to heal them and out of range of the enemies. You need to learn the maps, health pack locations, all the heroes' abilities and how they interact.

But, your position in the back of the lineup does help you to be able to watch everything going on closer, and with practice, you will get used to noticing everything. When a match begins start by making a game plan, figure out what everyone is best at and decide how you all need to tackle the upcoming battle.

When the battle does begin start calling out who is on the enemy team as soon as you catch sight of them, and warn people when you see them being flanked. So, if the team is focusing on D. Va or Bastion throw your discord orb on them, so they can be taken out quickly.

If everyone is fighting without a clear target let them know whom you put the discord orb on so that everyone will focus on that person. Generally, you will want to discord the healers and tanks, but if there is another person who is especially powerful or skilled and causing your team problems, then focus on them.

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There are some great ways to practice, and here is a video that will show you how to improve aiming and getting headshots in 10 minutes: In that case, you should keep your orb of harmony on your DPS, your squishy heroes with little health, and let your main healer worry about the tanks.

Whom you heal for DPS varies widely depending on everyone's position, the team composition, and the skill of everyone. You will have to decide who is more important to the team, and also if they have an ability to heal themselves, such as Solider 76 has, that will play a factor as well.

Whereas Pharaoh is more likely to stay within sight, and it's harder for her to heal herself since she would have to land and find a health pack. Remember, it's very easy to move the orb of harmony around, so you don't have to keep it on only one teammate.

First healers, then tanks, then problematic DPS such as Pharaoh, Bastion, Samba, whoever is countering your team hard. If someone's health is particularly low, your team's Road hog has hooked them, or they are otherwise weak in some way that is also a good person to target.

Some heroes have abilities that allow them to remove the discord orb: Reaper when he goes into Wraith, Ma when she goes into Cryo-Freeze, D. Va when she Self-Destructs, Tracer when she Recalls, Kenyatta when he uses Transcendence, and Zara when she uses a Barrier. If you only shoot when you think you will hit your target you will learn to take more reliable shots.

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Charge up your volley, and once it's ready peek around a corner or a choke point and hit a target before they get the chance to see you. It's often best used while your enemy is using their ultimate, such as if they pair Gravity Surge and Rocket Barrage, you could go into Transcendence and keep all of your teammates alive.

However, another tactic that is riskier but can sometimes be pulled off is when the enemy team uses a healing ultimate, such as Valkyrie or Coalescence, wait and use Transcendence after their cults are over. When you position yourself make sure you let your teammates know where you are, and have at least one team member nearby, so in case you are in danger they can help you out.

However, if you learn to use your discord and destruction orbs while aiming well it will greatly increase your chance of survival. Make sure your team is still alive and with you when using Transcendence Zenyatta's silent floating can be really useful when sneaking up behind someone.

Sometimes people will automatically back away to try to get some distance from the enemy targeting them and trying to aim, but make sure you're headed in the direction of your team members. If you die let your other healer(s) know, so that they know what healing they need to do until you get back from the spawn room.

If someone does flank you dodge them by moving around and crouching, so they have a harder time hitting your head. If an enemy gets close, and you're having a hard time finishing them off just kick them, which is Zenyatta's melee attack.

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Kenyatta may not be an easy healer to learn, but he is well worth the practice it will take. With his massive damage potential and healing you don't have to constantly be controlling, he is a wonderful addition to a team.

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