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Maria Johnson
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 13 min read

Most notably, its 5v5 matchmaking is incredibly fast, there are already 40+ unique heroes, and the graphics look great without overheating my phone. While there are plenty of Mobs on mobile, Wild Rift had the best on-boarding experience I’ve tried to date, jumping straight into the action instead of forcing us through lengthy tutorials.

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Unlike some Mobs, the combat is nicely paced in Wild Rift, with each match taking roughly 15 minutes, which is perfect for mobile. Wild Rift is by far the most polished, fair, and overall most promising MOB I’ve played in years.

Nameless Cat is a beautiful 2D action platformer with a mysterious story, lots of interesting obstacles and enemies, and even boss battles that we must overcome without being able to attack. This mechanic is used to avoid enemy attacks, travel distances that are too far to jump, and teleport away from traps, creating a fun experience that feels different from most other action platformers.

The peaceful soundtrack perfectly fits the distinctive pixel art-style and creates a truly calming and peculiar atmosphere that makes the game a joy to explore. Unlike lane-runners like Subway Surfers, Neon Fly tron’s smooth controls let us freely move up, down, left, and right to avoid obstacles, defeat bosses, and pickup powers-ups or gold.

Vehicles can be painted with different materials and colors, a custom game -mode lets us heavily alter and control the gameplay experience, and the map editor even allows us to fully customize the colors used for buildings, windows, and more. Monetization happens through occasional forced ads that can be removed through a $1.99 IAP, incentivized ads to revive or increase our gold rewards, and maps for more gold used for customization and to unlock all cars immediately.

The monetization isn't heavily pushed, and the game can easily be enjoyed as a free player. Each dungeon floor consists of multiple rooms full of monsters and a boss at the end, and while we’re free to explore the dungeon in whichever order we prefer, we must defeat all monsters in each room before we can proceed to the next.

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Monsters drop gold that we can spend to unlock cute heroes with unique health, speed, and luck stats. The controls are a bit wonky and combat gets slightly repetitive after a while as our only offensive ability is to push blocks.

Solar Smash is a simulation game about destroying planets and entire solar systems by altering the orbit of each planet until they collide or by using a range of over-the-top crazy weapons from rockets and lasers to alien spaceships and Cthulhu-like creatures. The game plays like a sandbox experience, with full freedom and no overall objective or mission to complete.

It’s a fun experience for short periods of time, although it quickly grows repetitive due to a general lack of gameplay modes, planets, and weapons. Solar Smash monetizes through occasional forced ads and a $2.99 IAP to remove these completely.

Before you roll your eyes and say “oh boy another one touch platformer”, do trust me when I say this game is absolutely fantastic. The platforming is very skill based, the randomly generated levels are surprisingly varied, and the game in general is extremely well polished.

They've been completely removed from the play store because it's incompatible with newer versions of android, so even if you try to download the A PEE KAY (Automoderator on this sub I swear to god), it will crash on startup. It's not overly complicated nor is it lacking depth, it's easy to just drop in and enjoy the game even if you're not an RPG fan.

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Basically, this is a retro game where you try to dominate cities by infecting people. With every attempt you'll gain more money and buy upgrades, special zombies, and much more.

I'm talking “I spent hours to create a solution for one puzzle” type of hard. Sadly, the GUI in this game is so small that it's basically unplayable on smaller screens.

Infinity loop is a puzzle game where you have to connect all the pieces together to complete a level. The concept is surprisingly simple, and the game is pretty easy, but it's amazingly polished gameplay and simplicity turns it into a mesmerizing experience.

If you need to wait a few minutes for anything, just pull your mobile out and start playing this. There is no pausing or timer or limited moves, it's all about relaxation, and is a must-play if you're bored.

Everything in this game, from the design, to the sheer amount of content put into it is just perfect. To put it simply, The Battle of Polynomial is an extremely simplified version of the hit PC strategy series, Civilization.

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You start as a small town and grow to multiple cities, each with their own bonuses and production rates, connect trade routes, wage war against other countries, and basically, accumulate as much score as you can before the 30th turn (which is when the game ends). In fact, it's literally just a collection of 9 different puzzle games, featuring flow, tan gram, pipes, unblock, Shikoku, unroll, bridges, and a secret game that you unlock once you reach rank 50.

Other than the obvious polish and sweet graphics, this game also has good design. The game doesn't constantly scold you for not finishing the level under 30 seconds, using the minimal amount of possible moves, and jumping through 15 flaming hoops over a family of hungry lions on a motorcycle without touching the ground.

I accidentally let my finger go now and then and the game would count that as a move, and I would have to restart the level all over again to get it perfect. Puzzler also introduced me to lesser known games, like tan gram and Shikoku, which are really fun.

Instead, it’s the port of the premium console-exclusive version that also includes the levels of the flash games as a bonus. The controls are as smooth as ever and are surprisingly good on a touch screen but still require a little getting used to.

For a campaign that’s about 6 hours, not to mention the extra levels, challenges, and secrets, it’s insane that they’re giving all of that for free. I’ve had my eyes glued to the screen with this game and finished the campaign in just 2 days.

The levels are all really varied, from deserts, to forests, to dark caves, it truly feels like a complete and satisfying adventure. I’ve been a fan of the series ever since the first flash game in 2006, and I really, really, cannot express how good this is.

Solitaire: Decked Out is a game that for some reason wasn’t made earlier. An ad-free, polished solitaire game that includes unlockable loot like different themes and winning ceremonies.

I’m surprised at how many hours I’ve sunk into this game while bored or waiting for something. You use the notebook to solve puzzles and help people by spawning things that would benefit them.

To be honest, this game has pretty mixed reviews since it’s a little too easy and sometimes a little too stupid as it doesn’t recognize some obvious solutions, but that really doesn’t stop me for enjoying the game for what it is. Overall, I think it’s an awesome puzzle game that everyone should try out at some point, especially the younger audience.

There certainly isn't a shortage of dungeon crawler rogue likes in the play store, but this one definitely takes the cake. The gameplay loop grabs you and never lets you go, leaving you say “just one more run” before turning it off every single time.

I don’t know how long this game is, but after putting over 5 hours and counting, I can tell you it’s a pretty deep cave. Reigns is a very interesting game where you are a king, and you control your country by swiping cards left and right.

But tread carefully, that isn’t necessarily a good thing, because if you have maximum money, the nobles and rich will take over the country, and you will lose. If your army gets really strong, they’ll start a coup against you and you will lose.

In another, the executioner resigns and the doctor proposes to use poison to execute people, which leads to a plague spreading, causing you and your entire population to die! There’s a kind of joy whenever you discover a new absurd way to die or new events that cause unexpected things to happen, all because of a simple yes/no option.

You could spend days discovering all the neat secrets and new surprises in this game. The room series is a bunch of puzzle games in which you attempt to crack some sort of safe containing the secrets of some weird symbol and the meaning of life, apparently (The story is incredibly vague).

Whenever you solve a puzzle, the safe opens new gizmos and unfolds into something entirely else. The game has a very creepy atmosphere and even some scenes that made me jump because I didn’t expect something to move.

Sadly, each one of these games can be completed in about 2-3 hours, which is understandable and honestly pretty fair. If you enjoy intricate and very interesting puzzles, absolutely buy this game.

Delight Games’ full library is a collection of every single text based adventure they’ve made over the years. Even if you don’t really enjoy reading like me, their adventures are interesting and making decisions actually matters and where making wrong decisions will actually lead to your death.

Whether it’s some sort of sci-fi comedy, or a gritty mystery, or a medieval fantasy, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for here. EDGE is a game in which you control a sort of cube that you roll over to the end of the level.

The idea is that you're supposed to get from one place to the other by manipulating perspective (it's harder to explain than it is to show) until you reach the end of the level. With a BEAUTIFUL art style, great ambiance, and levels that expand and unfold Ala The Room, it's an experience like no other.

For some people, that's a dealbreaker, but I just can't deny how much I loved this game playing through it. Its masterfully crafted levels and visuals are quite possibly the best I've ever seen in an Android game.

Terr aria : It’s a fantastic game, but it just doesn’t work on a small touch screen. Also note that this needs an active internet connection (ugh)… But I still enjoyed my time with it.

Smash Hit: It’s a fascinating game about managing your balls (that sounded much worse than it should’ve) and using them to break glass and hit switches/doors… But I also felt like it was starting to get bland by the middle, especially since it's almost impossible to win without constantly replaying the same levels over again, so you can play more efficiently. Kingdom Rush: I get it, people really love this game, but I found it a little simple for my tastes.

Gumballs & Dungeons: It’s a really fun game but sadly I felt like it got old fast. While it does get progressively harder and later levels need more strategy, it just feels like there isn't much new mechanics to keep me going.

), and a pretty good time waster, but sadly I felt like there wasn't much depth in the gameplay, and it started feeling like a mindless idle game where I just wait until something interesting happens. Some people call this game an emotional rollercoaster, deeply thrilling, the best dramatic romance story on google play… But I’m not really feeling it.

Boy Free: Simply because I’ll get into arguments that emulators aren’t games. Well, I don’t really care, this emulator opened up a lot of awesome games I’ve never played before.

If you’re interested, I recommend playing Castlemaine Aria of Sorrow, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland on it. It has a really huge skill tree and a bunch of replayability, but I didn’t add it because of how unbalanced it is.

Realm Grinder: It’s my favorite clicker/idle game on android, but I didn’t add it because of that very reason. Dan The Man: It’s an awesome free retro platformer with tight controls, but I didn’t feel like it belonged on the list.

It’s still a great sandbox game, maybe even the best on android, but having it on the list feels pretty useless. PICKEREL: A fairly underrated arcade game based around digging either left or right.

Re dungeon: This one almost made it onto the list, but I didn’t feel like it was on par with the other games there. Sadly it gets repetitive fairly quickly, and the economy is pretty busted in this game.

Good controls, free, and without intrusive ads or a bad microtransactions model. Call me biased, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was playing a really inferior version of diablo/torchlight.

Out folded: A minimalist, beautiful game about unraveling shapes to reach the end. The music and sound design is fantastic, but I feel like the gameplay gets tedious when you reach the other levels.

The puzzles just don’t feel intuitive after a certain point, and you’ll be trying to trial/error your way through. Sadly it feels like there’s too much emphasis on watching ads and paying microtransactions.

Progression without watching ads is much slower than it should be, which is kind of unfair and isn’t a great business model. Your objective is to reach the end of the level by bouncing with lines without hitting anything.

The game is really polished and really fun, but I found it to be too difficult in later levels which just frustrated me to no end until I stopped playing. With a beautiful soundtrack and AMAZING aesthetically pleasing graphics, it’s such a joy to go through.

I know the game would be really short without it, but replaying levels all over again when you lose gets pretty tedious. I’d maybe add this game to the list if it were free, but sadly that isn’t the case.

Good is a really well-designed puzzle game where you control a bunch of blobs that try to take over tiles in the least amount of moves whilst stopping the other blobs from taking over yours. It’s a really thought-provoking and interesting game with a cute art style, but like others here it just didn’t have much staying value for me.

Knights of pen and paper 2: Similar to Begonia 4, this is a sequel that isn't that bad, just worse than the original. Knights of pen and paper 2 is an alright RPG for wasting time, but there's little reason to play it because it's very similar to the original... Just worse.

Little Dew (paid)*: I totally forgot about this game, but I remembered it now. Little Dew is a Zelda-esque adventure with a cute art style and a great sense of humor.

Every level you're given something you can interact with, whether that's a button, a bunch of objects you can drag around, a set of sliders, etc. This could've easily made my list if it had maybe 4x the amount of content, because there are only 50 levels in this game, which you can finish in less than an hour.

Pottery (paid)*: Exactly what it sounds like, Let's Create Pottery is a game about making, coloring, decorating, and selling pots, and then buying new decorations and materials to use in the future. This game is a very neat concept that's executed surprisingly well, and can provide you hours of entertainment assuming you're creative enough.

The missions have you replicating a different pot from a small picture and can honestly be very tedious as you'll just trial/error your way into getting it right. The economy is also in bad shape because the game can't recognize good pots, and you can create a mess in 5 minutes that'll sell higher than a masterpiece you created in 2 hours, which completely ruins progression.

Beat Hazard Ultra is a twin stick shooter where the levels are created from your music. You load in a music file from your SD card or internal memory (or an online radio), and you'll fight battalions of spaceships and weird bosses which are in sync with the music.

The game is pretty fun and has a great progression system where you can level up and equip perks, but sometimes it's just very hard to see what's going on (even on the lowest light settings) thanks to the incredibly noisy flashing lights (which look amazing, but from a gameplay perspective is hard to deal with). Hook (paid)*: Hook is a brilliant minimalist puzzle game that consistently introduces new mechanics and concepts as you go through it, making sure you'll never be bored and the game will never be repetitive.

You can finish the entire game in about 90 minutes or less Ala Monument Valley. I spent days writing this and basically made it up as I go, so I probably missed a few games here and there, but I’m pretty happy with the size of this thing.

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