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Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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After playing the game a couple of times using all kinds of character builds. We have compiled this guide to help you start the game easily and fast.

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We present the following observations about the classes and their functions in the game. The easiest class to complete the game in normal mode is hybrid 2 STR and 1 CON Paladin.

The weakest class is Mechanic, however when properly geared with full EVA items, they pick up in strength and be on par with other classes in Eve and PVP. However, the chance of winning and killing is still 50 / 50 as a strong fully geared mechanic.

Gamely tic has written 4 different character guides to help you determine the stats and skill builds. Gold can be very important or close to useless depending on your class and build.

In general, you will spend the majority of your gold to purchase potions and repairing gears. However, use the following game play strategies to help you on how to make more Zenonia5 gold.

Save Often and Reset When You Die The fastest way to lose your Gold in Zenonia5 is when you lose both the weapon’s durability and gold when you die. To avoid losing gold and make more, just save as often as you can.

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When you die, simply go back to the main titles and avoid the penalty altogether. It should be noted that you do not lose anything against other bosses or PVP or Abyss battles.

Consider grinding lower level enemies if you cannot advance higher. You want to move across the maps fast and efficiently to kill the mobs.

Impossible, always keep your SP absorb gears and titles if you are able to get them early in the game. In general, SP absorb stats only appear in Unique or Legendary ranked Zenonia5 gears.

Upgrade Gears to Tank Enemies and Avoid HP Potion Cost If you are taking too much damage from enemies, you will find that your pocket will go down pretty fast as well. By taking less damage, you use fewer potions and die less frequently.

Execution and Movement Learn the attack patterns and timing of your enemies. Getting hit wears down your armors and possible make you lose time when you die.

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Purchase Bigger Inventory Spaces It is essential for you to purchase additional bag spaces if you want to grind for ZEN easily. Because of all the equipment that you have, they can take up quite a bit of your inventory spaces.

Higher level gears can sell for lots of gold. To do this easily, you can start new characters because they can extract fairy stones fairly fast.

The rune that you want to have at the end is 3 skill slots with Holy extreme offense. You can send and receive the various Fairy related items through banks.

Although the Fairy is like a companion that fights alongside with you, but because she does not really join the battle but rather give you buffs here and there and boost your attack effects. Fairy Runes can have different stats but mainly either in Offense, Defense, or Normal.

In general, you want to get the Offense Runes for additional damage and rebuff. Each of the element have the capability to slow or freeze enemies.

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The skills can include buffs that increase your various stats such as ATT, DEF, and more. Our personal favorite are the stones that decrease your SP uses.

Although it does not show on the stats screen, but your fairy becomes stronger as they equip and update their runes at higher levels. At end game levels, the damage classes have better time to grind for gears and con builds are stronger in PVP.

Abyss Crawling can give you some of the best Legendary or Unique ranked gears. However, PVP fighting typically only give you up to Magic and Epic ranked gears.

Your goal is to use both of these methods to farm the strongest set of equipment possible. Before we get into the details about the various Zenonia5 equipment, we will go over some basics with their types and slots.

Run through Abyss Dungeons for a chance for good drops The destroyed gears require cash shop item Recovery Scroll which costs 100 ZEN.

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The amount of stats added from the stones are based on the gears that are used to make them. Deciding your gears to evolve: First, the evolved gears do not get additional upgrade stone slots, and they can still be broken via the refine process.

Therefore, you should first check for the refine level and stone slots before you start the evolving process. Each additional evolved level adds that much more stats to the gear.

All of your “evolved” gears will receive evolution points when you farm and kill the mini bosses with the special orange magical circle under them. This is a cheaper way if you do not wish to spend real money to evolve up your gears.

Usually you want to keep up your damage output while still able to survive enemy hits. This means that aim for Ex, CRT Rate, and lastly ATT.

In general, every class can benefit from titles that grant all the stats. However, it should be noted that these builds may also benefit from Veteran Hero which gives 1k HP.

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These mercenary players will “NOT” receive the ZEN if you hire them. The players are typically strong with at least avatars purchased.

Simply means that by challenging the Zenonia5 boss, you will obtain 50% more EXP and evolution points per ZEN spent. However, it appears that boss fights are simply not worth the effort.

The Zenonia5 raid mode is completely useless in boosting your characters. In short, never waste your money on the raid mode.

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