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Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 10 min read

In this guide, we will discuss some Zenonia5 Paladin stats build that you may have as well as some good active skills to have. With this guide, you will be able to build and train the bestZenonia5 paladin that suit your playing style.

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They make great Eve gear farming character for their high damage output against single enemy. Hybrid 2 STR and 1 CON is the easiest build to finish the game in normal mode.

Pure CON Tank Build The Pure CON is the tank’s build, you will rarely die from enemy attacks as long as you have up to date gears with defensive skills and abilities. However, this is a turtle build where you will spend a long time trying to wear down the bosses.

The beginning to mid-game is hell for this build because some bosses will take forever to kill such as Haifa. However, with pure Con build, you would be taking so little damage that you will save a lot of gold over the course of your game play.

At Zenonia5 end game, pure CON builds along with HP reflect gears can be deadly. The Pure CON paladin build is essentially only geared toward PVP purpose.

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It should be noted that if you are interested in pure CON build for PVP purpose. The decoys abilities that are associated with berserker + HP reflect will prove to be a lot more deadly than the pure CON paladin.

Some of Paladin’s best hitting skills can deal a ton of damage that wipe out enemies fast. At end game the Paladin will also have decent defenses and HP to survive hits better than mechanics and wizards.

If you are going for max amount of damage in the game, the pure STR Paladin is the best for you. However, this build will play like a mage at times, you will run around to “mob” the monsters, and unleash skills to kill them fast.

However, the pure power build is extremely fragile for PVP purposes due to low amount of HP count. Based on the above points, avoid adding INT or EX for your paladin at all.

Shield Charge This skill can be useful at 1 point simply for you do deal some initial damage while getting out of corners. However, this beginner skill can also be awesome at level 10 for its ability to stun the enemy.

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The Paladin’s curing light skill is even more powerful when you are pure CON build with tons of HP. You can cast curing light right after Crest of Authority so that you get additional boosts from HP % recovered.

Crest of Authority The only place where this skill may be useful is in certain boss situations and hell mode. You increase your HP count to avoid one hit kills and your ability to tank.

This skill can do significant damage to a group of enemies in a pretty wide “net”. Becauseofits ability to multi hit, it can do quite a bit of damage at level 10 as well.

This AOE skill deals mad damage while inflicting stun on the enemy. Purifying Flame You should only put 1 single point into this skill to unlock Absolute Shield.

The purifying flame will be laid as a trap on the floor that deals very little damage to be worthwhile. If you get some additional HP reflect gears, you can typically effectively automatic counter your PVP opponents to death.

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However, the huge defense boost can help you through some hard stages of the game when you are almost dying. The huge downfall of this skill is the long cool time and low duration.

However, if you plan on paying money to buy skill points, your goal is to master all the recommended skills for both pure STR and pure CON Paladin stats build. Please note that we have listed out the essential builds for the first 60~70 levels, and after which you can adjust the different skills based on your playing style.

1 Point in Absolute shield may help you to survive dangerous situations too. As a pure CON paladin, you will need ATT to deal consistent output to put a dent on the various bosses.

In general, your goal is to maximize your Zenonia5 gears while equipping all of them with 3 upgrade stone slots. The builds will take considerable time to farm, but the end result will be worth it.

On the pure CON paladin, you will gather as many HP damage reflect gears. On a fully decked pure CON paladin along with the damage reflect skill, you will almost never lose against any PVP players in the game.

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For pure CON Paladin: Legendary Warrior: HP +20% Achieve level 99 The best choice for you is Holy Fairy Extreme Offense with 3 Skill Slots.

In general, as a pure STR you will get killed pretty easily by the bosses, play your Paladin like a spell caster. Run around for cool down to end while casting the various damage skills such as Holy Cross.

For pure CON builds, you should almost always be able to tank the enemies pretty easily including the bosses. If you have trouble tanking them, consider grind for a couple more levels and boost your ATT.

Bring plenty of HP percentage potions to help you tank. However, due to the low amount of HP, they are usually easily killed against all other classes.

Pure attack mechanics and wizards can wipe out the low paladin HP really fast. However, pure CON paladin along with HP reflect skills + gears is godly.

STR 7 DMG(10 with maxed Power Link passive) 1 DEF This makes you very easy to die against other damage character such as the Ex Mechanics and Zenonia5 Int Wizards.

By using this build for your Zenonia5 berserker, you are playing your melee character like a weak wizard or mechanics. These ways you can always tilt the performance of your Zenonia5 berserker by equipping on different gears.

If you start to die at certain levels or bosses, slot in a couple more defensive focused gears. If monsters are taking too long to kill, and you deal not enough damage, just switch in more attack based upgrade stones.

With pure CON, you will have a ton of HP and defense that can tank even the hardest bosses. One trouble with this build is that you will seriously lack quite a bit of damage output specially at the beginning of the game.

Because of the lack of damage output for pure CON Zenonia5 berserker, you will need to always be updated with your weapons. However, this build is almost killable in Zenonia5 PVP situations with proper gears.

However, the CRT Damage boost that came from CON makes their critical a good weapon in your arsenal. Our recommendation is to stock up on critical gears and prepare to spend a couple of ZEN to max your passives.

Thus, you should avoid any berserker builds that involve EX and INT. Use this as a simple first resource to help you determine that the Zenonia5 berserker skill that you want.

Berserker Skill NamesSkill TypeS kill Unlock LevelPrerequisiteFirst Point EffectAdditional Skill Point Effect Per LevelShoulder ChargingActive1ATT: 100% Stun Rate: 10% Duration: 2 secant: + 5 % Stun Rate: +2%Power SlashActive1ATT: 350% Constant DMG: +15% Bleeding Rate: 30% Duration: 6 secant: 20% Bleeding Rate: 3%Offensive StanceActive 5 ATT increase: +20% Duration: 30 secant Increase: +2% Duration: +1 guard CrashActive 5 Power Slash ATT: 190% Stun Rate: 20% Duration: 4 secant: +10% Stun Rate: +2%Defensive StanceActive15DEF Increase +30% Duration: 30 secret Increase: +3%Spinning SlashActive15ATT: 300%ATT: +20%Wrath StrikeActive15Guard Crash ATT: 150% Constant DMG: +25% Bleeding Rate: 10% Duration: 6 secant: +10% Bleeding Rate: +2%Phantom DetonationActive25ATT: 80% Constant DMG: +30% Bleeding Rate: 10% Duration: 8 secant: +3% Bleeding Rate: +2%Black Hole SlashActive25Spinning Slash ATT: 300% Constant DMG: +10% Shock: +10% Pull: +1 Duration: 2 secant: +20%Last ResistanceActive25Reflect: +100% HP Recovery +6% Duration: 10 education: +1 sectary SpiritActive35Phantom Detonation ATT: 100% Decoy x 1 Duration: 12 education: +1 sec Extra decoys at Level 5 and 10Blood LustActive35HP Consumption: +1% Normal Attack Increase: +80% Duration: 20 education: +2 second CircleActive35ATT: 65% Constant DMG +40% Bleeding Rate: 10% Duration: 6 secant: +4%Spin MoveActive45ATT: 160%ATT: + 5 % Level 5 and 10 revolution and travel distance increasedPotion Effect IncreasePassive1Potion Effect: +10%Potion Effect: 5 gold PlusPassive1Gold Acquired: + 5 gold Acquired: + 5 MATT IncreasePassive 5 ATT Increase: +4%ATT Increase: +2%DEF IncreasePassive 5 DEF: +4%DEF: +2%EVA IncreasePassive15EVA: +2.00EVA: +2.00CRI Rate IncreasePassive15CRI Rate: 2.00CRI Rate: 2.00CON IncreasePassive25CON: +3CON: +3STR IncreasePassive25STR: +3STR: +3Passive MasterPassive35Upgrade Passive: +3%Upgrade Passive: +3%Power LinkPassive35ATTK per STR: +15%CRI per INT: + 5 berserker's SpiritPassive45Speed during Hit Rate: 10% Speed ruing hit: + 5 Duration: 3 speed during Hit Rate: +1%Area ZeroPassive45Free CRY Skill Rate: 3% Free CRY Skill / Duration: 2 secret CRY Skill Rate: 1%. This can be a useful skill to help you out of mobbed situations and stun enemies at the same time.

Mainly because the ATT increase buff can be coupled with all of your attacking skills. Guard Crash This skill can be useful in PVP and to stun enemies when maxed.

The time duration and buff amount will not save you from critical hits against bosses or other players. If you are really having trouble taking damage from mobs, you are better off to farm and grind a couple of levels.

Phantom Detonation This multi hit skill can do serious damage if you are STR based berserker. Only max this skill when you plan on decking out your berserker with tons of ATT enhancing gears and equipment.

With maxed phantom detonation, you can wipe out any enemies pretty fast. We recommend only put 1 point into the skill to unlock Dark Spirit.

The HP healed from this skill can save you from all of your potions costs. Dark Spirit The strongest skill that any types of berserkers can have.

For your STR berserkers these decoys will do insane amount of damage to wipe out any enemies fast. You should max this skill to get the full benefit of increased time duration.

Blood Circle Useful skill against mobs of enemies or decoys against other berserkers in PVP. However, this skill is only useful for berserkers with good ATT due to its low initial damage.

After your spin move you will typically get hit multiple times to pull your distance again. You will note that to be a really effective Zenonia5 berserker, you will need more skill points based on our recommendations.

And we do mean it, it is best for you to spend some ZEN during the beginning to have an easier time playing and progressing through the stages. After these essential skills, you can decide whether you want to get a little damage dealing actives or continue to max your other passives.

We personally like to max out Offensive Stance + Bloodlust for their huge damage boost. However, they can be pretty godly towards late game with Decoys + Damage reflect gears.

Depending on the amount of ZEN that you are willing to spend, you may change the skill build progression a little. However, in general you want to make sure that you can fully tank enemies damage especially at the beginning of the game.

This build is extremely hard to get started because you will be knocking HP away from enemies slowly. Because the damage output is minimal from active skills based on low STR.

Like skill sets, you may adjust your gears depending on your build of Berserker. We will discuss a little on the different Zenonia5 gears and fairy setups.

For pure STR berserker, you will want some HP gears to cover yourself from likely one hit kills. If you are comfortable with your controls and defense ability, consider further boosting your damage output from STR, ATT, and CRT.

With maxed out damage abilities, your Dot from fire fairies can be quite deadly as well. For pure CON berserker, through most of the game, you will need enough DEF to cover the enemy grinding.

Basically if you take more damage than your health potions can handle, you are in trouble. You will need to constantly update your gears to take damage in the 50s and 100’s mid-game.

For PVP situations, a few HP reflect items can be godly alongside maxed Dark spirit decoys. Your CON berserkers will make the most use of Holy fairy for stunning your opponents.

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