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James Lee
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
• 10 min read

I'm an avid “Skyrim” player that enjoys building unique characters. The Druid is arguably the most versatile class in Zenonia4, as well as being the hardest to play.

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Note: If you just surround your skill build with Fire Step and another attack, like Lightning Chain, just pump points into passives and use Fire Step on everything for the easiest way to play the entire game. You can kill many, many bosses almost instantly by just running into them with Fire Step; it's crazy strong.

Pure INT: The most powerful stat build for the Druid. It gives the most attack (the INT stat for Druids gives more attack than the other 3 stats, as well as more Critical Rating than STR and CON).

The problem with this build is that when you get hit, if you don’t have lots of good HP/Defense gear, you’ll go down ridiculously quickly. If you think you don’t need that much HP, you can add 2 CON per 3 levels, and use the rest of your points for INT.

STR adds slightly more ATT, but you already get enough from your INT stat. Basically, you cast a spell to become a Spirit Bear, giving up the power to cast spells (besides for Spirit Crash) for an increase in STR, Defense, and HP.

You can cast buffs though, like Fire Step, which is very fun (you basically just turn into a bear and run circles around your enemies). Add all your points into CON, and you'll be pretty much impossible to take down.

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If you’re Pure INT, just don’t invest into the Tenacity passive skill (Level 35). If you do Int and Con, center your build around Fire Step and a bunch of passives because that skill, at level 1, is all you need for a while.

After level 50, you can assuredly decide on how to finish off your character’s stats. Concentrate on maxing out all the passive skills, besides Survival Instinct.

The active skills to max out are Serpent Totem and Firewall. Also invest into Tree of Restoration if you feel like it fits your play-style.

You should also invest in Hurricane Shot; it's very good for bosses. If you're using the Spirit Bear build, just max out all the passives, as well as Fire Step.

Of course, max out Spirit Bear, and also the charge attack. Using just your normal attack and skills whenever you see an enemy won’t cut it.

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An example of a “combo” is rounding up a couple enemies, diverting their attention with a Serpent Totem, and then throwing down a Firewall for some huge damage. Then, while they’re still bunched up, use skills like Lightning Chain, Hurricane Shot, or your max charge attack to finish them off.

A pretty universal tip is to leave Begonia 4 running for 20 hours (just lock your iPod/iPhone without shutting off the game). You’ll unlock the Demoniac title, which gives a 10% increase to each of your stats.

This especially is helpful for the Druid because, at the beginning of the game, defense and HP is incredibly sparse. 24 and I just recently destroyed the boss protecting the mark of lands in less than three second by walking into him... El4 go into the den of trials and find someone with 8000 attack and use them to level up.

All the bosses are easy for me XD not trying to be cocky, but fire step is over 9000 Lulu! Proteus was the easiest boss in the entire game...

I just owned Proteus in under five seconds with fire step level 1! If you're a pure INT what skill do you invest in t level 35 instead of tenacity.

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The tricks are to kite the melee, so they run through your fire, be fast! Stand on range to let the fire stack and really destroy them.

Get a gem that stuns, so you can stand on anyone safely and melt them. Tornado a must grab as it CCS for easy Fire Step set-up.

LVL 70 is the highest level in normal mode you need to advance to a new difficulty. Heya, I'm ranger lvl77 . It's quite good, with the range and CRT damage . Whenever ranger def depends on item . No doubt with ATT.

My suggest is do all subquest, collect gold then go to Den Trial, you'll gain more exp there, just find a good partner. Then if you want to search good item, you can find on PVP . Cc : Kazegayo (on Zenonia4) Hiya, I'm a lv52 druid and I can't for the life of me even begin to touch the Dark General Leviathan, let alone kill him.

Been leveling up passives once I got my 3 active skills past LVL 3. I tried them both out through the use skill point and quit game from tab menu, and they are both very nice...

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I use fire step and charge into opponent for easy K. O in pvp. I Like this class the best personally, due to the fact that it uses a bunch of spells.

Just a quick pointer in regard to the guide... You can just set your clock forward 20 hours to get that title, to save you waiting. All the classes are actually pretty challenging, sans like a con slayer.

Is hurricane shot the same as the tornado in begonia 2... and thanks for the response. Also, what I've been hearing about the snake totem, getting people in front of u should be easy.

King Cole, Would you happen to know the answer to my question asked above? I can provide sets for anyone who wants, just send mail to iKingCole with your level, and use one of my characters in the Eve den of trials.

For Begonia 3, I decided to stray away from the nature shaman since he didn't appeal to me with all this totem crap, and I chose the shadow hunter. I die too often, and my SP/hp doesn't last long enough for me to continue through multiple screens without having to stop and rest for 5 min.

So I'm asking about druid's... As cornice I had a nice pushback, not too large, that helped me keep monsters at bay long enough during a 1v1, I also loved the Icicle circle that did a huge amount of damage to people near me, and the thunderclouds were amazing. I am wondering if the druid resembles cornice in a way, that it has pushback to its normal attack, and spells that can deal large amounts of damage.

I'll experiment around with that build and add it to my slayer guide when I get around to writing it. I'm now at LVL 30 and I am practically killable, and a killing machine at the same time.

I added the skill which deals damage in an area around u, not the spin one. And it deals an insane amount of DMG with a huge cost of SP.

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