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The term Nixonesque was coined by the head of Ectoplasm.com when categorizing Entrance subgenres for their well know free music website. “ Xenon Records is widely known for their distinctive blend of progressive entrance with funk and jazzy influences.

earth vilnius
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Nixonesque entrance is characterized by both dark and light elements, a playful vibe, organic sound design, and a deep commitment to psychedelic atmospheres.” In other words, the music Xenon Records has released since its birth has been so influential and distinct that it has given rise to its own sub-genre known today as Nixonesque ”.

That being “Eyes Rolling” (2003) the first Permutations (2004) and Intelligent Manipulation (2004) with tracks from well known Xenon founders such as Shadow FX, Tetra meth, Kramer and Minimal Criminal. The track “Model” by Sentient is a classic example of the super low-pitched rolling baselines and dark cinematic atmospheres which characterizes the Nixonesque sound and still a major influence in modern releases today.

There is a seriously broad and ever-growing spectrum of flavors and textures coming from Xenon Records so to categorize is difficult as most artists take influence from across the board. Artists such as Grouch and Tom Cost then further investigated by Myself (Dirty Hippy), Evil Oil Man (my brother), Bros Bowl and others.

A merger of Minimal Techno and Progressive Psychedelic Trance with elements of the classic Xenon: futuristic sound design and dark, cinematic atmospheres with lashing of heavy glitching. Heavy full on and low rumbling baselines with very dark atmospheres and a lot of classical entrance FM noodling.

Both write hard and dark progressive with super intricate futuristic sound design and lashing of their own distinct flavor, plus classic Nixonesque feel. Founded in 2003 and released debut tracks from extremely influential artists such as Grouch, Tom Cost and others.

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Cosmic Conspiracy Records also was the label to first release music from myself and my brother with Dirty Hippy vs Evil Oil Man’s, “Slime and Punishment”. The label is well known also for its themed releases, such as High noon (cowboy cyberpunk), Cryptozoology (mythical monsters), Photophobia (phobias) and Midi Evil (medieval).

Now If I write dance music that is deep, Trippe, futuristic and innovative I have the perfect place to give it a home. If you are interested in affordable private tuition in this style then please check out the available lessons and courses described on the rest of this website.

Psychedelic is probably the most iconic subgenre of Entrance music, with driving baselines and futuristic sounds often created using FM synthesis. Pioneered by the London-based labels like Alchemy, Flying Rhino and TIP Records, among the others, this subgenre has also become known as the UK Pay.

This subgenre organically fits between Progressive Pay and the classic Psychedelic in the BPM range, combining the best elements of these two. Note: read why author prefers to call these tracks Entrance and not Progressive Pay in the blog.

Emerging in the mid 00s in Europe, Progressive Pay has quickly expanded to become one of the most common Entrance subgenre. Tracks of this subgenre builds-up slowly, allowing artists to focus more on things like reverb tails, delay effects, little percussion tricks, and other subtle details.

Note: probably, Dark Progressive aka Nixonesque and Progressive will be separated is the future version of this guide. Pioneered by Juno Reactor and then recently popularized by Mini Vice, Tribal Pay utilizes triples baseline pattern along with some ethnic drums and vocal samples.

Some producers overused triples so much in the recent years, so at some point, having a triplet drop is almost considered as a cliché. The Offbeat Pay uses a specific baseline pattern at which a single bass note hits between four-on-the-floor kick drums, hence the name.

As the title suggests, this subgenre is a blend of Entrance and Techno that combines various elements from these two. And since both Entrance and Techno can vary in tempo and vibe, there is pretty much no boundaries to this subgenre too: it can go from deep and minimal to hard and rough.

Pay Tech-Trance is a product of a clash between Entrance and a regular Trance worlds. Tracks in this subgenre typically have the Pay baseline, longer uplifting breakdowns, and acidic riffs at the climax.

Although some devoted entrance fans don’t accept this subgenre as a part of the Pay scene and culture, it grows pretty rapidly, especially in the US. It combines heavy Entrance baseline and squelch sounds with a Breaks rhythm, classic Electron snares, and sometimes even Industrial scrapes.

This isn’t quite a subgenre, but rather consequences of when Entrance artists go mainstream: it often includes vocals and cheesy melodies to appeal to a broader audience. Goa Trance is considered as “organic”, that is to say, it does not have the typical “metallic” sounds of electronic music and often presents an oriental aesthetics in its melodies, mostly with Indian consonance, as well as various tribal elements from the Indian culture such as references to the Buddhist or Hinduism mythology and mysticism.

Although Goa Trance is considered as an old school genre now, some artists and labels are still releasing it, referring to it as a New School or FEOGA. Nitzhonot is a subgenre that formed from the classic Goa Trance in the mid 90s in Israel, and it literally means “victories” in Hebrew.

It is typically faster than Goa Trance, with high-pitched kick drums and fast-paced oriental melodies. Full-on is a dynamic, playful, and musical subgenre of Entrance that appeals to a broader audience because of its positive vibe.

Unlike of a typical straight Entrance baseline pattern, the Full-on baseline plays on various notes across few octaves, creating a special rhythm and melody that way. Night Full-on is the evil twin of Full-on: it has the same fast-paced bass and leads but with a darker vibe and twisted, synthetic sounds.

Many Dark Pay producers are hailing from Russia, so you might see this genre referred as a Russian style. Forest Pay is very similar to Dark Pay in many ways, but it’s less robotic-themed and focuses more on the ambient noises, nature atmosphere, and the spooky sounds you would hear in a dark psychedelic forest.

Filled with swarming and teeming effects, it is also slightly faster than Dark Pay and arranged in a straightforward manner, almost with no breakdowns and beat interruptions. Unlike Score, Hi-Tech can present an absence of atmosphere in favor of a non-regular melodic structure.

In addition, Hi-Tech is generally the least predictable and constant of all Psychedelic Trance styles. Suomisaundi tracks are usually very melodic, including heavy influences from early Goa, tribal beats and Acid Trance tracks, as well as funky guitar and keyboard loops and sounds from or reminiscent of 80s.

Psych ill is a downtempo genre that often seeks to reach a state of deep relaxation, close to meditation and lucid dreaming. Formally speaking, Chill out is a subgenre of electronic music in general, not Entrance in particular.

However, historically it has a deep connection to the Pay scene and today you can hear many Chill out artists playing at the Entrance festivals. Mechanical techno-influenced psychedelic progressive music, typically between 128 and 140 BPM.

Anything slower and less “trance” is filed under techno and anything with a warmer, less mechanical feel can probably be found under progressive or Nixonesque. This time Drunk found some psych artists to propel you into the universe and back to earth again.

It starts in space where galactic sounds meet and dives deep into the bottom of the forest where the frequencies twist you around the trees. Get ready for a journey like no other as you travel through a hypnotic dream world.

Subliminal Bouquet is the debut release from The Nuclear Rites, a Mexican collective focused on unconventional and dystopian aesthetic expressions for the most hardcore underground DJs and sonic dissidents around the planet. Anger Quantum leads the charge with this psychedelic techno triptych, three tracks infused with influences from across the spectrum shining darkly in the night.

Apart from producing deep digging underground beats, Anger also mixes DJ sets in a variety of styles. Manifold Studio is proud to present the amazing compilation Psychedelic Depths featuring music of talented producers such as Himmelkompass, Covered, Ops, Cold Project, Manifold, Taxi NAD, Algae Bloom, Spatial Feature, Quite-K, Julia, and MediaTek.

With this release we present a brand-new style which we call “psydeeptrance”, deep progressive psychedelic sounds previously called dark progressive. We want to highlight another type of psychedelic trance experience, one which might differ from what you are used to hearing.

As a platform, it hopes to serve as a channel to encourage the growth and dissemination of music and artists from India, supported and sustained through contact, exposure, and collaborations with their international counterparts. Progressive Awakening marks the birth of Biosphere Network.

Medusa is the new solo project of the well-known entrance producer Hector Stuart (AKA Onion) from Santiago, Chile. This project was born after Hector endeavored to find a deeper sound with trance elements and darker tones, fewer melodies and more atmospheres.

In the beginning of 2016 Hector discovered some underground techno labels where he found the elements he was missing in modern trance music. It was a big surprise as he never thought that nowadays techno music has those elements.

Immediately he started to compose similar stuff, trying out his own ideas. After receiving positive feedback from close friends he decided to create a new project, Medusa.

And now, Medusa presents a new album, Forms 02, with both powerful and soft tracks, continuing the series of atmospheric, dark, and mysterious techno.

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