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The term Nixonesque was coined by the head of Ectoplasm.com when categorizing Entrance subgenres for their well know free music website. “ Xenon Records is widely known for their distinctive blend of progressive entrance with funk and jazzy influences.

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Nixonesque entrance is characterized by both dark and light elements, a playful vibe, organic sound design, and a deep commitment to psychedelic atmospheres.” In other words, the music Xenon Records has released since its birth has been so influential and distinct that it has given rise to its own sub-genre known today as Nixonesque ”.

That being “Eyes Rolling” (2003) the first Permutations (2004) and Intelligent Manipulation (2004) with tracks from well known Xenon founders such as Shadow FX, Tetra meth, Kramer and Minimal Criminal. The track “Model” by Sentient is a classic example of the super low-pitched rolling baselines and dark cinematic atmospheres which characterizes the Nixonesque sound and still a major influence in modern releases today.

There is a seriously broad and ever-growing spectrum of flavors and textures coming from Xenon Records so to categorize is difficult as most artists take influence from across the board. Artists such as Grouch and Tom Cost then further investigated by Myself (Dirty Hippy), Evil Oil Man (my brother), Bros Bowl and others.

A merger of Minimal Techno and Progressive Psychedelic Trance with elements of the classic Xenon: futuristic sound design and dark, cinematic atmospheres with lashing of heavy glitching. Heavy full on and low rumbling baselines with very dark atmospheres and a lot of classical entrance FM noodling.

Both write hard and dark progressive with super intricate futuristic sound design and lashing of their own distinct flavor, plus classic Nixonesque feel. Founded in 2003 and released debut tracks from extremely influential artists such as Grouch, Tom Cost and others.

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Cosmic Conspiracy Records also was the label to first release music from myself and my brother with Dirty Hippy vs Evil Oil Man’s, “Slime and Punishment”. The label is well known also for its themed releases, such as High noon (cowboy cyberpunk), Cryptozoology (mythical monsters), Photophobia (phobias) and Midi Evil (medieval).

Now If I write dance music that is deep, Trippe, futuristic and innovative I have the perfect place to give it a home. If you are interested in affordable private tuition in this style then please check out the available lessons and courses described on the rest of this website.

Show preshow less Loading... Also known as: Deep Psychedelic, Dark Progressive, Progressive The term Nixonesque comes from “Xenon (Records)” + “issue (“alike”)”.

Psychedelic trance, entrance or pay is a subgenre of trance music characterized by arrangements of rhythms and layered melodies created by high tempo riffs. It is comparable to the hardcore, underground style of trance music.

The genre offers variety in terms of mood, tempo, and style. Some examples include full on, darkest, forest, minimal (Nixonesque), hitch pay, progressive, some, psychic, score, patient (fusion of psychedelic trance and ambient), breaks, or “adapted” tracks from other music genres.

zenon records
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In 1979 the beginnings of electronic dance music could occasionally be heard in Goa in the form of tracks by artists such as Kraftwerk, but it was not until 1983 that DJs Laurent and Fred Disk, closely followed by Goa Gil, began switching the Goa style over to electro-industrial / IBM which was now flooding out of Europe from artists such as Front 242 and Niter Ebb as well as Euro beat. The tracks were remixed, removing the lyrics, looping the melodies and beats and generally manipulating the sounds in all manner of ways before the tracks were finally presented to the dancers as custom Goa-style mixes.

By 1990–91 Goa was beginning to attract attention and had become a popular destination for partying. As the scene grew bigger, Goa-style parties spread like a diaspora all over the world from 1993.

Parties like Pangaea and Metropolis in the UK helped spawn a multitude of labels in various countries (U.K. Australia, Japan, Germany) to promote psychedelic electronic music that reflected the ethos of Goa parties, Goa music, and Goa-specific artists, producers, and DJs. Goa Trance as commercial scene began gaining global traction in 1994.

The golden age of the first wave of Goa Pay Trance as a generally agreed upon genre was between 1994 and 1997. The Goa trance sound, which by the late 1990s was being used interchangeably with the term psychedelic trance, retained its popularity at outdoor raves and festivals, but also permanent entrance nightclubs emerged such as Natural Temple in Munich.

Goa trance enjoyed its commercial peak between 1996 and 1997 with media attention and some recognized names in the DJ scene joining the movement. This hype did not last long and once the attention had died down so did the music sales, resulting in the failure of record labels, promotion networks and also some artists.

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This ‘commercial death of Goa trance’ was marked musically by Mature Productions in 1997 with the release of the compilation Let it RIP. On the back sleeve of the album at the bottom of the notes, R.I.P : Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, William Burroughs & Goa Trance was written.

While the genre may have been incubated in the Goa trance scene it went on to proliferate globally. Its impact was felt in Western Europe, Middle East, North America, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Entrance is linked to other music genres such as big beat, electroplate, grime and 2-step. The genre evolved in conjunction with a multimedia psychedelic arts scene.

Psychedelic trance has a distinctive, energetic sound that tends to be faster than other forms of trance or techno music with tempos generally ranging from 135 to 150 BPM but some entrance songs can also reach 190BPM, 200bpm, 210bpm and even 300bpm. It uses a very distinctive bass beat that pounds constantly throughout the song and overlays the bass with varying rhythms drawn from funk, techno, dance, acid house, euro dance and trance using drums and other instruments.

The different leads, rhythms and beats generally change every eight bars. Layering is used to create effect in psychedelic trance, with new musical ideas being added at regular intervals, often every four to eight bars.

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New layers will continue to be added until a climax is reached, and then the song will break down and start a new rhythmic pattern over the constant bass line. Psychedelic trance tracks tend to be six to ten minutes long.

This includes a developed and atmospheric introduction, and a breakdown in the middle of the track of around 30 seconds to over a minute. Dark psychedelic (also dark entrance, darkest or dark-trance) trance is the heavier end of the psychedelic trance spectrum with tempos around 148 bpm and over.

Related styles include score (fast and crazy), hi-tech (bouncy and glitchy), and forest (organic and earthy). Characterized by having obscure, deep, and more eschatological background that leads into profound meditation of death, night, and transcendence, often with dismal sounds and heavy baselines.

The German artist Mesomorph, Mark Patrick, is considered a pioneer of dark entrance, with his album Cassandra's Nightmare released in 1998 being a major influence on the subgenre; X-Dream's Radio is another 1998 album cited as an early influence. Full-On trance is a psychedelic trance style which has high energy for peak moments, often having melodic, energetic, and crisp baselines with a fast tempo (usually 140-148 bpm).

There are some related styles that are derived from this style and are distinguished as different varieties of Full-On: twilight and night full-on (or dark full-on), having bolder and lower notes in their baselines, morning (light and kind of happy), and uplifting. Progressive entrance or “Prog-psytrance” is among the common party themes, normally played during the afternoon or on a different stage.

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Artists working in the genre include Astrid and Photonic. Patient (psychedelic ambient) is a style of electronic music that contains elements of psychedelic trance, ambient, downtempo, dub, world music, new wave and ethereal wave.

Patient pieces are structured to generate vast soundscapes or a “musical journey”. The origins of this genre is from the trend of Goa and entrance artists ending albums with slower, “chill out” tracks.

Is widely considered to be the key album which popularized this genre, though full-length patient records had been released before. Suomisaundi (English: Finnish sound; also known as spugedelic trance or free form pay) is an innovative variety originating in Finland during the mid-1990s.

Popular artists and groups include Luomuhappo and Texas Faggot. It is often deep, dark ambient sounding with a lower tempo.

Relevant artists include Electrypnose, Roman, Ivory, Grouch, Tetra meth, and Shadow FX. Earth dance, the world's largest synchronized music and dance festival for peace, has its roots in the psychedelic trance scene.

(Source: pomorskie-prestige.eu)

It is held every second year in August and combines social activism with cultural and spiritual elements. In 2004, the Glastonbury Festival dedicated a full day on the Glade stage to entrance.

600 people from 40 countries provided detailed information via an online questionnaire. The Case of Virtual Entrance” in the Journal of Youth Studies.

In 2012 Graham St. John published Global Tribe: Technology, Spirituality and Entrance, Equinox. Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture.

Dance cult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. Connecting three generations of music enthusiasts, Goa Gil is an imposing figure in the world of psychedelic trance.

Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture. Psy-trance is an 'equal opportunity' genre when it comes to making the music too: there are leading exponents of psychedelic trance operating in Israel, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Denmark.

Altered State: The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House. ^ Foreman, Christopher M.; Rush ton, Cory James (10 October 2011).

^ “Entrance Party Calendar & Outdoor Music Festivals Schedule”. ^ Heath, Sue; Rachel Brooks; Elizabeth Cleaver; Eleanor Ireland (2009).

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