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Maria Garcia
• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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Disney+ recently announced a ton of new Star Wars and Marvel content, but that’s not the only reason for excitement when it comes to the streaming platform. That includes classic Disney films like Smart House, modern hits like the Descendants franchise and the phenomenon that was High School Musical.

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Multiple generations have grown up watching these heartwarming, adventurous, and often, musical made-for-tv films featuring stars like Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato and Raven-Symoné. Whether you are looking for some wholesome entertainment or want a blast of nostalgia, we’ve hand-selected some of the best Disney Channel Original Movies of all time that you can stream right now using your browser or the Disney+ app.

The Cheetah Girls is a musical about a group of friends (including Raven-Symoné and Adrienne Houghton) who are discovered by a record producer while rehearsing for their high school talent show. The Color of Friendship is a Disney Channel original drama about a white South African girl who is sent to live with a Black family in America during apartheid.

Descendant follows the children of famous Disney villains (like MAL, the daughter of Maleficent, played by Dove Cameron) as they attempt to steal the Fairy Godmother’s wand and free their parents from a magical prison island. Lemonade Mouth is the story of a diverse group of teenagers meeting in detention, reminiscent of The Breakfast Club.

The movie succeeds thanks to a charismatic cast including Bridget Mender, Hayley Kyoto and Naomi Scott. This hip-hop musical about a shy MC trying to win the heart of his dream girl undoubtedly has the most impressive rap songs in the COM catalog.

Smart House is about a family that wins a high-tech home with a motherly virtual assistant who turns out to be a bit of a hassle. Its zany humor, bright colors and approach to teen issues set the blueprint for generations of Dooms to come.

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I fell in love with it, and the sequel Xenon the Sequel.” Truthfully, after a while I outgrew the Disney Channel, especially once the COM started to get beyond corny.

As of last night, I've decided that I shouldn't be ashamed if I still like this movie. The clothes are hilarious, since in the future we apparently have flashbacks to the 80s, and same with the words (Stellar, etc).

When Lutz puts the disc into the Class 4 system, we don't know what he's doing, and neither does Xenon. And the idea of “grounded” meaning being sent to Earth is brilliant.

Overall, this movie is a bit hyper and a bit corny, but it's one of the few COM that I've watched recently that actually has a somewhat believable plot and great acting. It's much better than being in love with High School Musical.

Xenon aired on the Disney Channel earlier this spring and was, to my surprise, one of the best made-for-TV teen movies I have seen. True, the film is quirky, and its humor is effervescent; but its idiosyncrasies seem to add to the enjoyment, along with a story that is strong enough to contain its own silliness.

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Whenever you see Protozoa (two drinks), or hear one of his songs (three drinks) Big Unanswered Question: Didn't anyone else in the crowd know the code needed to upload the “undo” file? Finally, no the movie should not be made into a TV series because the elements which came together to make the movie work would be very hard to capture week after week.

This movie was so entertaining that I found everybody including myself completely engrossed with Xenon and her escapades. We especially love Protozoa and his #1 song “Supernova Girl”.

Kirsten Storms is a talented young actress, whom I'm sure will go far. I loved this movie and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a movie that is funny, clean, and actually has a storyline that is not too typical or corny.

The best original Disney Channel movie hands down! However, the character that steals the show is the diabolical Margie, who was played by Lauren Malty.

Margie is always trying to woo Greg, and dis Xenon. Finally, an energetic and exciting show that we can watch as a family and enjoy without worrying about off-color humor or jokes with sexual overtones.

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Bubbly and full of energy, she brings to the screen the kind of charisma that is a positive motivator for other kids. The only shame is that it's not on a network more people have because it's an uplifting movie that would make a sensational series.

Okay, so this “luxurious” movie is probably the best that was ever shown on the Disney Channel. The stellar use of futuristic lingo was probably more interesting than walking on the moon, if you know what I mean. So here's the story.

Xenon Car tried to foil their plan, but instead she got in trouble and got grounded-- to earth! She didn't fit in well with the earth-born kids, but she found a few good friends, and they helped her get back up to space to keep her family from crashing through the earth's atmosphere to their fiery deaths.

Corny, to say the least With characters who are supposed to be 13 but act like they are about 8, silly “space age” sayings(“census speeds,”"stellar,” “inky”)and a title like that, one can not actually expect this to be a fine, serious movie and it most certainly was not. I believe that Xenon was intended to be a family film and while little kids might like her “daring” antics, I did not, as she came off to me as a bad cross between the orphan Annie(of the “Annie” musical)and Pippin Long stocking and was far too old to be acting like either of them. But alas, Zenon's “spunk” gets her in trouble.

I guess throughout all of this, audiences are supposed to be relating to her--cheering her on when she succeeds and feeling upset when she doesn't(which isn't very often. )As I said, while very young kids might find her adventures to be captivating and hilarious, I found that they only veered between cheesy and overblown during the space scenes, to just plain DULL when she is on Earth.

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While I watched I wished I was in it and that a girl that age could really do that. Get caught up in Zenon's world Back when Disney produced quality movies and shows Xenon rocks.

You can't help being engrossed in this fabulous world and wanting to explore it more. You find yourself hiking the catchy songs and before you know it embarrass yourself in front of your family.

The clothes seem a little over the top and yet seem like updated 90s fashion. The unique vocabulary only a genius could come up with add humor and its fun to try to guess what they are really saying.

The casting was perfect and even features two actors before they became household names. The story can give you a sweet tooth from trying to be too sentimental at times, but a good pickup is needed once in a while.

While the sequels don't hold a candle to the first, I find them a guilty pleasure to enjoy once I grow tired of the first and suffer from with draws. Xenon is a real treat for those looking for an escape from reality and visit a less complicated time.

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The ultimate grounding It will be interested in the year 2049 to see if the future world predicted in Xenon : Girl Of The 21st Century is actually here. At this point in time many science fiction future films have fallen short of the mark.

Don't mean they're not good entertainment and this one from Disney Studios certainly is. Kirsten Storms is in the title role and Zenon's a bright and spunky child who with her family is on a traveling space station that has explored a lot of the solar system and beyond. But she suspects something is amiss with millionaire Frederick Coffin and his sleazy aide Bob Bancroft who have endowed a lot of their money to the project.

All of course after the ultimate grounding of being kicked off the station back to the home world. Xenon : Girl Of The 21st Century is one of the better Disney television films, and it was popular enough to spawn a sequel.

Look for a nice performance by Raven Simone as Storms's best friend who runs interference for her. And Coffin and Bancroft are a pair of villains like Captain Hook and See.

Kirsten Storms as Xenon makes for a memorable Disney Channel character, especially since I can't seem to stop quoting her for the life of me. Stuart Rankin is top-notch and born to play his part.

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I thought the transition from Space to Earth was very good. You can't expect the Disney Channel to come up with the best effects, but the ones in this movie are pretty good for the channel.

Amazing movie for kids and adults alike! It first aired when I was in my mid to late teen years and although I was a few years older than the characters, I absolutely loved it and watched it repeatedly despite the age differences between myself and the characters.

From her whole adventure of being grounded to meeting Gregory Smith (who now plays Ephraim on “Ever wood”) and saving the whole Space Station this movie is totally Awesome “MAJOR.” I actually loved this movie so much that I'm going to have a party to celebrate the new ZenonMovie coming out Z3.

I remember watching the promos for the movie back in '99, and I wasn't to excited to see it, but nevertheless, I tuned in, and I absolutely fell in love with the movie and became one of the biggest Kirsten Storms (Xenon) fans around! Kudos to the casting department for giving Kirsten the lead in her break-through role.

She stole the show and is so amazingly talented!!! This movie had me glued to my seat, and I've lost count on how many times I've actually seen it already, but every time I do see it is feels like the first time.

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Xenon : Girl of the 21st Century is such a fun movie, it puts a smile on your face! I saw Xenon : Girl of 21st century about 4 years ago and thought is fun, exciting and sweet.

So the lines aren't that great but honestly, this movie is supposed to take place in the future and who knows how we'll speak then anyway. Kirsten Storms is a very good actress and like most have you have said “she shows real promise”.

I didn't think the sequel or pardon me “sequel” was as good as the first. :-) Raven-Synmone and Kirsten Storms both made a big leap into their acting with this very movie.

Raven-Synmone now has her won show “That's so Raven” and has a runner-up of movie titles coming her way. Kirsten Storms has been on the big soap opera “Days of our lives” and other smaller features.

I thought it would be just another boring kids moving. After I viewed the first film, I got soon excited about the sequel coming out.

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I actually caught the tail end of it the first time through, and I searched and searched, and I finally found it coming on again last night and I tried to record it. Oh well, all this just means that I feel that this movie is definitely worth the time to watch it.

:) I, too, hope that Disney makes a series from this movie ! Strange, but decent I was surprised to say that I actually enjoyed this.

Although it was a cheese, teenybopper flick, I found myself cheering it on. Pathetic Name Decent movie from the title I almost turned it off but as there was nothing else to do (very slow Sunday) I thought why not watch it.

Turns out the movie was good and worth watching. Even though this movie contains some stupid vocabulary, it's “totally lunatics”.

Gregory Smith is completely convincing and Kirsten Storms is promising new actress. I understand how some people might think Xenon is kind of lame, (I guess it's for a younger audience, I'm 15) but it's stellar.

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Kirsten Storms is an incredibly talented actress; she shows real promise. Now I own the movie and have watched everything Kirsten Storms has acted in.

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