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TypeDamage190 (Melee) Knock back 6.5 (Strong) Critical chance 14% Use time 30 (Average) Velocity 32 (effective) Rarity 10* Sell 20 Research 1 required The Zenith is a Hard mode, post- Moon Lord melee weapon crafted using a variety of swords obtained throughout the game's progression.

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Each individual sword sprite may register multiple hits on an enemy, depending on size and positioning. This is presumably due to the Copper Short sword's role as the very first sword every player will encounter (except Journey Mode characters).

This is especially useful in the Mobile version, for players who are keen on using Aim and Use, as such toggle restricts the Zenith's range considerably. The Zenith has the potential to reach more than 70,000 DPS on a single target with the right armor, accessories, modifiers, buffs and correct positioning.

The Zenith can defeat the Moon Lord on Master Mode (277,311 combined HP) in about 11 seconds. The Zenith is generally agreed to be the game's strongest weapon, making it ideal for any type of fight.

Before the release of 1.4, the sword had various placeholders and scrapped names, including “Final Fractal” and “Summit”. The precursor design of the Zenith exists as an unobtainable weapon, the First Fractal, which resembles an upgraded Terra Blade.

In a small hotfix after 1.4, the beekeeper was added to the crafting recipe for the Zenith, after being in its animation at 1.4’s release. This is a list of all swords displayed in the Zenith's attack animation: Copper Short sword, Light's Bane, Dramas, Terra grim, Blood Butchered, Star fury, Enchanted Sword, beekeeper, Blade of Grass, Fiery Great sword, Night's Edge, True Night's Edge, Excalibur, True Excalibur, The Horseman's Blade, Seeder, Terra Blade, Influx Waver, Star Wrath, Meow mere, and the Zenith itself.

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The Zenith is the only sword that appears in the use animation if the player happens to have maximum Attack speed, this however is merely a cosmetic detail as it doesn't improve the overall DPS. Using teleworkers and portals while swinging the Zenith causes each sword to move in sharp angles and strange directions.

Combine all sword that's we have(at hard mode anvil), we’re gonna able to make the zenith :} Tips for ya ~ The Zenith has the potential to reach more than 70,000 DPS on a single target with the right armor, accessories, modifiers, buffs and correct positioning.

~ In a regular combat situation, most players will see the Zenith dealing around 20,000 to 30,000 DPS. ~ The Zenith can defeat the Moon Lord on Master Mode (277,311 combined HP) in about 11 seconds.

~ The Zenith is arguably the game’s strongest weapon, making it ideal for any type of fight. 15 JAN This guide is primarily for those who want to make sure the right answers are attained from the right questions.

Type Weapon Damage1222 Melee Knock back 4 (Weak) Critical chance 46% Use time 15 Very fast Velocity 15 Tooltip The pinnacle of sharpness, said to be able to cleave the fabric of reality in two Rarity 12 Sell 3 Not to be confused with the Zenith, a vanilla sword with the same name. When using the primary (left-click) attack, blue blurred slashes will appear in the direction of the mouse, similar to the Alkalis and Murasaki The alternate (right-click) attack will make the player teleport to the cursor's location, leaving a highly damaging slash in their wake.

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As of 1.4 on Terr aria Vanilla, a Post Moon Lord Sword also called Zenith was released, along with similar colors and blurred slashes. Terr aria are absolutely filled with weapons, armor, and accessories, giving players a ton of freedom when it comes to setting up their characters.

Considering that Terr aria 1.4 is set to be the final version of the Re-Logic's acclaimed title, it is fairly safe to say that the warrior build detailed here will be one of the best from here forward. While it is possible that there will be some slight balance changes in the future, it will be hard for players to go too wrong if they are equipped with Zenith and a set of Solar Armor.

William’s first console was the NEW, but when he was eight, it was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Game Boy that fully cemented his interest in the format. This interest reached a height with MMORPGs like As heron’s Call 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and World of Warcraft, on which William spent considerable time up until college.

DeutschZuid 8,4791818 gold badges7272 silver badges114114 bronze badges For magic weapons without knock back, you can choose either Mystic for reduced MANA cost, or Demonic for increased damage; there is no clearly better option.

The Vampire Knives, like boomerangs, is a ranged weapon that deals melee damage. Its speed and size also cannot be modified, so its best prefix is Godly.

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The Golem Fist looks like it's similar to the Harpoon, in which case it's a ranged weapon with melee damage. The Magical Harp cannot have knock back, so its best modifier is Mystic or Demonic, depending on how you like to play.

A modifier, also known as a prefix (although in some languages it becomes a suffix), applies permanent changes to an item's statistics. It changes the name of an item by adding a prefix to the item's name (displayed when selected in the hot bar and in its tooltip), such as “Adept”, “Godly”, or “Broken” (e.g. “Demonic Minis hark “).

Accessory modifiers will grant a bonus to one of the player's stats, such as defense, movement speed, or maximum MANA. Certain accessory-like items which cannot be placed in an accessory slot (e.g., a Cell Phone), cannot receive modifiers.

Weapon-like items which do not inflict damage (e.g., a Bug Net) cannot gain modifiers; neither can the two stackable weapons (Bananarangs and Light Discs). Modifiers can be added or changed afterwards by the Goblin Tinkerer's Reforge function.

No modifiers are visible on an NPC's shop stock, but one can be supplied when the item is bought (its purchase price will be unaffected). The modifiers considered “bad” for this purpose are: Tiny, Terrible, Small, Dull, Unhappy, Awful, Lethargic, Awkward, Inept, Ignorant, Deranged, Broken, Damaged, Weak, Shoddy, Slow, Sluggish, Lazy.

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Note that some usually-unwanted modifiers are not included in this “mercy” list: Annoying, Shameful, Freezing, and Intense. Reforging is a service provided by the Goblin Tinkerer, which applies a new, random modifier to an item in exchange for coins.

The Discount Card or its upgrade, the Greedy Ring, can be used to lower reforge costs by 20%. It will pull up the inventory and highlight items that can be reforged (ones that cannot are hidden by a shadow).

The other is a ranged weapons modifier providing +10% damage, +2% critical strike chance, and +5% speed, velocity and knock back. There are two universal modifiers with the same effects but with different names, (Forceful and Strong).

Unlike weapons, accessories have no modifiers that negatively affect their stats. Effect Modifier Stat changeTierValue Defense Hard+1+1+14.7%Guarding+2+1+25.89%Armored+3+1+37.59%Warding+4+2+49.82% Critical strike chance Precise+2%+1+25.89%Lucky+4%+2+49.82% Damage Jagged+1%+1+14.7%Spiked+2%+1+25.89%Angry+3%+1+37.59%Menacing+4%+2+49.82% Movement speed Brisk+1%+1+14.7%Fleeting+2%+1+25.89%Hasty+3%+1+37.59%Quick+4%+2+49.82%Melee speed Wild+1%+1+14.7%Rash+2%+1+25.89%Intrepid+3%+1+37.59%Violent+4%+2+49.82% MANA Arcane+20+1+37.59%The average value boost for all accessory modifiers is +27.75%.

All melee weapons, plus pickaxes, hammers, axes, ham axes, and whips, can be reforged with these modifiers in addition to the top two categories. Melee weapons which are not swung upon use (such as spears, flails, boys, and certain unique melee weapons, e.g. the Scourge of the Corrupter ; but excluding short swords) cannot receive a modifier that alters size.

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All ranged weapons can be reforged with one of the following modifiers, in addition to the top two categories. Only swung melee weapons (including short swords) can have their size modified.

Certain weapons cannot have their speed, knock back, damage, or MANA cost modified. Modifier DamageSpeedCritical strike chanceMana costSizeVelocityKnockbackTierValue Large---±12%-±1+30.51%Massive---±18%-±2+44.87%Dangerous+5%±2%±5%-±1+31.47%Savage+10%--±10%±10%+2+84.31%Sharp+15%-----±1+37.59%Pointy+10%-----±1+25.89%Tiny-----18%---1-30.04%Terrible-15%----13%--15%-2-58.89%Small-----10%---1-15.73%Dull-15%-------1-24.83%Unhappy--10%---10%--10%-2-44.71%Bulky+5%-15%-±10%±10%+1+21.34%Shameful-10%--±10%--20%-1-34.74%Heavy--10%---±15%+1+11.45%Light±15%-----10%+1+11.45%Sighted+10%±3%---±1+35.96%Rapid±15%--±10%±2+66.49%Hasty±10%--±15%±2+66.49%Intimidating----±5%+15%+2+51.7%Deadly+10%+5%+2%-±5%+5%+2+75.38%Staunch+10%----±15%+2+66.49%Awful-15%-----10%-10%-2-50.68%Lethargic--15%----10%--2-39.11%Awkward--10%-----20%-2-46.07%Powerful+15%-10%+1%---±1+11.45%Mystic+10%---15%--±2+66.49%Adept----15%--±1+37.59%Masterful+15%---15%-±5%+2+100.62%Inept--±10%----1-15.73%Ignorant-10%-±20%----2-46.07%Deranged-10%------10%-1-31.74%Intense+10%-±15%-----9.05%Taboo±10%±10%-±10%+1+23.38%Celestial+10%-10%--10%-±10%+2+49.29%Furious+15%-±20%-±15%+1+16.46%Keen-±3%---±1+12.36%Superior+10%±3%--±10%+2+64.51%Forceful-----±15%+1+37.59%Broken-30%------20%-2-67.37%Damaged-15%-------1-24.83%Shoddy-10%------15%-2-39.11%Quick±10%----±1+25.89%Deadly+10%+10%----±2+52.32%Agile±10%+3%---±1+35.96%Nimble±5%----±1+14.7%Murderous+7%+6%+3%---±2+44.54%Slow--15%------1-24.83%Sluggish--20%------1-33.41%Lazy--8%------1-11.94%Annoying-20%-15%------2-51.89%Nasty+5%+10%+2%----10%+1+16.87%Manic-10%+10%--10%--±1+23.38%Hurtful+10%-----±1+25.89%Strong-----±15%+1+37.59%Unpleasant+5%----±15%+2+51.7%Weak-------20%-1-33.41%Ruthless+18%------10%+1+17.34%Frenzying-15%+15%-------0.59%Godly+15%±5%--±15%+2+111.63%Demonic+15%±5%---±2+60.02%Zealous-±5%---±1+21%Legendary+15%+10%+5%±10%±15%+2+209.85%Unreal+15%+10%+5%-±10%+15%+2+209.85%Mythical+15%+10%+5%-10%-±15%+2+209.85% See below for the best possible modifiers for each weapon or weapon type.

A casual guess at “how many tries will it take” is likely to be misleading, because statistics are tricky: In practice, it is better to consider that at any given moment, there is an even chance (50%) of getting one desired modifier in a given number of tries: Being willing to accept more than one modifier will speed things up sharply: For example, if the player accepts any of the five +4 stat accessory modifiers (Lucky, Menacing, Quick, Violent, or Warding), they have an even chance of getting one within just two reforges.

It is technically possible to make a profit when reforging a weapon once, from a bad modifier to a good one, but it is not reliable. Due to various limitations with certain weapon classes, determining the best possible modifiers may not be as simple as comparing statistics, and players can waste money trying to acquire modifiers that are impossible to achieve for their given weapon.

Category Modifier DamageSpeedCritical strike chanceMana costSizeVelocityKnockbackTierValue Melee weapons that are not swung overhead (excluding short swords and the Terrain) The Terrain can obtain a special version of the Legendary modifier unique to it.

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The best modifier for ranged weapons with no base knock back (such as the Minis hark or low-tier bows) is Demonic. Hasty may consume less ammunition than Rapid on shorter ranges, especially against weaker targets, while dealing the same DPS (due to projectiles in the air, when the target dies).

Although the Harpoon is classified as a ranged weapon, it cannot receive the Unreal modifier ; its best modifier is Godly. As such, its best modifier is a choice between Rapid and Godly (or Demonic if knock back is not a concern).

The best modifier for magic weapons that are unable to inflict knock back (such as the Nimbus Rod or Last Prism) is Demonic. If the player bears low maximum MANA, Masterful may be preferred over Mythical, or Mystic over Demonic.

Some magic weapons, such as the Clinger Staff, Magnet Sphere, and Rainbow Gun, deal damage at the same rate regardless of their use time, meaning that Godly and Demonic are functionally the same as Mythical. The reduced MANA cost, increased speed, critical strike chance, and knock back provided by Mythical are less useful: Summon weapons use MANA only for the initial summoning, minions cannot deal critical hits, and their knock back is negligible even with modifiers.

The range of whips is inversely affected by attack speed modifiers, so it is usually preferable to aim for a modifier with a negative penalty to attack speed, the best of them being Sluggish. For the purposes of mining and resource collection, the best modifier for tools such as pickaxes, hammers, and axes is Light.

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The Legendary modifier is superior in these cases as it also provides increased damage, critical strike chance, size, and knock back over the Light modifier, though the impact is relatively low given that mining tools are rarely used for combat. If the Lucky Coin or any of its upgrades is equipped, it is desirable to hit enemies as often as possible, dealing as little damage as possible, in order to maximize the income.

The following modifiers reduce the weapon damage the most, yielding more coins per enemy: Damage type Modifier DamageSpeedMana costKnockbackTierValue Melee Damaged-15%----1-24.83%Ranged Frenzying-15%+15%----0.59%Magic Manic-10%+10%-10%±1+23.38%Summon Broken-30%---20%-2-67.37%Menacing, Lucky, and Warding are generally agreed to be the most consistently useful accessory modifiers.

On Expert mode and higher difficulties, the survivability boost provided by Warding becomes proportionally lower, making it a less desirable choice. The choice between Menacing and Lucky has long been the subject of extensive debate among the player base, though Menacing is considered the superior choice for those who are willing to use summoning weapons (since they are unaffected by critical bonuses).

Desktop : Tweaked the algorithm that determines the change in value of a modified item: Now only takes into consideration the increase or decrease of critical strike chance, instead of the entire, new, changed critical strike chance. Overall, this slightly increased the positive and decreased the negative effects on value.

Desktop : Fixed bug where modifiers were not getting set properly on a world load. Fixed bug where modifiers would be lost when you buy an item from the shop with right click.

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Desktop : Critical Strike increase on accessory reforges have been doubled. Desktop 1.1.1 : Items dropped on death for hardcore and medium core characters will retain their conditions.

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