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Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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**Got a burning question on beauty, fragrance, blogging, career, relationships, fitness, marriage or anything under the sun? If you’re looking for authentic eau de parfums in the Philippines, this Zen Zest perfumes review may just be the one to help you.

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Zen Zest perfumes are pricier than other popular perfumeries in the Philippines, but their products are worth every penny. Zen Zest sent me a generous gift bag after they saw my Ensco and Defense dupe article.

I recommended their baby cologne in that article because it has an authentic EDT quality. I tried this variant way back in 2013 when I was working as an agent for a real estate company.

The Zen Zest Elements Earth perfume contains orange, lavender, pear, and jasmine. It has a very powerful powdery first whiff which instantaneously tones down to a warm floral delight.

The “Fire” perfume contain iris, Bulgarian rose, pink grapefruit, and powder. This variant is definitely a date night scent, and we all know that powdery perfumes have better longevity.

It’s very rare to see authentic perfumes from popular brands in the Philippines and this is why I love this company. Packaging of the Zen Zest perfumes look very clean and the bottles are sleek making them easy to travel with.

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Packaging: 5/5 Village: 3.5/5 Price: 5/5 (350 PHP for 50ml, very affordable for an authentic perfume that lasts all day) Scent : 4/5 (I wish they can come out with more variants) Longevity: 5/5 Availability: 3/5 (Not a lot of Zen Zest stores nationwide, but you can buy their perfumes online) That, says Michelle Dual Absence, was the impetus of the start of Zen Zest, a Filipino-owned body and bath company.

Absence was not even discouraged by the fact that when she started Zen Zest, the Philippines was just recovering from the Asian financial crisis. Ang MGA Tao, nagsimulang magnified (People started to be more frugal), even in their beauty and body products’ expenditures.

Franchising Zen Zest costs P150,000 (inclusive of a cart and P50,000 worth of items, offered at 50% discount to franchisees). Mahican gain ‘run, ang Uganda pa (That was hard to do, and the pack were so nice to look at).

I hate it when the house would smell like today's lunch/ or dinner after cooking (especially after frying fish!) I also love the new Zen Zest Cabinet Spray that I even use in my room ;) The Cabinet Deodorizer(PHP 300) helps linens smelling freshly laundered with its floral scent of peony, iris and fiesta blossoms.

For longer and more relaxing scents, the electric diffuser/humidifier (PHP 1,500) is a must-have for every home. Zen Zest air purifier and diffusers can help clear the air and bring a Luke experience at home with just a few drops of Zen Zest Fragrance Oil or Fragrance Blends (PHP 500 for 100 ml).

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Grapefruit: fruity fragrance that stimulates the mind and body to fight mental and physical sluggishness. Ginger and Orange Blossom : sweet energizing blend that help overcome mental fatigue.

Green Tea and Verbena : improves mood and calms the mind for chill mornings. When it is not the aroma of good food or freshly brewed coffee that puts us on the mood, these scents would surely help us achieve our goals.

Eucalyptus and Mint: refreshing fragrance boosts mood and energy to increase ability to concentrate. Orange and Musk: the scent brings pleasant thoughts to mind and eases away the day's stresses.

Forrest Bamboo and Fresh Water Cucumber: help relieve stress and anxiety to induce a restful sleep. Iris and Freesia Blossom: eliminate strain and fatigue with comforting warmth.

I love that the new packaging is simpler and classic that I won't mistake them from personal care products. Though my age is not yet qualified to be a Tito of Manila, I am already considering myself one since signs are evidently showing.

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:) One manifestation I have noticed is instead of going out with friends, I prefer staying in my room, watching Netflix or YouTube videos, drinking a cup of my favorite milk tea. Since 75% of my time is spent inside my room (if I don't have work or event for blog), I make sure that it would LOOK and SMELL like a hotel room.

Before the popularity of the Oilbularyos, fragrance oils have already a special place in my heart. I have to spend thousands of Pesos and travel in Manila to visit few stores offering it.

Every time I visit hotels, there are scents I know not coming from a humidifier or purifier. Through time, I discover that these hotels are using SPRAYS.

Second, sprays could immediately be smelled while oils would take few minutes before the particles would be released in air. Lastly, it would be easier for them to overwhelm their customers.

But come to think of it, he “might” have sprayed their signature scent because the hotel knew that customers would be checking out. My scent of the day depends on my mood.

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Though, most of the time, I have good sleep with Aroma ex Coffee beans scent. :) I pair it with vanilla candle in my Touch-lamp oil warmer.

ROSE PETALS, ORANGE AND MUSK The fresh, floral combination of sensual rose mixed with a hint of citrus and white musk will give your living space a feel of luxury and refined elegance.

MMM....... Rose petals, citrus plus musk! Based on this certain website, Scent air Philippines is the official scent provider of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Group.

Scent air Philippines' main office is located in PSIG, while Zestiest is in Marking. If the sales attendant is claiming Shangri-La is using this certain scent, there must be ROSE PETALS, ORANGE AND MUSK scent in the catalog of Scent air.

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