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The Japanese countryside is perfect for a rejuvenating break from mundane chores and daily life. By learning the art of meditation, coupled with yoga and other similar practices, you get the opportunity to align your mind and body.

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The solitude at meditation retreats, intertwined with peer support, evokes mindfulness and a deeper understanding within. So, check out this list of the top 10 meditation retreats in Japan to begin your journey.

Accommodation facility is provided in the Japanese-styled guesthouse with shared access to kitchen and dining areas. This homestay-style retreat offers quaint cottages within the Slogan temple in ONUCI village near Rita.

Nestled among lush bamboo forests and located near a beach, Slogan offers a peaceful atmosphere to experience the Zen way of life. It offers taken, healing sessions, yoga, and philosophical counseling with experienced practitioners.

A daily schedule here involves taken, tea time/intermittent fasting and SAMU or service to the temple in the morning, followed by flexible afternoons and evenings. Participate in Zen study or koan, green tea ceremony or, local Buddhist festivals.

Several other activities including hiking, swimming, onset visits, and sightseeing are also offered at this retreat. It's set in a serene mountainside locality and offers scenic ocean views.

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You’ll be accommodated in the traditional home of a Zen monk and will be served delicious Japanese meals. Under the guidance of the hosts, you can learn Zen Buddhism and the art of tea ceremony, Japanese calligraphy and kimono dressing.

The retreat also offers Japanese cooking lessons and local sightseeing or hiking. Moravian is a Zen Buddhist retreat center that sits tucked into the Suzana hills of Pagan prefecture.

Day programs also include tea ceremonies, yoga workshops, and counseling sessions. It’s centrally located in Korean, within a walking distance to Known cemetery, Kongobuji temple and Mount Goya.

This retreat offers different type of rooms, each fitted with tatami-mats and traditional futon beds. In the temple’s large hall, you can learn meditation under the guidance of Buddhist monks or practice yoga.

Asian meditation, Buddhist supra writing, and Known night visit are offered as part of your stay. Besides tending to your soul, heal your body with Shoji Yuri, Buddhist vegetarian meals, and hot spring baths.

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Read about esoteric Buddhism and meditation in the library and enjoy serene walks in the garden. Located in Daikanyama-cho quarters of Tokyo, Adam Meditation Center is open to people from all walks of life.

Special courses and retreats are also offered for deeper understanding, alleviation of pain and suffering, besides helping improve your personal growth. Leave behind the 21st century and enter the tranquil space of this isolated temple located deep within the Chichi bu Mountains in Santana.

In your free time, enjoy the solitude, practice yoga or samey and explore your surroundings. It offers Zen mindfulness retreats twice a year, on weekends, in the spring and fall seasons.

Its considerate schedule provides enough time to explore the locale, visit an onset and watch the sunset. Apart from five meals, dinner on Saturday will be at a local Malaya restaurant accompanied by a superb drum performance.

It has a wide array of accommodation options and each guest pavilion provides unique intimacy with nature, be it through its architecture or the lush surroundings. Leisure, the on-site restaurant, offers Japanese cuisine infused with seasonal ingredients.

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Soak in the Tombo-no-Yu hot spring for skin benefits or try the meditation bath for serenity. You can also hike the forest, go horseback riding on Mount Asama, or simply explore the resort.

Yoga Human is a traveling studio that has recently moved to Katakana, Japan. Its retreat programs are tailor-made and are mostly conducted by the seaside, offering a calming environment to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Yoga Human Retreats, ISIGK Meditation paves the path to a way of life removed from stress and suffering. Chandra is a versatile writer with nearly two decades of experience in media, spanning clients across the globe.

Let go of your preconceptions of an unflinching Zen master cracking the whip as you “chop wood and carry water.” Some of these retreats may be a demanding course for those who want to expand on a personal meditation practice, but others are ideal for those just trying to learn how to sit still for ten minutes. Tucked away in the countryside or hidden in the bustling city, these foreigner-friendly meditation retreats translate the uniquely Japanese way of Zen, straight from the source.

This 600-year-old Buddhist temple offers an authentic experience in a peaceful corner of Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island which not many foreign visitors make it to. More like a homestay than a retreat, an intimate number of guests can join in the daily life of this temple which serves around seventy local families.

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You can experience morning Zen meditation, Japanese calligraphy, yoga, and traditional cooking lessons with the host’s mother in this bamboo-surrounded seaside village just five minutes from the beach. Take a dip in Yufuin’s hot springs, row a boat through the emerald waters of Takashi Gorge, and gaze in awe at the Usual Stone Buddhas.

However, standing in a line of tourists waiting to take a photo of the Golden Temple, one can’t help but feel like an outsider looking in at Japanese culture. Take Kawasaki draws upon his education in the U.S. to bridge the cultural divide for curious foreigners with his Zen meditation classes offered almost daily in English.

He also marries the ancient practice with modern technology, offering a select number of students a glasses-style device which uses biofeedback to monitor the wearer’s focus, calmness, and posture. Shunko-in’s sessions, which include a tour of the “Temple of the Ray of Spring Light” and a cup of Kyoto’s famous match tea, are ninety minutes long.

Their highly disciplined residential courses are offered in English and Japanese a few times each month and are paid by donations only. ); Not kill any animals (which sounds easy enough, except when you consider how many mosquitos buzz around the Japanese countryside in the summer); and, Refrain from distractions like reading, writing, and music.

If your image of Japan is deep and rustling cedar forests, moss-covered stone lanterns, and too-exquisite-to-eat fare, Korean fulfills. The town, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is surrounded by the atmospheric Insulin cemetery (the largest in the country), which honors the souls of some of Japan’s most illustrious ancestors.

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NATO’s life’s work is sharing the thirteenth-century teachings of the Zen master Dozen with contemporary seekers from around the globe so that anyone can, Around the corner from a McDonald’s in Tokyo’s Hiragana neighborhood sits the unassuming Shoji International Zen Center, which was reconstructed after WWII.

Session means “touching the heart-mind.” Students don’t just meditate for a few hours a day but devote themselves entirely to mindfulness “as if one’s life were at stake.” Shoji’s bi-annual session periods are usually held in April and December, perfect timing for a visit to Japan that coincides with cherry blossom season and New Year’s festivities.

“In candlelight / the outlines of the Bodhisattva / their solemnness takes hold of me / I close my eyes / the teacher leads us / into a world of imagination / of fantastic daylight dreaming / I’m falling endlessly but without fear / ….back again I’m full of new energy.” From April to December, Moravian hosts overnight, weekend, and longer stays for those who want to “get away from the everyday hassles of life and focus on personal growth.” The mountain hideaway is occasionally home to yoga retreats as well.

Zen's students take part in the standard seated and walking meditations, chanting, temple chores, chanting, and discussions, but Takamatsu also offers the unique chance to incorporate artistic expression into one’s Zen practice, which has the power to “unleash creative energy and facilitate nonverbal expression.” Says Takamatsu of the effect of a retreat at Moravian: “I get the feeling that when people leave , they leave with a lighter heart and a new perspective.” USD $GBP (£)AUD $CAD $EUR (€)BRL $CHFCNYCZK (KC)DKK (Kr.

Stay in the historic heart of Kyoto, visit temples, cultural activities, tastings, yoga in a temple, and a Japanese spa day, all with the addition of workshops designed to help you find your own personal creativity and calm. Our 4-day holiday schedule will allow you to reinvigorate, restore, and relax your body and mind while still giving you the flexibility of spending some quality time on the beach.

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We always promote a healthy diet and all meals are freshly prepared for you daily. Access traditional ancient spiritual yogic knowledge and techniques, strongly rooted in oral tradition, historically transmitted from gurus to yogis, in the Himalayan region.

This meditation retreat is all about real techniques that work and create a strong foundation for further spiritual growth. For those participants that allow the flow, a taste of the blissfulness generated by meditative states can be experienced.

We conduct our meditation programs in sacred places that support the introspection journey and the access to higher realms of consciousness. We know that the virus has quickly swept the world and made a huge impact on all of us.

We also know that yoga and meditation continue to be the foundation that keeps so many of us healthy, happy and grounded. Some of our hosts have decided to offer online retreats and teacher trainings while everyone is in lockdown.

When you book with us, you can be sure that your experience will be full of love, security, understanding, and joy every step of the way. From helping you find the perfect retreat to taking care of you when things go wrong, we treat you like family.

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