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Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Damage: Tank: Support: Kenyatta LEAGUE LEADERS Overall Rank Player Team Minutes Played Elias /min Hero Damage /min Healing /min Final Blows /min Ultimate /min Deaths /min 1. Players need to meet minimum playtime to be considered for leaderboards.

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To improve my own play, I want to watch high level Zen /Ana players and see how their decision-making is and how they position themselves and even how they aim if they use a mouse cam. Preferably I want OWL players, but any Top 500 and Grand master streamers are fine too.

Is this true or is it just a way for smurfs to justify stomping lower ranks? I had a game against an amazing widow (level 30 is), I was Rein but swapped to Ball.

As ball, I tried to dive the widow but there was a mercy pocketing the smurf, so I stood no chance. Smurf told me that it's the only way I'm going to get better, but I have no idea what I could have possibly done and put it down as one of the 1/3 matches you are always going to lose.

Pure ladder experience is about “what works,” and even from Grand master players doesn't necessarily add up to strong strategic knowledge. Play for the rank you want, as Jayne says, because you can easily find yourself doing the wrong things in the right ways and stagnating as soon as you meet enemy players who are simply better at doing the right play.

Instead, you can consider that potentially it didn't work in the past because of executing the right idea in the wrong way. You almost always want to force out the enemy off-angles first before committing to the fight on point.

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Make sure that you're always trying to seek out coaching from multiple sources to cross-check your information. Keep an open mind on ladder, and try to not badger teammates about what's right or wrong.

Once you start understanding the “right” ideas and plays, you'll be able to gradually refine it with the help of coaching and game experience. Eventually you'll learn how to properly execute plays, and have a better understanding of the game.

But in all honesty, nobody has a perfect understanding of the game, and nobody executes every play correctly. That's why pro Overwatch teams need coaches, to try and constantly refine the play of their athletes.

Watching Overwatch League replay viewer and coaching videos from various content producers can help significantly with understanding how to make these correct plays successful. I wanted to make this post because I think it has important reminders for players striving to genuinely improve.

Make sure you're keeping an open mind when it comes to information, and good luck on the ladder! I don't stream or review gameplay consistently due to being a student and also working, but if you ever want to catch one, they're here.

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I have close to 300 hours in the game, with a few heroes I’ve “gained”, but it’s almost exclusively quick play. I want to get better at the game and learn more, and it feels like I’m not going to achieve that playing up only.

It felt like a surprise at first and made my Echo run much more fluid and agile. Hey everyone, Mindful Gamer here, and I am an aspiring Overwatch content creator.

I have been making Overwatch content for over a year now, and it has been really fun and the feedback extremely helpful! Some Zara players in comp have developed a bad habit of immediately bubbling their Rein as soon as they walk into the choke.

There were many instances I found in which Decay waited so long, he finally decided to save his allay bubble instead of committing. After watching many Gods of his gameplay, I did manage to find one or two instances in which he bubbled too early in the choke and the enemy team waited it out and punished after.

Gravity Surge is a very impactful ultimate and the quicker you can build up the better for your team! Decay also uses his right clicks to book players up in the air a little at close range.

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Decay obviously knows this and uses his personal bubble to take duels when at high charge. There's obviously a lot of subtlety to positioning on each map and each team comp...but I will leave this to your personal discretion.

In my honest opinion, because I wasn't in Decay's voice chat (LOL), I think he was calling out his bubbles to teammates to get maximum value. Once you have gotten into the habit of saving bubbles until the last second, you will be used to being high charged as Zara.

Bots also have realistic movements and will shoot at you (without dealing damage) to simulate real game condition. The workshop was made around 2-3 months ago, but we only decided to release it now, so it is fully working.

Good staffing speed is IMO .1 and .7 for max and min instead of .4 and .7 by default from my experience using this game mode daily for weeks. If the enemy manage to flip control without you dying, simply jump off the map to reset.

Worst case scenario, you get a little ult charge and a few more percentages on the point. If you can get a pick and die quickly, there is a chance that you will get back before the enemy support, allowing your team to get a 6v5 fight.

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The best example of this that I have is in this Owl game, on living Gardens the Guangzhou Charge are able to stall almost to 99% from the first cap through excellent discipline and teamwork. If you are unaware, if you die when the point is capped, you get a 1-second respawn, which allows you to be back up to prevent a snowball.

Unless you are a tank, in which case you may want to consider jumping off the map to save ult charge. I feel like my main issues are mostly mechanical which I have been working on but other critiques of my positioning, ability/ult usage etc would be greatly appreciated.

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