Best Zen Music For Sleep

James Smith
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Or, you may live somewhere where the idea of silence simply doesn’t exist. Your sleep partner snores, you live on a noisy street, or your upstairs neighbor apparently loves to move furniture in the middle of the night.

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This is a great Alexa sound for blocking out unwanted noise and pretending you’re falling asleep during a heavy rainstorm. This Alexa sound offers plain, steady rain drops bouncing off the roof.

You can enable a Thunderstorm sound skill for your Alexa, but it can be a bit too loud and disruptive for sleep. For a more lifelike zen experience, try the Japanese Garden Sounds skill.

This soundscape includes rippling water against a backdrop of peaceful Japanese music. The Alexa Dripping Water skill sounds a bit like a leaky faucet.

This Alexa sound offers more variety than a basic drip, but is a bit quieter than a fountain. It’s great for folks who miss living by the beach, or want the effect of waves rising and crashing outside their bedroom window.

Many of Alexa’s ambient sounds are fairly simple in nature: giving your brain a single, consistent noise to focus on. Forest Night offers a more complex soundscape of animals (owls, crickets, and tree frogs) making the occasional hoot or rabbit against a background of wind and water.

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For those seeking something a bit more tropical, Alexa also has a Rainforest Sounds Skill. This Alexa ambient sound also features the occasional chirping bird in the background.

A wind chime is a crowd pleaser, no matter whether it’s real or virtual. Regardless of how calm the air is outside, you can still enjoy the tranquil sounds of a wind chime, thanks to your Amazon Echo.

Like Windy Trees, this features the sounds of random birds chirping nearby. Letting a fire burn while you sleep is an extremely dangerous idea.

If you have an Echo spot, you can even turn it on during the daytime to view a virtual fireplace on your screen. Playing this sound can help you drown out the noise of any roommates who tend to shower while you’re sleeping.

If your new air conditioning does a decent job keeping you cool at night, but you miss the sound of your bedroom fan, Alexa’s got you covered. In this one, you’ll be able to distinguish and visualize the back and forth motion of a fan as it sweeps across the room.

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Pink noise describes sounds with a steady, consistent change in volume and frequency. The regular pattern is a bit more interesting than white noise, while still easy and calming to listen to.

This ambient sound mimics that constant, low buzz you hear when a plane is at cruising altitude. This sound also doubles as a nice background music whenever you’re reading science fiction.

Each Alexa skill contains multiple individual sounds, which can play at random or on command. This which plays ambient sounds designed to relieve separate anxiety or calm hyperactive dogs.

You have two options for playing your Alexa sounds: either on demand, or as part of a bedtime routine. Once enabled, you’ll need to tell Alexa to play the ambient sound when you’re ready to go to bed.

Setting up an Alexa routine allows you to coordinate your Echo-compatible smart home devices to work together. For example, you could create a bedtime routine that includes dimming your smart lights, lowering the temperature on your smart thermostat, and playing an ambient sleep sound.

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Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Its latest flagship model, the Zen Touch (40 GB), takes the Creative name to new heights.

Factor in its great sound quality, its compatibility with most online music stores, and a competitive price, and you have a top-shelf contender. Experienced Zen users might be disappointed with some tweaks to menu functionality, and others might wear out their thumbs acclimating to the Touch Pad.

Encased in a tight metallic-alloy and glossy white body, the device is smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. Sliding your thumb upward or downward on the slick pad (the manual actually suggests that you gently rub it) moves the onscreen cursor accordingly.

Although it takes a few minutes to get used to the feeling--the pad's sensitivity can be adjusted in three steps--it beats the tar out of using the annoying little jog dial on previous Zen editions. The 160×104-pixel display is easy to read, but because of low contrast between the black text and the blue backlight (and lower resolution overall), the menus don't pop off the screen as the iPod's do.

Still, plenty of data, such as the track title, artist and album info, the EQ setting, the play mode, and an elapsed time bar, is elegantly displayed. We did note that one-handed operation of the Zen Touch can be a strain on the hand as primary buttons are located close to the edge, requiring a bit of thumb acrobatics.

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The left side of the Zen Touch includes the power button and convenient, dedicated volume controls. Creative also throws in a USB cable, some decent earbud headphones, and a fake leather carrying case.

Two minor design miscues: the lithium-ion battery can't be swapped by the user, and the power adapter (consisting of two cables and a brick) is bulky and inconvenient. Despite the fact it isn't loaded with extra features such as a recording function or an FM radio, the Creative Zen Touch is a top-notch digital audio player compatible with MP3, protected MA, and WAS files.

The new Touch Pad helps this two-click process immeasurably, though you can simply click the Play button once to start a track. Searching for specific tracks, artists, or albums is a breeze thanks to the Zen Touch's alphabetical Find feature.

One more useful tidbit: touching the pad in the Now Playing mode will display Selected Music, so it's easy to find another song. To simplify, Creative has removed some old options, including reordering songs in a playlist and bookmarking a track.

Sometime in October, Creative plans to release a firmware upgrade that will make the Zen Touch both MTP and Janus-compatible. Among other things, the former will permit autosyncing with Windows Media Player 10, while the latter will allow for subscription-based downloads that time out when the user is no longer a paying subscriber.

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Unfortunately, the Zen Touch will not show up as a drive in Windows, so you'll have to use the included Nomad Explorer software to transfer personal data files. Next month, Creative hopes to release a firmware upgrade that will bring up the Zen Touch as a drive letter.

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