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Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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Emerging research from sleep scientists around the world says that there’s a good reason for this, and now you can exploit it to make your own bedtime even cozier. Researchers found that study participants who listened to music for 30 to 45 minutes before bed every night for three months fell asleep more quickly, slept more deeply, and felt better the next morning.

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The greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover and friend I could ever ask for. Thank you for all the things you have shown, taught and given to me, our children and our family.

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It shouldn’t be tough to choose one, but some thoughts need to be placed when you’re shopping for one, as it’ll be your studio’s centerpiece in your run of producing music. Depending on what you do, whether producing film scores or electronic music, sometimes all you need is a single input interface.

But if you’re recording bands every day, then you probably would need audio interfaces with more inputs. These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you set out to purchase an audio interface.

There’s also room for an upgrade as the Audio fuse comes with an ADAM connection, enabling you to extend its current 2 mic inputs to a 14-in /14-out setup. All these features packed in, and the Arterial Diffuse can be bus-powered from a single USB cable.

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The Arterial Diffuse is a nice complete all-rounder audio interface that would suit many types of recording and producing styles. Has slightly higher latency compared to most interface at its class, as it uses generic audio drivers.

The mic preamps on the Scarlett is something you’d love immediately- great sound and large headroom to take on different types of recording jobs. Focus rite has also fixed the issue when recording electric guitars, so, no more worrying about the gain being too low.

The biggest benefit of the Claret is that it possesses a new set of preamps with a feature called Air. It basically takes an analog model of Focus rite’s transformer-based ISA mic PRE.

You’ll also be pleased to find that the noise floor is also lower on the Claret, as compared to the Scarlett series. Do an A/B side test, and you’ll hear the difference with a pair of experienced ears.

If you’re grounded in your studio and making most of your music there, I’d go for the 8pre, maximizing the number of available inputs/outputs. Low latency (Thunderbolt connection) Better sounding preamps compared to the Scarlett series.

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Had enough of ‘budget’ audio interfaces and ready to venture into world-class sound quality? If you think the Focus rite Scarlett sounds decent, wait till you listen to the Adient interfaces.

Granted the price is higher than budget audio interfaces. At the price you pay for the iD4, you could get many other audio interfaces with more ins and outs.

The iD14 has 2-inputs and 2 outputs, which are expandable to 10-ins/14-outs via the optical input connector, supporting both ADAM or S/PDF. Interestingly, the iD22 has the same number of ins/outs as the iD14, except the ability to integrate outboard gear through two insert jacks.

The Apollo Twin MAIN DUO is seen as an industry standard for desktop audio interfaces. The Apollo Twin connects to your Mac or PC via Thunderbolt (yes cable is supplied), giving you extremely low latencies.

Besides being expensive, there is a steep learning curve to operate and record with the Apollo Twin. However, when the dust finally settles, you’ll find that it’s a highly configurable and powerful audio interface with loads of internal processing power under the hood.

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On top of the refinements made in the 2nd generation of the Apollo Twin, there’s now an additional feature such as the talk back and alt monitor switching, which you’ll find handy for recording work and doing cross-referencing when mixing. An amazing desktop portable audio interface if you have the budget for it.

The Boniface Pro is a 24 channel, USB bus-powered audio interface that records up to 192 kHz resolution. On the board, you find 2 SLR inputs/outputs, another additional 2 line inputs, and 2 headphone outputs.

Total FX, the software that comes with it will look old-school in terms of design, compared to most modern interfaces these days. You’ll find that Total FX mimics a hardware mixer.

Sound-wise, you’ll get transparent-sounding preamps with large headroom, good for most recording jobs. It has been claimed many times that you don’t even need another preamp to sound good with the Boniface Pro.

Just pair it up with a good microphone like the Neumann U47, and you’ll instantly get world-class recordings. On the front panel, the onboard meters clearly shows your input and output levels.

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Duet became popular because of its pristine sounding AD/DA converters and build quality. Meant to be portable & easy to carry around, it is aimed towards the musician or producers who want the best sound quality.

The Apogee Duet would make a good choice if you don’t do heavy multi track recordings, but you want the best sound in your setup. The choice for studio owners who need lots of quality inputs/outputs without breaking the bank.

The Steinberg UR824 is not exactly a new interface, but I’d still recommend it as it makes a great centerpiece in most home or project studios. Featuring Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps, made famous on Yamaha N12 mixers, they are known to be very quiet even at low or high gains.

The downside to the Steinberg UR824 is that it’s an aging model & it’s hard to say when the driver support will be dropped. However, Steinberg has shown to be proactive in supporting users with drivers & fixes.

Best known for the good clocking system, high-quality AD/DA converters and onboard built-in DSP with effects like reverb, guitar amp simulations and more. Some onboard premium effects are modeled EQ’s, compressors and even guitar amps that sound wonderful.

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In addition, you can control your input levels from your iPad, iPhone & even Android device. It’s not cheap and for most people who are just starting out, I would recommend against getting the Antelope Audio Zen Tour.

Unless you want the best and most powerful audio interface in the portable category. High-quality preamps, solid clocking system & pristine AD/DA conversion up 24-bit/up to 192kHz and good-sounding modeled plugins.

No portable audio interface has this many features packed into a small box. It is literally a studio packed in a small box ready for all your traveling needs.

The steep learning curve to understand the onboard DSP processing & software. At the end of the day, I’d advice you to get an audio interface and put more focus on your music.

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