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James Smith
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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In just three minutes in the morning, you can make a real and positive impact on your mental health. By using our mood & mind changing relaxation app for just moments every day, you’ll regain your health, both mentally and physically.

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SLEEP Stories you remember as a kid asking your parents to read you a bedtime story? I bet it’s hard for you to remember actually falling asleep during the story.

With ZenMode’s innovative visual breathing techniques, you’ll be able to confidently grab life by the horns. Simply follow the pulsing circle on your screen with your breath.

May 13, 2020We've added over 15 hours of new binaural beats tracks for your enjoyment. Along with these new tracks comes a new category screen, so you can filter binaural beats based on your needs. We hope you enjoy the update! I followed this by using the guided meditations and found that the calm and soothing sounds felt so natural.

The sounds were so tranquil that my wife and I noticed I was drifting off to sleep quicker than usual. The guided meditations alone have helped me feel better as I haven't been outside in days.

The developer, Aurelio Naturals, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

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DE beschrijving overtaken near he Nederland (Nederland) met Google Translate? De beschrijving terugvertalen near he Engels (Varied Staten) Encode will help you put down your phone and enjoy your life. Plan been tied en start vervolgens DE Zen modes.

1. Newly added 5 sets of soothing background sounds by partnering with “Tide” 2. Bug fixes and general improvements. The key to success in a customer-driven market is to create and maintain great relationships with customers.

In a nutshell, there is no matter whether your clients want to get in touch by phone, chat, email, social media, or any other channel. In any case, Zendesk brings the interactions to one place and makes it easy to keep track of all support requests, reply quickly, and monitor service agent’s performance.

Zendesk offers scaling for its customers in order to meet the unique business needs of SMB's and enterprises equally. Support (ticketing system to deal with issues) Guide (company’s self-service knowledge base to deliver smart answers to customers and agents), Chat (real-time engagement with customers), Talk (integrated call center software).

The app adds tags, to help identify and take further action on the problem tickets, and also sends notifications right when the email is opened. Moreover, there is an analytics and reporting feature that helps you understand which emails work best with your customers.

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The app also automatically creates tickets on customers’ behalf and tracks the responses in Zendesk Support. Proactive Campaigns app is what you need when optimizing your support workflow because of their attention to details.

With this app, we're not only able to update large groups of customers at a time but also accurately track all their replies.” This app is great, not only because it's a mini recording and editing studio in Zendesk Support.

For example, body language means like gestures, voice tone, facial expressions, and a simple smile. Last but not least, you can constantly improve the quality of your video replies and tutorials using the precise reports which are automatically generated by the app.

So now, in 2020, you have to remove personal data of EU citizens upon their request or within the predetermined time frame. And this app not only simplifies the process but also allows keeping the metadata for the business needs (for example, for reports).

The app adds advanced macros search, personal quick buttons, smart reply suggestions, etc. Pythias works perfectly with multiple languages, brands, groups, forms, and fields.

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“Great app to help with automation and reduce time agents spend writing responses. Support has been amazing and helped us improve our internal setup and processes as well as the customer facing aspects of Zendesk.

The app will work with your current e-commerce setup and, most important, will require no additional coding. “Managing our payments right in Zendesk, and not worrying about invoices or refund notifications lets us to help customers faster.

Charged enables us to save time and money, while improving customer satisfaction.” Your agents just have to read the prompts, and if the agent has to pick up the ticket script that was left by another person, the script window will return to the last opened mode and show the history of all the steps taken previously.

We can now handle tickets in a fraction of the time, and focus on the business of being there for our customers instead of messing about with our other necessary but time-consuming services.” You will find it useful for improving customer satisfaction, NPS, CES, maintaining consistent service during outsourcing or scaling, and creating a quality score of KPI for agents.

“Maestro QA truly helped our company measure the quality of the service our CX team is providing. The reporting feature provides valuable insights that allow us to take specific actions and identify on which areas we might be underperforming.

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The team is incredibly supportive, and they take user feedback into account when it comes to implementing new features.” Zendesk brings efficient and outstanding tools for driving more satisfied customers to your brand.

In case, you want to add some up to the best apps for Zendesk list, feel free to comment. Whether you like the vibe of the dark mode or work at night shifts, there's an extension that will meet both needs.

During your busy days, it’s advisable to take a break from work to spend some quality time with yourself. Especially, in recent times, when we are getting things done from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak or any other emergency.

Among all the home chaos and kitchen noise, it’s essential to keep the mind stress-free and bring-in positive energy with meditation and yoga. We will list out meditation-oriented apps as well as software solutions with more functions like weight loss tips, podcasts, and more.

Upon sign up, the app takes you to the beautiful home page with nature sounds and background. As you swipe down, it showcases different sessions categories by mental fitness, sleep stories, meditations, and calm music.

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The sleep menu is divided neatly by different categories, such as kids, nature, non-fiction, maps, and more. The other features include nature music add-on, Apple Health integration to export mindful minutes data, the ability to customize home page with beautiful wallpapers, Siri Shortcuts support, and more.

Calm is free to download, but the majority of functions come under premium subscription, which costs $70 per year. You can perform quick workouts, cardio, and stress release exercise.

Headspace did a good job in assorting activities sessions in life challenges, sports, studies, performance mindset, work, personal growth, and more. The list of functions includes Siri Shortcuts support, detailed stats of session, Apple Health integration, social sharing, and more.

Unfortunately, it misses out on iOS widgets and 3D Touch menu on the app icon. Headspace is free to download, but the majority of functions are locked under the premium tag.

The home page is tailored towards the user’s activity, followed sessions in the app. You can browse through sessions of focus, build relationships, Coronavirus anxiety, get help from experts, about family, love, and more.

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You can listen to relaxing sound, well-known interviews for building habits, motivational talks, life-coaching sessions, and more. The app supports Apple Health integration, dedicated stats, sleeping sessions, and more.

If you are not sure about your meditation journey and only want to test the waters without being charged a bomb, then start using the Cast box app. Go to the library, open Zen mode, which is designed for meditating, focussing, and sleeping better.

Tap on the filter button below and customize it from the variety of nature sounds. Apart from that, Cast box offers excellent podcast functionalities with social integration, personalized suggestions, creator tools, and more.

If you are tired of costly subscription-based meditation apps, the Oak is a worthy look for its simplicity and affordable price tag. The home page features the sessions for meditating, breathe, and sleep.

Unlike other apps, it won’t throw hundreds of sessions to the user. Instead, the app urges users to try out small sessions, and only after the completion of a milestone, it unlocks the next one from the Settings.

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I like how Oak showcases live stats from the community as well as your growth from the settings' menu. The app offers Apple Health integration to move the data.

However, it’s short on features like iOS widget, 3D Touch menu, and Siri Shortcuts. Calm is eye-pleasing, Headspace has an excellent workout integration and driving mode.

Last updated on 6 Apr, 2020 The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. Of all the # gadgets launched recently, Muse stands out for working on making you calmer.

Here are the top 4 relaxing # sounds apps for # iOS and # Android to help you get some peace. Read the post below to find the top five habit trackers for # Android and iOS.

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