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James Smith
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 12 min read

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Swirling synth drones, plucky zither, vibrating gongs, whirring bowls, chirping birds, crashing waves. These sounds have become common backing tracks as a disembodied voice projects from our phones, guiding us to get comfortable and notice our breath.

The University of Cincinnati associate professor of medicine, who also teaches a meditation class for medical students, recalls being in a yoga studio playing Hindu chants. One 2013 study by University of Zurich researchers concluded it didn't matter mentally or emotionally whether participants listened to relaxing music (a Latin hymn), rippling water, or silence before taking a stress test that involved a fake job interview and a difficult math problem.

A 2019 pilot study from the U.S. Army Research Lab found experienced meditators preferred silence while novices liked music without a distinct melody. A 2017 study at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center discovered the part of the brain associated with internally focused thought lit up most often on MRI scans when someone heard a song they liked (the type of music was less important).

Chaudhary falls into the distracting camp, preferring to meditate for 10 minutes in silence in the morning before her kids wake up. There's no scientific reason as to why Insight Timer wanted to offer both, says Maddy Gerrard, head of partnerships and original content.

Instead, Insight Timer was motivated by a desire to develop diversity among the 35,000 music and guided meditation tracks on the app. We want someone to come to the app and be able to find what helps them At that moment and to also filter out things that don't work for them,” Gerrard says.

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When Richard Wolf asks University of Southern California students in his music and mindfulness course to compose a non-verbal guided meditation, the submissions vary widely. While On Over copycats abound, he's also heard footage piano, synth drones, a bass clarinet playing long notes, a portable air conditioner with electric guitar chords, a raucous hip hop instrumental, and harp music.

What is going to hold your intention and lead you into a frame of mind that's calm and steady,” says the Emmy-award winning composer, who's been practicing meditation regularly since having a panic attack 15 years ago. As to why so many meditation classes rely on new age music, Wolf notes that it's non-threatening and typically has a slow tempo and languid changes.

Reiki and massage practitioners say they love using it with the people they treat, while others like to put it on while doing meditation exercises or as background music during dinner. If your musical tastes lean more toward New Age sounds inspired by the landscapes of New Mexico and Arizona, Desert Spa is a great choice.

We love that Gibson pulls out a full suite of instruments for this album, from xylophone, piano, synth, and flute, to embellishments that add a bit of gleaming serenity to the tracks. It channels the sounds of the earth through Native American flutes, making for a calming soundtrack at the end of a busy day.

He’s a Billboard Top 10 recording artist, and he has a board certification in music therapy, with a master’s degree in psychology, so he’s worked out the perfect strategy behind what will relax you. Plus, there’s a great social component to this: a percentage of the profits are donated to Lucy’s Love Bus, which provides free music therapy to pediatric cancer patients.

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There are plenty of options out there, from European go-to's like Kenya to Native American and New Age albums whose reveries are influenced by nature and traditional instruments. Our doctor recommended relaxation videos provide tranquility and are ideal for those interested in Health & Wellness, stress management and insomnia or anxiety relief.

Our scenic relaxation videos can be licensed for video-on-demand (VoD) and closed circuit television (CCTV) programming. This beautiful relaxation DVD with beautiful meditation music and nature sounds is used by hospitals, therapists and clinics and dentists to help patients relax during treatment and after surgery and as an effective PTSD treatment tool for vets returning from the war zone.

It also utilizes hypnotherapy techniques to help you achieve deep relaxation as you enjoy beautiful scenery. Our guided meditation script is based upon brain research and was developed with the cooperation and approval of clinical psychologists and is doctor recommended.

It incorporates hypnotherapy techniques and cognitive behavior suggestions designed to resonate with your subconscious mind and enable you to retrain your brain, so you may lead a healthier, happier and more rewarding life. With repeated use, you may entrain your brain into remaining in a more relaxed state during stressful situations and help you achieve a better work-life balance.

Plug in your stereo headphones to your computer and listen to the beautiful meditation music which includes Alpha waves and nature sounds. For those who don't always have the time or proximity to nature, we recommend you buy our relaxation / guided meditation DVD to help you get started.

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Meditation can also provide a comforting, spiritual experience and may help some feel closer to God and discover their innermost or “higher” self. Meditation is widely recognized and used by the medical community as a very effective method to help patients relax and recover from surgery and a variety of illnesses.

Because meditation can induce the “relaxation response” it can also be an excellent treatment tool to help those challenged with compromised immune systems. In fact, it has been clinically proven that tools that induce the relaxation response can boost the immune system and aid in healing.

We believe that the Serenity Moments guided relaxation DVDs may be an excellent additional treatment tool for patients who have HIV or recuperating from illness or surgery. In addition to helping reduce anxiety stress, insomnia and potentially boosting the immune system, they can also help anger management patients learn how to cope with stress and retrain their brain into healthier thought patterns, so they can respond better to life's challenges.

The Serenity Moments meditation and relaxation video series is an also a perfect tool for those practicing Mindfulness Meditation which has been clinically shown to be effective for the management of stress, anxiety and panic, chronic pain, depression, obsessive thinking, strong emotional reactivity, and a wide array of medical and mental health related conditions. When the mind is under duress in the fight or flight mode, the rational part of your brain is compromised resulting in poor decisions.

When you are in a deeply relaxed, meditative state, you may be surprised by the myriad of deep insights and good ideas that come flowing into your consciousness. You may also experience the surfacing of long forgotten memories which can be very cathartic and provide inner peace, which can also help reduce anxiety related to unresolved conflicts.

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Thus, this product will be a huge benefit to those who wish to tap into and harness the brilliance of their subconscious mind and well as help those who are suffering from stress, trauma or depression or those who desire a virtual vacation. In addition to the benefits of guided imagery, our beautifully composed meditation music offers therapeutic qualities and provides the listener with a very peaceful, relaxing experience to aid in the recovery from the stress of surgery or illness.

Our soothing relaxation music is also ideal for hospice or palliative care centers and is used by hospitals, clinics and therapists. As you loose yourself in the exquisite detail of the beauty of nature filmed in HD and listen to relaxing music, you may experience a profound spiritual connection to God, the universe, or your innermost self and feel a deep sense of inner peace and harmony.

No matter whether you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslin, Buddhist or any other faith you will find our relaxation videos beneficial. You’re emotional and spiritual health is vital to your physical well-being so be sure to nurture your mind with our scenic relaxation videos.

Slower brainwave frequencies such as Alpha and Theta waves produce endorphins that make you feel better for a natural “high”. With continued use, the brain can actually create new neural pathways, heal the physical body and boost your immune system as well as help the mind learn easier.

Alpha, Theta and Delta wave frequencies are natural brain wave states that can help synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain enabling the mind to function in concert as well as help induce deep states of relaxation. Our beautiful relaxation DVDs with nature sounds and soothing relaxation music make excellent ambient video for waiting rooms, lobbies, or dentist offices, hospitals, hotels spas or as a house party DVD.

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If you are interested in using our product as part of your video on demand (VoD) or closed circuit television (CCTV) or in-flight programming service please contact us, and we'll be happy to license our content for use by your organization. Chronic insomnia can put you at greater risk of various medical conditions, such as stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, and a weak immune system that can leave you vulnerable to diseases.

It puts you at greater risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Insomnia can affect your memory, judgment, and sex drive.

I’ve reviewed several meditations available on YouTube, and provided you with my top 20 picks. This will give you a better idea of which guided meditations for sleep will work best for you, and can improve their effectiveness.

They can be either a medical condition, psychological problems, stress and anxiety, or simply lifestyle. If you have one of these problems, or suspect another medical condition may be keeping you awake, I suggest consulting with your physician.

Psychological problems, mainly depression, are common causes of insomnia. Studies have also shown that insomnia can make depression worse.

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A heavy meal or empty stomach can make it difficult to sleep. Alcohol, while it can help you fall asleep, will actually disrupt your sleep later in the night.

Too much caffeine, or drinking it too late, can also make it difficult to sleep. The main way that meditation can help you sleep better is by reducing stress and anxiety.

But it would help to reduce some of the things that are overstimulating your mind, such as too many activities, and excessive background noise. Basically, any sensory stimulation will create a chain of thoughts, and if your day is filled with activities and noise, then your mind is being overstimulated.

Studies have shown that when done properly, it can be just as effective as antidepressant medication. If you suffer from depression and want to try meditation as an alternate treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor first.

Deep relaxation Binaural beats Hypnosis Unguided meditation Most have guiding words at the beginning, which eventually fade out, leaving you with soft soothing music to help you drift off to sleep.

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As the term suggests, the deep relaxation meditations will help you calm your body and mind. Guided Meditation for Sleep… Floating Among the Stars (Jason Stephenson) (1 hr.

His recordings have a good balance of music and voice volume. As the title suggests, this meditation gives you a sense of floating among the stars.

Lauren Ostrowski Benton has a soft and relaxing voice. Her guided meditation has good positive affirmations that help improve self-esteem.

This recording by Kim Carmen Walsh is designed to help you recognize your own inner happiness. Combined with her soft voice, the self-love affirmations really touch your heart.

Binaural beats are a technique that triggers a slow-down in brain activity to make you sleepy. Here’s how it works: Your brain creates brainwaves from the pulses of electrical activity when the neurons interact with each other.

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Ingrained in the background music are two tones of slightly different frequencies, one in each ear. The two frequencies in the meditations are meant to slow down your brain activity for deep sleep.

As you may have guessed, you need to listen to these meditations with headphones in order to get the desired effect. Binaural beats have two more effects that benefit sleep: They raise sleep-promoting hormones.

Perfect Deep Sleep: Talk down with Delta Wave Chronic Tones & Binaural Beats (The Honest Guys) (30 min.) Along with the dreamscape music, you can hear the sounds of the waves, and the crackling of an open fire.

It will help you overcome your fears, so you can develop greater inner strength. After a while, the voice fades out and the music helps you drift into a deep sleep.

This sleep meditation uses guided imagery to help calm your body and restless mind. When we’re in a deep state of relaxation, our mind is more receptive to new information.

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So during meditation, it is an excellent time to assimilate positive affirmations that can improve the quality of your life. One is geared to facilitate healing, and another will help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Mind Body Spirit Cleansing (Rain & Music for Guided Dreams Self-Healing) (Michael Sealed) (1 hr. Michael Sealed is one of the more popular guided meditation artists on YouTube, and for good reasons.

The recordings are high quality, and use a good balance of the different elements to achieve the desired effect. Sleep Talk down Guided Meditation : Fall Asleep Faster with Sleep Music & Spoken Word Hypnosis (Jason Stephenson) (1 hr.

Since the voice fades out after a while, you can just start this meditation, and let it play as you drift off to sleep. This guided sleep meditation will help you reprogram your mind to release stress and anxiety.

It uses guided imagery and soft relaxing music to calm your body and mind for more restful sleep. Her voice is soft and soothing, and the music is a slow dreamscape that gives you a feeling of floating on air.

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Hypnosis with Subconscious Programming To Fall Asleep (Guided Meditations with Nicky Sutton) (1 hr. Afterwards, the affirmations help reprogram your mind to go into a deep sleep.

Some nature sounds, such as ocean waves, are symbolic of relaxation. So when we hear those sounds, our subconscious mind will associate them with relaxation and sleep.

Dreamscape Music for Relaxation and Sleep (Peaceful Productions Studio) (8 hrs.) This one uses Delta waves, the same frequency of brainwaves during deep sleep.

This meditation combines relaxing music with ocean waves to lull you into a deep restful sleep. Angelic Music with Affirmations for Sleeping & Healing (Jason Stephenson) (2 hrs) This meditation is almost entirely heartwarming music with intermittent affirmations in a soft angelic voice.

Your sleep is important, not just so you feel better the next day, but also for your long-term health, and success in life.

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