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David Lawrence
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected).

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Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. ENSO zen circle set elements.

Watching this guy sketch logos is the most zen thing you'll experience today. The London-based designer and typographic illustrator has garnered a sizable Instagram following by posting videos and pictures of his drawings and typeface illustrations.

While the overall design is black Theron logo on the chipset heat sink and I/O shroud sport Aura RGB LEDs to give a little color to your system. The inclusion of 16 90 amp power stages for the CPU ARM will be good news for overclocked while the Supreme S1220 codec and ESS ES9023 DAC will be music to other’s ears.

Your power subsystem is the same as is found on the DOG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero so don’t dismiss this board as just a B550. Back in May of this year, we published an opinion piece that detailed the five different ways AMD is beating Intel in the desktop CPU market.

With so many improvements to the design, layout, and IPC made to the chips debuting in Zen 3, is AMD primed to become the default CPU choice for desktop computing leading into 2021? When a CCD is composed of multiple CCS (as was the case for all CPUs in the original Zen 2 stack), the added latency that comes from increased communication distances between each CCD prevents single-core, lightly threaded performance from reaching its peak potential.

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With Zen 3, AMD has redesigned the chips from the ground up, piggybacking off the advancements made in the company's recent iteration of “AT” processors launched back in July. By rethinking the layout of its CCD and CCX designs, the company could come much closer in its top-tier chips to the kind of single-threaded and gaming-performance boosts we saw in Editors' Choice picks like the AMD Ry zen 3 3300X.

The 3300X is a chip that, to this day, continues to reign as the best value pick for desktop PC gamers, versus anything Intel has on offer at a similar price point. Instead of forcing buyers onto a new motherboard platform with a new style of CPU socket every other generation of chips (the typical cadence in recent years for Intel's desktop processors), Zen 3 will mark the third launch in the Zen line to feature some level of compatibility with motherboards based on the now-venerable Socket AM4.

Back in May, the company clarified Zen 3 AM4 compatibility, claiming that a BIOS update would be required for any users of either X470 or B450 motherboards. This looks like it could develop into a small crack in AMD's otherwise near-impenetrable armor, but one that should seal up quickly enough as the dust from the Zen 3 launch settles.

With its latest 10th Generation “Comet Lake” desktop chips, such as the Core i5-10600K, there is no backward compatibility to older motherboards. Either way, ultimately, AMD's hurdles here won't be a big enough deal for Intel to capitalize on by the time motherboard makers are pushing their first BIOS builds out the door.

The company's chips looked to be, at least until today, the undisputed champions in their respective price tiers for both 1080p gaming and lightly threaded and single-core performance. That's given its recent announcement that its coming 11th Generation Rocket Lake line of 14 nm desktop CPUs won't be launching until sometime in the first quarter of 2021, well after the holiday season has already passed.

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But from a distance and based on what we know from specs and AMD's claims today, don't expect a massive reversal of fortune. The next year of desktop CPU prospects does not look promising for Intel, and barring some unforeseen, divulged fuel source, Rocket Lake likely won't end up being the company's consumer-desktop savior.

Finally, we come to an arena that AMD has had no problem flatly dominating Intel in these days: relative pricing. Since AMD's launch of Zen 2 in 2019, Intel has had a tough time remaining competitive on a cost-per-core basis (or of even entering the arena, depending on who you ask).

Intel has done the same with its top 10th Generation desktop chips, like the Core i9-10900K, but that is yet another consideration that cost-conscious buyers will have to make before they take the Zen 3 plunge. The first generation of Ry zen, in 2017, was a strong start, but AMD spent a long time sitting in Intel's shadow leading up to the launch of Zen 2.

It needed big wins in any area it could to make the proposition of either upgrading from the original Zen, or moving from Intel entirely, to be worth it. With Rocket Lake also launching on that aging lithography, Intel may have no clear response anytime soon to AMD's all-out assault on a core component of its business, short of a price war.

Think about it: If AMD delivers on all the promises of the new Ry zen 5000 series, there could, in theory, be no leg left for Intel to stand on to claim superiority in desktop CPUs for the foreseeable future. And it goes to show that if you meticulously plan out a launch year in advance (and then actually deliver on the promise of it), the payoff can be stunning and well worth the wait.

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