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Maria Johnson
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
• 10 min read

Generally, seven deep, focused, deliberate breaths will be enough. This is the simplest, quickest trick; once you reap the benefits of this new habit, you will be hooked, and you will (very soon) find yourself doing it naturally.

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Did you know that when you smile, regardless of whether it was outwardly generated or not, your brain throws a happy party? In scientific terms, the simple act of smiling releases neuropeptides that directly combat stress.

Happy, peaceful hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, are released when your beautiful smile spreads across your face. However, the simple act of turning the corners of your mouth towards the sun (assuming it’s in the sky) can conversely create a feeling of peace and happiness.

With this mindset, for example, you can perceive a long line at the post office as a teacher of patience, rather than a horribly timed nuisance. This change in perception is something peaceful living beings possess; it is what enables them to sit in tranquility amid the chaos.

By creating this new habit of changing your perception, you too will find yourself in a state of peace within any storm. Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.

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How you can harness the energy surrounding you to automatically attract the tools you need to unlock your true potential, allowing you to easily make transformative shifts in your life. Apply the #1 principle to eliminate obstacles in your life, and subsequently show up as your best self and make a positive impact on the world.

In this article, we’ll look at why you’re avoiding it, and how to actually do the thing. We often spend our days doing everything but the hard thing we don’t want to do.

We’ll research something to death instead of actually just doing the thing. We’ll talk about it, read about it, buy all the equipment for it, but not actually do the thing.

Do it at a certain time: tell your accountability buddy you’re going to do it at 10am, or whatever works best. Play some pump-up music, get some tea, clear distractions, and then pour yourself into it.

Meet someone for a focus session on a video call at a certain time, and tell them what you’re going to do for the next hour, while they tell you when they’re going to do. Set a timer, don’t talk, just work.

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Save these focus sessions for the thing you’re avoiding. The habit of recognizing what you’re avoiding, turning towards it (instead of away from it), and then just starting.

Small victories are incredibly powerful. Eventually, doing an hour of it will be much easier, but do the smallest possible chunk, and get a victory.

Broadly speaking, Zen habits help you to orient yourself in the present, calming you down and improving your focus. For example, some Zen techniques involve changing how you start the day or how you unwind, while others emphasize how important it is to interact with others in specific ways.

In this article, we'll explain what unifies Zen habits and walk you through a range of powerful ways in which these habits can enhance your life. Finally, we'll consider how you can immediately benefit from combining Zen habits with the Law of Attraction tools and techniques.

For example, harmony is an important concept in Zen, but you can apply it in a range of ways. For you, it might focus largely on Zen meditation and on associated mindfulness techniques, with an emphasis on making your mental life more harmonious.

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By taking on Zen habits and practicing associated techniques, you can reach a state of tranquility and peace that makes you happier in all areas of life. Now that you have a sense of Zen philosophy, let's move on to look at how you can begin to incorporate Zen habits into your everyday life.

We'll explore eleven distinct things you can do to begin embracing Zen into your life today. You might choose just a couple (e.g., Zen mindfulness and reducing clutter) before adding others, or you might opt to incorporate all into your life as soon as possible.

Just as our muscles strengthen after hard workouts, our minds and characters evolve and improve as we go through challenges. Shifting your perspective in this way makes you more positive, and more open to leaving your comfort zone.

Breathing exercises serve a wide range of purposes that align with the Zen lifestyle. It's also worth noting that breathing exercises give you a chance to soothe anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions, encouraging you to lean into positivity and compassion.

All you need to do is find a comfortable, quiet place, sit down and close your eyes. The outward-looking aspect of the Zen lifestyle stresses the importance of approaching people openly, with warmth and positivity.

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You'll likely find that reaching out and giving your time and attention to people actually makes you feel rejuvenated and more at peace. Rather, with the right attitude and mindset, almost everything can become a meditative task that improves focus, induces feelings of calmness and helps you to clear your mind.

Good ways of introducing multiple daily meditative experiences include changing your attitude to cooking, cleaning and traveling. Notice the sizzle of a pan on the stove, the way herbs look mixing into a sauce, and the heat of a spoon in your hand.

The advice to follow a structured and daily routine can sound restrictive like it lacks spontaneity and emphasizes inflexibility. However, the Zen message about following a structured routine isn't necessarily about repeating yourself and never revising your plans.

As the years go by, these material objects can begin to clutter our homes, and perhaps even our minds. So it stands to the reasoning that simplifying those surroundings can make us think in a clearer, more focused way.

A similar rule can be applied to certain ways of spending time, and even potentially toxic relationships in your life. While it's good to challenge and stretch yourself, to constantly try to go grow and evolve, Zen philosophy tells us to make sure that we set realistic expectations.

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Firstly, notice that Zen's positive thinking habits also help to support the Law of Attraction goals. The Law Of Attractions goals are staying positive, vibrating on a high frequency, and focusing on abundance rather than lack.

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