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Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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Seek and find hidden objects and solve the puzzle in zen garden like a real detective! Kids will enjoy playing free logic games because it will help them revise vocabulary and practice their quick fingers.

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Here are ten little gardens that we found both calming and adorable, and they come in different sizes and shapes for your desk. RakesGrooming rake and digging shovelExtrasSand, sand pail, seashells, starfish, sun umbrella, beach chair, sandcastleSize8 x 10 in.

Soft Candlelight, Smooth Pebbles, White Sand: Three Forms of Relaxation Price$$20.4839.99$$18.9929.99$$39.9528.98$$34.9918.86$$9.9930.99RakesLong-handled rake, bamboo rake, boomeranged rake, pen rake, T rake1Grooming rake and digging shovel6 bamboo rakes1111Rake and 2 shovelsExtras2 ceramic cranes, polished stones, meditation bookletBoat bridge and overstocks, incense, incense burner, 2 candles, sand, Buddha statue Sand, sand pail, seashells, starfish, sun umbrella, beach chair, sandcastle White sand, stones, Zen stone, 2 figurines Sand, Buddha figure, lotus figures, incense burner Sand, stacking stone tower Sand, rocks, candle holderRocks, sand, 3 figurines4 magnets and iron powderSize9 x 9 in.9.4 in.

Let’s contemplate together the components, size, and features each of these kits has to offer. There’s no “magic measurement” though–they just need to be a good deal smaller than your garden.

You use the prongs to draw out waves, and the cylindrical end to rub them out. If you want a really smooth surface to work with, see if the set includes a giant T-shaped rake.

If the sand’s too light, it’ll fly out of the box at the slightest breeze. It’s also a bonus if the set comes with extra sand because you do lose some over time.

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It’s a break from tradition, but building gardens in three dimensions is quite absorbing. If your desk looks like a tornado’s been through, then you’ll have to settle for a matchbox garden –smaller than 5 by 5 inches, maybe.

Narrow gardens are easy to squeeze along the edge of a desk and seem to take up less room. Circular ones are also lovely to draw on, and the lack of sharp edges somehow makes everything even more calming.

Traditional Zen gardens use rocks to represent islands and mountains. Some gardens come with holders for incense or tealight candles, if you want to attain inner peace through your nose.

You can find your favorite scents and just inhale as you quietly tend to your garden. The animals often symbolize different meanings: cranes for luck and longevity, oxen for strength.

And for beach-dwellers: there’s now tabletop Zen gardens with little umbrellas and pails and shovels. Serenity, religion, and rest can feel very distant from the roar of everyday life.

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These Zen gardens aren’t much, they’ll help you take a breather. Whether it be the contemplative face of the Buddha, the aroma of incense, or the look of a sandy beach, we hope you found what slows down your pulse and makes you happy.

Even the greenest thumb needs to hit the books every now and again when flowers and plants start to fail and when fruits and veggies stall. You can keep a photographic journal of your garden and get reminders about pruning, or advice on the best spots for growth.

Premium users on monthly, annual, or six-month plans can now change the season or frequency of various plant care tasks. Using a biodynamic method, the app relies on the phases of the moon to advise you of actions you can take in caring for your garden for the following day.

The app approaches gardening from a position that plants depend on lunar phases like full moon or new moon for successful sowing, repotting, transplanting, and harvesting, depending on the type of fruit, flower, or leaf you have. The app reveals not only the current phase of the moon and the zodiac sign, but also the weather forecast for determining optimal gardening conditions.

Grow It allows you to join an enthusiastic community of gardeners, helping you find inspiration, gather information, and share your own cultivation with the world. You can even ask the community to help you identify specific plants and rate other people’s gardens and check out the most beautiful ones out there if you seek more ideas.

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Recent upgrades let you zoom in on plant cards and images in questions for easier horticultural identification, share a plant card, navigate to another member’s profile, and get updated search results, improved mapping, and more. This app also identifies pests and has a robust Q&A section that covers more than 200,000 of the most common gardening queries.

Thanks to new plant recognition technology, the app promises instant answers to your questions. You can create a public or private account, so friends can follow you and you can track gardens worldwide.

This app, previously called Plantsman, is targeted to both gardeners and general plant owners. Smartphone has teamed up with several commercial vendors so that if you scan plant barcodes at retail partners, you get all kinds of goodies like monthly care, or a free premium membership trial, and more.

The latest care calendar provides the bonus of an interactive checklist in which you can mark plant maintenance duties as complete once you finish them. With this app, you’re able to locate detailed information on various vegetables, set a schedule, and plan your garden.

The app offers details for growing nearly 100 popular garden vegetables, with specific planting information for the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. The Share your Garden feature can also sync your information and notes with your other phones and tablets if you wish.

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A massive update also means Garden ate is now a universal app for both tablets and smartphones. The app preselects your recent garden bed when you begin planting or adding to your wish list.

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