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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Sometimes we don’t always want to end a long, busy day with the head-pumping rhythm game violence of Thumped or north of 100 attempts against a brutal Dark Souls boss. You’ll dive into the deep blue ocean of ABU, tidy up messy abodes in House Flipper, and, her, roll everything up into a massive ball in Kalahari Damage ROLL.

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Whether we’re hunting for food and drink in survival games like Subnautica, or running out of oxygen in countless others, we’re always in a rush for some precious air. Mimicking the environmental storytelling of Journey, ABU’s mesmeric waters are teeming with cryptic ruins itching to share their wordless stories.

Light puzzling punctuates each new environment of calming bliss, but this is a watery world you will want to explore every inch of before progressing. When you’re done sitting on the seabed in contemplative silence, much of your time in ABU will be spent marvelling at the subterranean fauna that are more than happy to show you around.

As you clamber onto the back of a fish the name of their species pops up, teaching you a little about your new mode of transport as you join their playful leaps above the water’s twinkling surface. We said in our ABU PC review that, while it takes a minimalistic gameplay approach, developer Giant Squid’s intoxicating ocean is anything but shallow.

Playing as a burned-out city worker, the existence of your grandfather’s farm plot in the rural southern coast of Star dew Valley is your ticket away from the big smoke. When you arrive amid the rolling hills of your new home, you’ll find that your grandfather’s old agricultural haunt has seen better days.

With wood strewn everywhere and weeds obstinately anchored to the ground, it’s a spot that Star dew Valley’s estate agents would politely call “up and coming”. Whether Star dew Valley is realistic or not, this is one of the best RPG games for green-fingered souls who want to luxuriate in the fantasy of binning the urban rat race.

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House Flipper is essentially a mix of the two as it gives you the chance to turn a cockroach-ridden dive into a chic sanctuary and sell it on for a tidy profit. You’ll have to be satisfied with menial work-for-hire contracts such as cleaning up after gross tenants or repainting garishly ill-judged hues at the beginning.

Your idea of a relaxing game might not stretch to busting some elbow grease on floor stains and fitting radiators, but there are those that will enjoy the therapeutic qualities of cleaning. FlOw is an entrancing curio that originally released as a Flash game to accompany the master’s thesis of company co-founder, Nova Chen.

Then flow can be played as a more intense survival experience, but casual players can just swim peacefully to their heart’s content. Leave it to Kalahari Damage creator Data Takanashi to create a game about making friends with, her, everything.

Nomads Studios’ ravishing visual design makes this soothing game feel like a sojourn through animated watercolor. Like Matt Makes Games Celeste, Gris uses platforming as a metaphor : we learn our limits by jumping, and falling.

From 3,000 playable characters you can be a daisy or blade of grass one minute, and fly through an urban landscape as a flock of birds or controlling planets the next. This nonlinear chill game invites you to explore away from the beaten track, but there’s no rush for you to unravel this engrossing mystery.

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The Chinese Room’s meditative walking simulator traces the fate of several Haughton denizens and their quotidian preoccupations as they face oblivion. Combining science fiction with the radio play, you follow six major characters in their posthumous form as blobs of golden light.

From bowling pins and sweet wrappers to fish and boats, ROLL snowballs into one of the funniest and best PC games around, enhanced by its light-hearted, colorful aesthetic that looks even better in full HD. There is a challenge for completions to sink some additional hours into, but the stressed among us can ignore all that and just chuckle at the animations and physics of each item as it is crushed under your giant, star-restoring sphere.

With Mini Metro, Dinosaur Polo Club have somehow managed to instill complex mechanics within a clean aesthetic, while also ensuring that you can actually enjoy designing subways. When your lines get busier your time with Mini Metro won’t be without some stress, but the clean, easy-to-understand interface along with the game’s soothing tones helps to keep this to a minimum.

That often means the last thing we want to do in our leisure time is even more busywork, with quest logs saturated with fetching random items and satisfying progress bars. The retro, synthesized sound effects contribute to Proteus’ tranquil atmosphere and signal changing seasons.

Fez is a puzzle title that takes inspiration from PC classics and combines that with original ideas to create an experience that makes you feel smart, without being too taxing. Phil Fish’s platformer isn’t your typical side-scroller as you swivel the game’s world between four different perspectives to solve its puzzles.

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This allows for plenty of scope for Easter eggs and hidden treasures if you’re willing to look for them, and the lavish detail this game boasts means you’ll likely want to. If you’re someone who likes to unwind by exerting your creative juices you should continue your digital detox with the best building games on PC.

Games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokémon Go stimulate the senses. Additionally, players have infinite attempts to figure out a puzzle or an objective.

In some cases, the game even includes a relaxing mode specifically to chill out and do what you want. Players ski down a hill while avoiding obstacles and collecting various items.

The main game probably isn’t the most relaxing because it does involve some split second decision-making. However, both games feature a zen mode where you can ski down the hill, do tricks, and enjoy the view without all of those pesky obstacles in the way.

Grand Mountain Adventure is another relaxing ski game. In addition to its above average graphics, the game play is super smooth and satisfying.

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The game also includes controller support, a rudimentary trick system, and multiple mountains to ski down. The second game adds a geometry aspect to everything along with an optional challenge system.

You would think survival mode would be stressful, but as soon as you find food and build your first shelter, everything is super easy and chill from there. Monument Valley is the most iconic relaxing puzzle game on mobile.

The game uses Escher style puzzles and pleasant graphics to draw the player in. My Oasis Season 2 is an idle game with a focus on relaxing.

You cut the plan by swiping with your finger and the plant grows in that direction. You win when the plant reaches light and flowers bloom.

The game features 48 levels, a chill soundtrack, and simple, effective graphics. There is a bit of speed involved, but you can retry levels as many times as you want.

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Your goal is to move and rotate those shapes until the shadow represents a picture of something. It’s like an advanced mobile game version of shadow puppets.

The game includes over 100 levels, surprisingly good graphics, and a hint system if things get too out of hand. Players are dropped in on a dilapidated farm, and they must restore it to a functioning state.

There are also a bunch of other things to do, like get married, fish, and complete tasks for nearby villagers. Star dew Valley is a bit expensive at $7.99, but it boasts over 50 hours of game play, so we think it’s worth it.

Zenger is another atmospheric puzzle game that people seem to like for relaxing. The developers boast no points, stats, tutorials, move counters, or any other in-game distractions.

Players start a level out with a bunch of various shapes, and they must make everything fit together in the right way. This one is fairly cheap compared to most of its competitors, and it’s a good, relaxing game.

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People did things to relax long before mobile phones came around. A lot of those leisure activities exist on mobile today.

There are plenty of excellent mobile versions of each game, so you can do the stuff you used to do, just on your phone this time. The prices vary depending on the game and there are a metric ton of options.

Beyond that, according to the statistics, 75% of adults encounter moderate or high levels of stress during few months, with 1 out of 75 persons experiencing panic disorder. This free mobile app is also a time killer: you can play it while waiting in a queue or during a long and tiring trip.

The app offers a range of colors, pleasant sounds and allows users to change the bubble size. This stress reliever game boasts an unlimited number of colors and lets users share finished works with friends via emails.

The app was created with the assistance of neuroscientists, and it’s clinically proven to help people to battle painful emotions and exercise the brain for better wellness. Researchers say it is a bright idea to play Personal Zen a couple of times a week for about 5-10 minutes.

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Just accurately follow the path of a friendly sprite on the screen without allowing the evil one to distract you. Whenever you feel exhausted and need to relax, take a crumpled piece of paper to make it in a trash basket on your mobile phone.

The game offers an automatic count of balls that reached the target, 7 levels of difficulty, stunning graphics, great flick control, natural sounds at the office with comments from angry co-workers, varying speed of the paper flight, and more. Relaxing Puzzler represents a meditative puzzle game with which you’ll be able to take your time and have a rest.

Hypnotic soundtracks by Winter park will give you an opportunity to meditate and reach the state of serenity without noticing the change. The app, inspired by meditative art styles, is easy to use: you just guide the energy by moving rocks around the mystic garden and relax to the full.

However, you can use ordinary ways to respond to the challenge of improving your mental health, find other custom healthcare applications (not mentioned above) to address your personal needs or invent some original methods to control emotions.

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