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Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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Sometimes, a week on the beach is not enough of an escape from the whirlwind of daily responsibilities and social media notifications. But Retreats, a new website launched in May 2019, allows users to search by location and filter by type to find their perfect match.

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The 27-acre campus includes a farm and gardens, an art studio, and a clothing-optional cliff side bathhouse and natural hot springs. The Shamble Mountain Center holds more than 100 two-day to weeklong programs per year, including introductions to meditation, deep dives into different practices, and multidisciplinary offerings that incorporate indigenous wisdom traditions, body awareness practices, contemplative arts, and more.

The modern and distinctly American practice draws on the traditions of Zen Buddhism as they evolved in ancient China and Japan. Curious newbies can join regular meditators in the monastery’s weekly Sunday Morning Program or participate in an Intro to Zen weekend retreat.

The center also offers longer programs, from one week to one month to one year, during which residents have the opportunity to learn more about integrating their practice into everyday life. Visitors stay in dorms (for short courses) or private rooms (longer retreats), and the main building, which was built as a Benedictine monastery, is a national and state historic landmark.

Intimate Rolling Meadows only accommodates 11 guests at a time to a handful of silent meditation and yoga retreats each year at its restored 1840s New England farmhouse. Guests are encouraged to stroll the walking paths and through the flower and organic vegetable gardens of the 100-acre property, relax in the sunroof or library, or unwind in the wood-fired sauna as a valuable part of the experience.

Less than an hour outside of San Francisco, Spirit Rock nonetheless feels worlds away from any metropolitan hustle and bustle on its 411 acres of quiet, hilly countryside in West Marin. The teachings at Spirit Rock also draw on other practices, including mindfulness through breathing and loving-kindness meditation, which focuses on compassion.

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There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking to dip your toe into a two-hour class, interested in getting involved at a daylong event, or ready to commit to a longer (three days to two months) silent retreat. Guests spend their days on these silent courses alternating sitting and walking meditations, enjoying vegetarian meals, and sleeping in simple single rooms.

But in some cities, the cure to easing anxiety might be just be around the corner … literally. In a 2011 study by the Massachusetts General Hospital, scientists had 16 people participate in an eight-week meditation class.

This isn’t to say that upsetting global issues should be ignored, but learning mindfulness and some of these ancient alternative medical practices can help foster a healthy mental balance. Using data from Dun & Bradstreet, FindTheHome teamed up with FindTheCompany to create a Zen idea” that combines the number of yoga studios and alternative medicine businesses per 10K people in each city.

Ended Score: 97.22 Yoga studios per 10K people: 1.7 Alternative medicine clinics per 10K people: 1.7 Population: 65,122 Join us via Zoom for a one-day meditation retreat (Feb 13).

Parinirvana Abenaki Classes currently offered via Zoom New to Zen meditation? UCLA's Statement of Solidarity The teachers and board members of UCLA have released a Statement of Solidarity against white-supremacist racism and all forms of racism.

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UCLA GROUNDS CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19 We are continually reassessing the situation and will keep you informed of any developments. Deep gratitude to our resident members who continue to care for the Center in seen and unseen ways.

Our teachers, staff, and shared stewards continue to offer Dharma practice virtually. Develop Your Home Practice Read a basic description of how to do Zen meditation (taken) and start meditating at home.

Intro to Zen Meditation New to Buddhist practice? We have introductory Zen meditation classes that are held online on Sundays.

Living in Basso In this recent article, Joshi You reflects on practicing with “closing the gap” during the many intense events of 2020. Dharma Combat A short segment from the 2020 Head Trainee Hos sen Ceremony.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Joshi You offers peace cranes and a bowl of tea to all those affected by the dropping of the nuclear bombs. Today was our Oboe Day of Dead Service.

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Rather, it only includes Zen sang has that have good online resources for study, such as tasks, commentaries or translations of texts. For a more complete listing see Recenters of the World (last updated 2000, so probably somewhat out-of-date) Questions, broken links, suggestions, etc, please.

Being Without Self : the website of Jeff Shore, the lay successor of Karo Fukushima Joshi. Dozen Sang ha is a worldwide group of Buddhist practitioners under the guidance of Judo Weight Nishijima Joshi who was a student of Master Dodo Hawaii.

Our principal teacher is John Fraser, who received Shi ho (dharma transmission) from Michael Dido Luetchford in 2006.” CSU Run (Empty Cloud): There seems to be some confusion over the sites devoted to this great modern master.

There are extensive translations of his teachings here as well as poetry, dharma talks by the teachers of BODY, canonical writings and prayers and photographs. There is a third site labelled Body, the Zen Buddhist Order of CSU Run.

It has a disclaimer on the site: “The Zen Buddhist Order of CSU Run (BODY) under the guidance of Rev. Furthermore, there is a zen site, Exploring Chan, “from the friends and members of Body but whether this has anything to do with the “official” CSU Run group, I have no idea.

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In either case, all the sites have extensive collections of writings and talks and are worth visiting if you're interested in CSU Run. Ordinary Mind Zeno : led by Barry Magic, dharma heir of Charlotte Joke Beck.

Prairie Zen Center: located in Champaign, Illinois, the resident teacher is Elite Genaro Smith, first Dharma Heir of Charlotte Joke Beck, co-founder of the Ordinary Mind Zen School. Rochester Zen Center : founded by Philip Kapleau-roshi, the site has articles and podcasts by the current abbot, Joshi Bodkin Jolted.

Salmon : a Zen center in New Mexico led by Mira Bishop-sensei, a student of the late Philip Tableau and Hard Shoo. It is part of the world-wide Diamond Sang ha, founded by American Zen teacher, Robert Aiken, who first visited Australia in 1979.

The home page has links to their newsletter and their journal, Mind Moon Circle as well as podcasts of tasks. Tallahassee Chan Center : Located in Florida, this center is led by Go GU who follows in Master Sheng Yen’s lineage of Chan (Chinese Zen) Buddhism.

Master Jiyu-Kennett, the site has a number of dharma talks by the current abbot, Rev. Led by Juno Cohen from Scuba, Japan, the teacher received Dharma Transmission from Master Judo Weight Nishijima, and is a member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association and American Zen Teachers Association.

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White Wind Zen Community : taught by Anzac Ho shin Joshi, based in Ottawa, in the Dozen tradition. At Great Vow, we hold monthly session and host a variety of retreats, workshops, and other events.

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