Best Zen Albums

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 10 min read

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You need some seriously Zen music. Well, either that or you can just buy a meditation gong, hit it with a hammer and meditate to the sound (gongs are amazingly powerful sound healing instruments). It’s the type of tunes you can put on, close your eyes and simply drift away to a state of complete inner peace.

Take a listen to these masterful musicians, all of whom create serene auditory experiences. In The Orchid, Shaw Long (a Chinese music artist living in Japan) uses the PIPA (a four stringed lute) to create some of the best Chinese tunes ever.

Incense sticks are included in the CD version to be used while listening to produce an even deeper relaxation. Here it is played by the masterful musician Via Peng Fang, one of the best Chinese artists.

Fang produces sentimental sounds that will stir your spirit. Anyone interested in Chinese musicians simply must listen to this master of the era at work.

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On this album, doctor and Chinese artist EU Dong Wang offers sounds that stimulates the energy centers used in acupuncture. The compositions use the pentatonic scale to create beautiful melodies that are perfect accompaniment for meditation.

There’s nothing like the feeling of lying down, closing your eyes and focusing on some deep sounds. In the video below, Relax River shares some heavenly Their tunes use the harp.

This is simply one of the absolute best Tibetan singing bowls albums you will find. Reverb nation is the absolute best Zen music online.

Zen Garden blends East with West in beautiful instrumental pieces that dive from one emotion to the next with grace. Choosing the best Indian meditation music was a challenge for me because there are so many great musicians in India.

You know, that state where you feel like your melting into the world, like you’re as light as the air and being carried on the wind. Ravi Shankar is a star of the Indian classical scene.

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It was produced by the famous and sublimely talented George Harrison. This is from Lane Raymond (a highly regarded composer), this album combines drumming and chanting to create a sound that will lift your spirits.

Devi Primal is my personal the best meditation music artist of all time. This album was inspired by the ancient Indian culture of Vedic.

It is sung by Kim Waters and with pieces by Hans Christian. The album presents Sanskrit chants and devotional songs backed by sitar.

The MeditationRelaxClub has a ton of different tunes, all related to self-improvement / spirituality and more. Best of all, some tracks are nice and ONG, allowing for deep sitting sessions.

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