Best Zeke And Luther Episodes

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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Zeke and Luther's sponsor, Riot Skates, has given them an awesome new car! The guys are invited to meet Bobby Dicey, the world's greatest daredevil.

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Eddie has lined up an appearance for Zeke and Luther on Skate Cribs. Zeke and Luther are given the task of coaching a peewee basketball team.

In order to save Don's Donuts, Zeke must enter the upcoming mayoral race. The new Vice Principal at Buzz Johnson High asks Zeke and Luther for help.

Riot wants to add a female skater to the team for the upcoming promo tour. A heat wave has hit Gilroy and the entire town is a sweaty mess.

Zeke finds a behavior modifying microchip and plants it on his sister. Tired of living in Zeke's shadow, Luther decides it's his time to shine.

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So, Zeke enlists the world's fattest motocross rider to demonstrate to Luther that an athlete can still bring it, despite physical limitations. Luther Unleashed Now a regular fixture at Ramps, Ozzie has evolved into a grade-A poser.

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With Luther at his wit's end, Zeke steps in and designates Ozzie as Ramps' official skate photo, with an ulterior motive to keep him occupied. Double Crush Zeke and Luther realize that there is only one thing they are missing that all the top skaters have: girlfriends.

They both fall for a female BMX rider and stage an extreme competition to win her over. After a confrontation with the brothers, the boys call for backup and a dangerous chase with the Plunks ensues.

He sets out to do it in real life, asking his mailman Mr. NG, who doubles as a karate master, for help. When Dingle then discovers his pool has been drained, he enlists the help of his new junior deputy to solve the crime.

Board in Class Nana's man friend Carl is Zeke and Luther's shop teacher, so the boys neglect their work thinking they've got an easy “A”. Local Heroes Zeke and Luther get jobs at a video game store where they get held up at gunpoint... or so they think.

When they realize there was no robber, just a customer talking to his dog, the guys set out stage a robbery, so they can be heroes instead of fools. Super Shredder When Zeke and Luther help a strange man get back on a board for the first time in years, the man decides to quit his job and skate full time.

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The guys truly admire this bold move, until they figure out that he is a famous wrestler “The Death Ripper.” Little Bro, Big Trouble The only thing Luther's younger brother, Roy wants to do is stay in his room playing video games.

With encouragement from Zeke, Luther decides to spend some quality time with his brother. After they complete everything, Luther finds out his family is only moving a few blocks to Topeka Road.

Seoul Bros Zeke and Luther go to great lengths to attract the attention of skate manager Max Randall, but when they get the opportunity... are they really ready? Sludge Tojo is head over heels in love with Zeke's cousin, Mia.

But, when Mia learns about Tojo's Black Book of Female Ladies she doesn't want anything to do with him. His only recourse is a grand romantic gesture... jumping the Gilroy Sludge pool.

Going' Zooming' When Zeke and Luther make a skate video that soars in popularity, they get offers to be sponsored. Santa Claus teaches Ginger the true meaning of Christmas.

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The Unusual Suspects Zeke moves into the garage, far away his parents, the evil Ginger, and her annoying torment. With his best bud as the victim of foul play, Luther sets out to find the assailant.

When the boys can't afford to refill the tank, they rig the engine to run on restaurant grease instead. Hyp-Bro-Tized Luther, who has developed an intense crush on local hottie Bridget, visits Dr. Ricardo's office in search of confidence.

When the doc hypnotizes him into believing he is a super suave and confident ladies man, people are impressed by this new Ruth. Zeke, Ruth, and Tojo are invited to meet Bobby Dicey, the world's greatest daredevil.

Bobby explains that the three of them have been recruited to compete for a coveted spot on “Team Dicey,” an exclusive group of daredevils in training. Sibling Rivalries Eddie Collet ti has lined up an appearance for Zeke and Luther on Skate Cribs.

But when the host Dizzy asks to interview Ginger and Roy for the show, the bros sense major sabotage potential and decide to hire actors to play their younger sits. Zeke, Luther and Tojo Strike Gold The new Vice Principal at Buzz Johnson High asks Zeke and Luther if they would help her test the school's security system by stealing a historical artifact called Sutter's Nugget from its display case in the school's lobby.

DJ PJ One night when Luther runs off, Zeke follows him to Don's open mic night, whereupon Luther suddenly takes the stage as DJ PJ and performs an amazingly impressive rap. Truck Cheese While cleaning out Carl's storage unit, Zeke and Luther discover a working food truck.

The boys decide to start their own business selling Luther's signature beverage, cheese smoothies. Ice Heist, Baby A heat wave has hit Gilroy and the entire town is a sweaty, uncomfortable mess.

A huge fan, Luther is ecstatic about playing a Skate Trooper on TV. Zeke and Luther have been so busy promoting Riot Skates that they decide they need a break and make plans to spend the day at the beach with two local cuties.

But, Eddie Colette insists that the boys meet the owner of Riot Industries at the same time. Lie Hard For the past six months, Luther has been receiving packages from the Surveys, a well-off couple who believe he is a child in need.

Ruth has successfully pretended to be underprivileged, but now the Surveys are in Gilroy and want to feed him in person! The Generator Zeke finds a behavior modifying microchip and plants in on his sister in hopes of taming her evilness.

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