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If readers don't why or how two characters are coming to blows, they won't care who wins or who loses. The series follows 14-year-old prodigy Kilo Thiamine, a boy so envied by his peers he can't bring himself to even attend school for fear of mock and ridicule.

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Then he receives a gift from his father: a strange amnesic boy named Satchell carrying a book written in an indecipherable language. With Kilo's help, he can call out spells from the book and release thunderous lightning or create barriers of electricity.

For the demon children to successfully cast their spells, they need a trusted book master by their side to call out their attacks. Unlike most act first, think later shnen heroes, Kilo is a level-headed genius, one who knows how to strategize.

It's a nice change of pace to see strategy applied to a shnen battle manga, especially since ZatchBell's fights are such desperate encounters. It's always a lethal encounter when Kilo and Match find a new opponent; one stray attack or failure to observe your surroundings and the book could go up in flames.

Kilo and Match get ambushed at a greenhouse by a plant-based duo able to control vines and roots like tentacles. Has a “gag manga” art style, with outlandish expressions and goofy designs.

During fights, he'll often draw Kilo with very aggressive facial expressions to highlight the anger or rage he's feeling. Shading is also something he draws more attention to during fights, as he manages to make Kilo and Match feel genuinely intimidating during these moments.

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He convincingly depicts massive streams of energy and power; look at any panel of Match using his “Baku Zakeruga” spell, and it really feels like you're watching a dragon of lightning pour out of a child. Although Satchell was never as famous as the likes of One Piece or Dragon Ball, the manga is worthy of respect for its willingness to create truly meaningful fights and characters.

About The Author Lee Russo (90 Articles Published) Passionate writer, storyteller, game designer, and future King of the Pirates. You can often find his face buried in manga or completely engrossed in some RPG or a new shnen anime.

Story Mode: This mode has four stories, as Tia, Lancôme, Polygon and Match, and when those are finished, a reward is given. This mode is managed by Lancôme on the main menu.

This mode is managed by Polygon on the main menu. Most of the characters in this game are already unlocked, but a rest only is unlocked by playing Demonic Horror Mode and reaching a score of 50.000 points with each character.

| UK Video Game Information | on Dealspwn.com Wikipedia Fights are a crucial aspect of the Shnen battle manga; therefore, they must be appropriately framed.

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Satchell has been impressive in handling its fight scenes, and it is disappointing that it does not get the credit that it deserves. Written by Dakota Haiku, the series recounts the story of a teenage prodigy, Kilo Thiamine.

But his life changes when he is gifted by his father, a young boy named Match who carries a book written in an illegible language. When Kilo reads the mysterious book, he can help Match use lightning for defense or offense.

The demon children need a trustworthy book master who can help them call their attacks since they cannot fight without them. His strategies are impenetrable, and his calm composure during fights makes him the ideal book master.

Whenever two book master and demon pairs confront each other, the rules of the fight are straightforward. So, whenever Match and Kilo encounter another human-demon duo, they know the stakes are high since one mistake is enough for the book to go up in flames.

However, this is also a good thing since no matter how powerful the opponent is, there is always some weakness that can be exploited, and with Kilo’s genius, Match always has an advantage. Match and Kilo learn quickly to understand each other’s strengths, which helps them immensely in their encounters.

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Satchell is not rated as high as it should, must not be a reason for anime and manga fans to be hesitant in giving it a shot; both are exceptional and one of a kind. Satchell is a series that I don't see people talking about very often, but I really think that it deserves more attention than it gets.

To open this thread, I'm going to cover the premise and how it ties into what makes this series so good, but I do intend to keep this post fairly SPOILER-FREE just in case someone reads this thread and decides to give the series a go. For starters, the series ran in Weekly Shnen Sunday from 2001-2007 as Kon-Tiki no Gash!! , and was later localized as Satchell, with the protagonist's name being changed from Gash to Match overseas.

Tea Animation ended up making the anime for it, and while it was actually a pretty solid adaptation for the most part, there's a decent amount of filler in-between the major story arcs, and sadly, the penultimate arc is cut short, and it rushes to a shoddy conclusion within the final five episodes of its 150 episode run. Each demon is sent with a colored spell book that can unleash their magic powers, but the catch is that the demons are incapable of using the books themselves, they require a human partner to cast spells for them or else they can't use their magic at all.

This brings us to the series' dual protagonists: Match (Gash) Bell, a kindly, energetic, boy who arrives at Earth with no memory of his past in the demon world, and Zatch's human partner BIMARU (just Kilo in the dub) a student genius who starts the series off as a snobbish loner who doesn't think he needs any friends. Well for starters, it has a good deal of humor and a likable cast of characters that are given a solid amount of character development, but as an action series, Satchell excels in providing fights that are more about teamwork and strategy instead of raw power levels.

The spell book system allows for this, as each human/demon pair only has access to a limited number of specific attack and ability spells that they learn over time, thereby encouraging human/demon pairs to ally with one another to make up for their individual weaknesses. The protagonists especially find themselves completely outgunned by opponents with stronger spells than them on numerous occasions, but instead of relying on power-ups or deus ex machina, they fight strategically and use their limited pool of spells in tandem with friendly human/demon pairs to burn the enemy's spell books regardless of whose stronger than whom.

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Compared to most teams, they're weak as shit, duck boy doesn't even learn any attacking spells. These guys are major characters, and are two of the best in the series. Furthermore, the series handles power scaling remarkably well.

Demons get stronger just by learning specific new abilities rather than getting typical shnen power boosts, and Zatch's spell count doesn't even top single digits 200 chapters in, forcing him and Kilo to make the most of what few abilities they have instead of regularly receiving new ones whenever it's convenient for the plot. One of my favorite fights in the series features Match and friends getting ambushed by a strong enemy when they're already exhausted and barely able to fight as is, forcing them to work as a team to scrape together a win under dire circumstances.

Satchell is humorous and goofy when it needs to be, it's got heart, great fights, plenty of likable characters, and a lot of charm. If you're looking for a great, finished, battle shnen, it's absolutely worth a watch/read.

It never finished dubbing afterwards(technically, it had a couple more episodes dubbed, but those aired on their short-lived streaming platform tsunami Jet stream back in the day). Man I remember watching this show when I was younger but never got around to finishing it.

Man I used to breathe this show, collected the volumes of manga, watched it every Saturday on Tsunami, I really got into the card game too.......and then Tsunami moved the show to a later slot, and then totally took it off altogether, right in the middle of a cliffhanger too. I agree, I like every one had a defined element and expected their powers based on it.

Forgot how edgy Bragg looked lol Is there an anime you don't watch? Hell yeah, it took over from Yugo for a while, since the game was kinda similar and had easy to follow rules, plus the books that held the cards were a neat little novelty.

Apr 5, 2003 Kilo is a junior high student who's a genius, yet repeatedly cuts his classes because he is literally smarter than most teachers in the school. Kilo finally steps out from behind a door to aid Match, and basically gets his butt kicked.

Then out of the blue, a skateboarder rides onto the roof with another kid like Match on his shoulder and, somehow, blows away the bully. Mark Seen A Freezing Spell Apr 12, 2003 Kilo's mind keeps returning to his first battle with Match as he continuously fails to decipher the Red Book.

Kilo ignores the crime, marveling at both the “"kid”" and Blue Book while the guy gets away. Along the way home, they catch a news report in a store window about the hold up.

Kilo instantly becomes torn between helping Susie and leaving the authorities to handle it. Kilo, ever the genius, quickly whips up a small cardboard doll called the Vol tron 3000 to keep Match occupied while he slips out to school.

Then, a strange girl named Sherrie and her weird mambo, Bragg, came to Kilo's house. When Match came home with his dog, he heard Kilo, Bragg, and Sherrie talking.

When the man pulled out a book, and then the dog that Match found turned into a spiky monster. Mark Seen The Dark Mambo May 3, 2003, After hearing Match scream, Kilo ran downstairs, he paused and watched from the stairs.

He runs down and pushes Match out of the way of an attack, which left a dent in the wall. Downstairs, Match tells Kilo that the dog is his friend; Kilo tells Match that if it's so, he'd hate to see his enemies and sends a lightning attack at the charging monster after they cast another spell.

When the man uses another spell, that sends sharp rocks out of the dogs back, Kilo jumps in front of Match and takes the hit himself. Bragg jumps down the stairs, landing directly in front the intruders with his palm out, ready.

Cheri shouts the areas' spell, and the same ball that hit Kilo knocked the dog out, turning it back to a puppy. Mark Seen The Mystery Of The Missing Red Book May 10, 2003, After the battle with Cheri and her dark Mambo, Kilo is sent to the hospital with a kid named Shut, who was to be released 6 months ago.

Mark Seen A Kind Mambo, Lulu May 24, 2003, A female Mambo appears in the city and instantly becomes friends with a girl named Lori, sort of like how Kilo and Match met, except without the smashing windows. The Mambos name's Lulu and is very sweet and thinks of Lori as a big sister.

Mark Seen The Elite Mambo Jun 7, 2003 Match believes that he has found another kind mambo, but when kilo discovers he and his partner plan to destroy the city, will he and match be forced to fight them? Mark Seen Sherry's Rhapsody of Life Jun 21, 2003 Match and Kilo just spent the day training.

Kilo arrives and meets the enemy Mambo, Rob nos, and his bookkeeper. The pair defeated reveal that they never had Suzy and that a Mambo that looks like Match was spotted in England.

Mark Seen Kilo's Curry Camping Trip Aug 2, 2003 Summer Break has begun for Kiyo, but he has to fulfill promises he made to people; the promise to help perfect an invisible pitch, catch 500 fish, hunt for a dinosaur, and helping create contact with aliens. After cooking curry with his friends, the camp ends in an explosion of fireworks.

The next day, Suzy wins a trip to Hong Kong and Kilo and Match are on plane on their way to England. During their search, Kilo meets Suzy, Legume, and Tia who happens to be in England too.

Kilo thinking that Fol gore groped Suzy like he did to the women in the stores he visited, proceeds to attack him with “Baker”. Kilo, realizing that Fol gore is a good person, tells him to make it to the end of the Mambo battle.

Mark Seen The Dark Lord of the Cursed Castle Aug 16, 2003 Match manages to catch the thief whose name is Kory. He reveals that a dark lord is residing in a castle and kidnaps people from the village when they do not meet his demands.

Kilo and Match manage to overcome the traps in the castle and reach the final room. Sting, the man living inside the caste, reveals his giant armored Mambo Baltic.

Sting reveals that he has Fol gore and Lancôme hostage and if Kilo attacks, he will kill them. Mark Seen The Flowers of Evil Aug 23, 2003 Sting demands Kilo to surrender his book for Fol gore and Lancôme's lives.

Fol gore and Lancôme meanwhile manage to free themselves allowing Kilo and Match to defeat Sting and Baltic. Carthaginian who was witnessed the golden light reveals that Kilo's book was glowing also.

Zatch's “Baker” proves ineffective and Kilo tries the use the fourth spell “Bad Zakeruga” but nothing occurs. Pop's book is burnt in the midst of the battle and filled with emotions, Kilo is able to use “Bad Zakeruga” which summons a giant electrical dragon and defeats Kikuyu.

Mark Seen Apollo, the Free Traveler Sep 20, 2003 After Match and Polygon damage the gate in front of Kilo's home, Kilo goes to the store to buy supplies to fix it. They talk and Kilo learns that Apollo and his Mambo is Crops have been avoiding battles whenever possible.

Match when unable to fix the broken gate himself, runs away and wonders whether he should return to the Mambo world as he is just a nuisance to Kilo. Mark Seen Apollo, the Free Traveler Part 2 Sep 27, 2003 Apollo allows Kilo to retrieve his book and warns Kilo he will not hesitate to burn his book.

Apollo meets some kids who are taking care of Crops and asks them for directions out of the country. Apollo led by kids of the village lead him to the country's boarder but a gate blocks the exit.

Apollo realizes that Crops wishes to be a king of freedom and uses his strongest spell against Kilo. The woman reveals her name to be Nana Bob and proceeds to tell Match she is searching for the Hiram, the soon-to-be wife of her son.

Match asks Nana what if Hiram was someone who wore cheap jewelry and a short skirt, she would beat her up. When awakened, Match sees Nana give Hiram her old wedding ring and wishes her well.

Match realizes that Nana was joking about her threat and that she knew her son would choose a good wife. Mark Seen Danny Boy Oct 11, 2003 A Sheila sculpture is coming to the museum and to describe art to Match, Kilo tells him to imagine a delicious yellow-tail.

Meanwhile, A Mambo named Danny and his book owner Mr. Gold are delivering the sculpture. Danny stops when Match tells him he is at the museum to see the Sheila sculpture.

Mr. Gold is held hostage by the gang but Kilo arrives and saves him with Zatch's “Baker”. He crashes and the cargo falls into the car containing Danny's book and the Sheila sculpture.

Legume chases her but is stopped by a butler who reveals Mary recently became queen and that assassins are after her. Outside, the Mambo decides to destroy an amusement park ride but is interrupted by Zatch's “Baker”.

The pairs Luna and Purim and High and Boron overpower Kilo with their teamwork. Kilo in the midst of the battle, tells Match to fire “Baker” into the sky.

As Kilo and Match are about to be defeated, they are saved by Legume and Tia's “Ma Se shield”. Kilo, Match, Legume, and Tia spend the rest return to the amusement park.

Mark Seen The Cute Transfer Student Nov 8, 2003 Match finds a fragment of a mirror while diving for yellowtail. Kilo and Match befriends a new transfer student, Scion and her cat NYC.

Soon they are attacked by a Man and his Mambo, Cut and Paste, who demands Zatch's mirror piece. Cut-and-Paste use their strongest spell to summon a giant scissor missile.

Kilo and Match manage to defeat them by redirecting scissors towards Cut and Paste with “Jikerdor”. In the distance, a mysterious Mambo pair observe Kilo and Match.

After many failed attempts, Scion decides she must force Match into combat to steal the mirror from him. She then proceeds to attack Match for the mirror but is saved by Kilo's timely arrival.

During the battle, Scion reveals that her parents died six months ago and that she wants the mirror in order for NYC to stay with her forever. She reveals a mysterious man told her that if all three pieces of the mirror were gathered, she can be with NYC forever.

Mark Seen The Joining of the Three Nov 22, 2003 Kilo and Match accompany Scion to meet a mambo named Gris or. Gris or reveals that the demonic mirror has the ability to free a person from the Mambo battles.

Gris or leads Kilo, Match, and Scion to the ruins where the three pieces are then combined into one. Harass uses the mirror and causes Gris or to grow into a monstrous being which increases his spell power by a hundred-fold.

Gris or then traps Kilo, Match, and Scion on a patch of land by surrounding the area with magma from underground. During the battle, Harass explains the true origins of the mirror; the mirror was stolen by Gris or for the Mambo battles but during his travel to the human world, it broke into three pieces and scattered across the world.

Match regains consciousness and uses “Bad Zakeruga” to defeat Gris or and the mirror is destroyed in the process. Wanting to help Naomi, Match climbs down but becomes stranded on a tree branch.

Shortly after, the lion is captured and Zatch's dream about Naomi being the lizard queen comes true. Mark Seen Battle in Hong Kongvvvvvvvv Dec 20, 2003 Li-en asks her father to return Wore to her, but he refuses and sends her to Japan.

She then returns their book and tells Kilo that her father is a mafia boss and that he captured her Mambo Wore. They travel to Hong Kong to an island where Li-en's father's mafia keep their treasure and weapons.

After defeating some men on the way, they take an elevator to the top of the island where Wore is imprisoned. At the top of the island however is the Mambo Babas and his partner Gallons are awaiting the elevator's arrival.

Wore reveals no intention of escaping fearing that Li-en would be hurt in the Mambo battle. Kilo and Match defeat Babas with the fifth spell, “Zakeruga”, a more powerful and concentrated version of “Baker”.

He allows their relationship once seeing Wore's determination to protect Li-en and gives them a boat to leave the island. Mark Seen The Invisible Hunter Jan 10, 2004 Match loses at a lottery to win a yellowtail fish and a man decides to take pity on Match and gives him his tickets to an onset.

Upon arriving at the location, Kilo realizes that it's a trap, and they attacked by a Mambo named Barsha and her human partner Garza. As the battle drags on, Kilo uses ginkgo nuts' strong scent in order to track down the invisible Barsha.

Kilo and Match gain the upper hand with “Bad Zakeruga” but Garza and Barsha manage to escape by jumping into the river. Lancôme ends up at a circus and while wandering around, finds a girl named Russia.

He follows her back to her farm where Lancôme learns from her guardian that Russia's parents died and the closest thing she has to a family are sheep. Soon after, a Mambo named Ago and his partner Fredo steals all the sheep on the farm.

Mark Seen Invitation to a Duel Feb 21, 2004 Bali, who been searching for an opponent that is equal to is appellate; then he heard that there is a mambo in Japan, that who ever mambo goes there to battle Match never came out with a book. Mark Seen Rumble in the Snow Mar 13, 2004 As Bragg and Sherry search for a Mambo in the mountains, they must save a boy named Jeff and his grandpa from a giant grizzly bear, land developers, and an avalanche.

Meanwhile, Match and Kilo enjoy a recent snowfall in their town with Suzie and Polygon. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve Mar 27, 2004 Kilo and Match are accosted by Dr.

After a number of confusing riddles and puzzles, the two human/mambo teams finally battle it out. Mark Seen The Sixth Spell Mar 11, 2006 Kilo and Match continue their fight against Dr.

Mark Seen The Masked Mambo Apr 1, 2006 Louis and her partner Yoko invite match to a mysterious ball using Suzy. But guess what it ends up being a mambo battle but that doesn't happen in this episode.

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