Best Z Wave Usb Stick

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Most people want to test out things first before they spend a big amount of money only to realize later that the gadgets don’t properly work in their environment. You might have noticed the price tags of some devices in our review of the bestowal controllers.

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Please note that there are only 10 items left in stock (via our link) at the time of writing. We contacted HomeSeer, but we haven’t received a response of whether the item is discontinued.

For the most part, this stick will serve you justice for your home automation projects. Especially when combined with a Raspberry Pi 3 board, the stick allows you to create some amazing DIY projects.

This smart USB device is compatible with open source software like Demotic, Home Assistant, OpenAI and OpenHab2. It will also work with commercial software like HomeSeer, Indigo for macOS and Axial Control.

This smart USB stick is compatible with HomeSeer HS3-based systems running under Linux or Windows 7 (or higher). With these features, this USB stick works best if you have a HomeSeer based home automation system.

This will require you to read through documentations and watch tutorial videos. This will help give you information you will never get from just reading product descriptions and specifications.

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A zwavestick is essentially a USB stick that will turn your computer into a full-blown Z-Wave hub and controller, without having to buy another expensive Z-Wave controller on the market. The other side to this is that in order to get this stick working with your PC you have to know a little of coding and be tech-savvy.

If you don’t consider yourself a technology expert I suggest sticking to getting a Z-Wave hub. This technology is purely for functionality, so as long as it works the price for all the devices should be competitive.

Especially if you plan to control your smart home network via a desktop computer or do any DIY projects like Raspberry Pi. Some USB sticks already come with software, but for others you will need to buy or look for free, open source alternatives.

They offer a wide range of home automation devices as well as software. If you want an affordable Smart USB stick to run from a host computer, but plan to extend your network in the future, this SmartS tick is a perfect addition.

You can use it to control your network through a Windows or Mac computer, or utilize its Raspberry Pi and Home Genie capabilities. They are constantly improving and provide tons of support if you run into any kinds of trouble.

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The company has a line of highly rated garage door openers, security solutions and even some lighting options. Linear also works great with Home Assistant and OpenAI software, so it’s perfect if you love playing around with Raspberry Pi.

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