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Heavy-duty garment z racks are one of our top-selling clothing display and storage fixtures. Z racks are commonly used by small and large retailers in stockrooms to hold overflow inventory, restocking, displaying sales, special offers and much more.

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We offer two different variety of commercial garment z racks: economy z -racks and adjustable high z -racks. Both the economy and the adjustable height commercial clothing z racks are available with a black or orange base and add-on rail.

The adjustable upright and the bomber casters allow it to display or store a variety of different length garments. Ability to assemble quickly and ship at lower costs are just some factors taken into consideration during the design of the z racks.

Our z racks feature three-piece base which allows it to be broken down and packed in a smaller box for lower cost shipping. Check up-to-date comparisons on features and the best prices for the top products of track rolling garment rack.

For example, during the cooler months when you want to keep an extra quilt handy, you can hang it on a rack so that it is easy to grab on a cold winters night. You can use it in a living room to store lap quilts for those cold winter months.

Quilts can get heavy depending on the fabrics and batting used, so a flimsy rack is not going to cut it. When buying a quilt rack online, look for the ‘weight capacity’ specifications.

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You will want to ensure that it has the capacity to hold the quits and/or blankets you intend to hang. As we’ve already mentioned, towel racks may have a lesser weight capacity since they aren’t as heavy as quilts.

You don’t want it to be too short as if you have a large quilt you are going to have to fold it many times in order to make it hang without hitting the floor. This may mean that you can only get one quilt on the rack because it will be quite bulky and take up all the space.

Wooden quilt racks are quite popular as they suit most decors. Metal racks can be quite ornate and in some cases can be sturdier than the wooden type.

They usually have four feet and multiple rods running across to hold the quilts. This quilt rack is made from walnut, so it is strong and sturdy.

You can store folded blankets or quilts on those bottom 3 rungs. This quilt rack has 3 Wooden hanging bars A scrolled top Open cut out design sides The overall dimensions are: 12.

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If you put the heaviest on the bottom rack and distribute the weight…it works great. It works as a shelf, so you can place your knick-knacks or photos on there and hang your quilt from the rod below it.

This one may look like it only holds towels but if you read the Amazon reviews most are using this to hang quilts. I personally don’t know the answer to that one but the reviews on this one are wonderful and nobody has complained about it in that respect.

It means that all the hard work you have put into making your quilts is on display not tucked away in plastic boxes or cupboards. This Wooden Quilt Hanger comes in sizes from 30 to 96 It’s made from Oak Wood It is available in different colors and the company uses Michael's Stains There are two knobs that hold the clamp together There are holes In the back for mounting.

They can look as simple as a regular ladder or be more versatile and offer the ability to adjust to suit your needs. If you look closely there are also hooks on the size for even more hanging options.

The ladder is designed to allow your quilts to hang freely, even from the highest rung, without pushing it away from the wall. It’s 5½ feet tall These quilt racks are handmade in the USA in Illinois.

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It also folds up into a handy carry bag, so you can take this along to quilt shows and the like. Telescopes to 10 vertical by 12 horizontal Easily holds a king-size quilt It’s made from professional-grade aluminum alloy, making it ideal for Guilds & multiple users There are accessories available that allow for multiple quilt display options It comes with a re-enforced canvas carry case that has individual pockets for holding the support.

If you live in a dry environment this may not be an issue but either way, to be safe, you may not want to store your precious hand made quilt in one. Most consider a natural fiber storage bag to be the best option for storing a quilt.

This storage bag is made from cotton canvas, and it protects from bugs, moisture, and dust. The large-sized under bed storage bag(73 × 51 × 27 cm / 28.7×20.1×10.6 inch) has ample space to keep your comforters, blankets, sheet sets, quilts, pillows, duvet, sweaters, towels and any other items that need to be put away.

There are 2 stainless steel zippers that are designed to slide along the closure regardless of how full the bag is. The sturdy handles let you transport the storage bag effortlessly.

The bags are manufactured with reinforced seams for added strength. Always check sizing before purchasing to ensure they will fit your quilts.

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This bag is made from 100% natural 12 oz cotton canvas fabric, which is breathable and durable. It’s not waterproof so do not store it in damp spots such as the garage or basement.

The bag measures 70×55*30 cm(27.5×21.5X11.8) so it’s the perfect storage for king/queen size winter bedding, such as Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Pillows, Duvets etc The bag can be machined washed The 2 zip locks unzip on three sides There are 2 handles. Making it easy to carry This bag is soft, it does not have a frame inside The heavyweight steel construction makes these comforter hangers able to hold heavy quilts The hangers have an open-ended design making them easy to access when storing big blanket and quilts You can keep your quilts and blankets tucked neatly away in your closet These steel hangers can hold up to 40 pounds without bending.

So as you can see there are many options for storing and showcasing the lovely quilts that you have put so much time and effort into making. Whether you are looking for an attractive audio rack for your living room, family room, bedroom or at-home cinema, we have a wide selection of quality racks and stands that will meet all your AV needs. Stereo stands are available in many styles and finishes ranging from metal to wood with glass shelves or wooden shelves.

Audio racks and stereo component stands are a great way to display or store your AV receiver, satellite box, disc player, digital media streamer, recorder, cable box and other audio video components. You can either place their AV electronics on an open-shelved audio rack or tuck them away behind the closed doors of a stereo cabinet.

YouTopiaamazon.Comte genius of this compact swiveling design is that it displays spices at eye-level when you stash it on an upper shelf or cabinet. Screw or tape clips directly to the back of a cabinet door to properly secure up to 36 spice containers.

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Store It amazon.comet a clearer view of what you already have by pulling out these shelves and rotating them 90º until you can see the spices. It even comes with adhesive labels, so you can identify different types of spices and cut down on the search time.

Attach this chicken-wire rack to the back of your pantry door or a kitchen wall for easy vertical storage. Container Storecontainerstore.compare a cue from The Home Edit's Unseaworthy pantry makeovers by transferring your spices into these aesthetically-pleasing clear jars with custom labels.

Rev-A-Shelfamazon.Comte idea behind this genius design is that you install it in an existing, underused cabinet space. Gneiss amazon.whether you just stick them on your fridge or mount a metal plate, these clever containers display your most colorful spices front and center.

The space-saving hexagonal shapes fit together like honeycomb, and strong magnets keep jars from sliding out of place. The tiered clear, white, or black plastic expands to fit the exact width.

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