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• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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The massive popularity of zombies on national and international television is the reason for their success. Besides the enormous post-apocalyptic horror, this series is full of action, adventure and drama.

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This Safe TV series takes place in a world where zombies dominate the Earth. He and a small group of humans takes on a mission to travel from New York to California where Centers of Disease control is located.

They intend to use Murphy’s blood to make more vaccines and save humankind. Since Murphy is the only person who survived the effects of the vaccine, this blood is full of antibodies against the zombie virus.

The unpredictability of things was one of the significant reasons this series was so popular. Kelli ta Smith is an American-born actress, model, and comedian.

She also won an NAACP Theater Award for her performance in ‘No Place to be Somebody’. During their rescue mission during the apocalypse, things go seriously wrong, and all his colleagues perish.

He uses his sweet computer skills to make their journey towards California easier. Some of her best works include ‘Road Trip’, ‘The New Guy’, ‘Hustle and Flow’, and ‘The Core’.

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He has also made guest appearances on numerous television shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Lost’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Keith Allan plays the role of Alvin Bernard Murphy.

He was an inmate at Portsmouth Naval Prison, but after an experiment, it is determined that he is the only hope of humanity. Being exposed to the zombie vaccine gave Murphy special powers.

Russell Hodgkin son plays the role of a recovering drug addict who later becomes a counselor. Russell Hodgkin son has made several appearances on television and in movies.

Some of which include ‘Big Fist’, ‘We Go Way Back’, ‘Star Leaf’, and ‘Sharked 5’. Rumors have it that the failing views and dropping interest of people have urged the network to end this show.

Season 5 marks the end of this zombie centered TV show. This allowed the creators of the show to give Nation a proper ending.

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Nation has officially ended with its last episode aired on December 28th, 2018. Throughout its journey, Nation has managed to get constant support from its viewers.

Last modified: November 9, 2020 Previous Story7 Tips on Protecting Your Olive Trees From Frost The news that Safe canceled Nation didn’t go down well if the internet is to be believed.

A prisoner, Murphy, was experimented on and given an experimental vaccine that made him immune to zombie bites. The series follows the hero’s journey from New York to the Center for Disease Control in California.

Nation stars Harold Perinea as Hammond, Tom Everett Scott as Garrett, DJ Quails as Citizen Z, Kelli ta Smith as Warren, Michael Welch as Mack and Keith Allan as Alvin Murphy. We get to meet the main early characters, get to see the world and understand what’s going on.

The team get together and begin to work their way from New Jersey across to Colorado dealing with zombies, villains, raiders and survivors along the way. It’s a solid start to the series and is credible in its delivery of a zombie apocalypse.

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It doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t scared to poke fun at itself which is a good thing. Citizen Z puts a price on his head to help the cause, but Murphy is too busy trying to have fun rather than save mankind.

We get 15 episodes this time round and the follow the gang through to an impressive looking post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The rest of the gang do their own thing and variously support Murphy and not before all reuniting for the final couple of episodes.

ZNationseason 4 goes in a different direction in its 13 episodes with a bit of time travel and Murphy and Warren ending up in a place called Zone. It’s a mixed tale that retains the same quality and humor but with no obvious overarching storyline.

Despite the active fan base and various petitions and social media campaigns, I think the subject has been done to death. The zombie action we saw was a result of what was going on in the real world and I think we have moved past that into something else.

There is a lot of zombie content out there and while good, Nation didn’t offer anything unique or interesting enough that couldn’t be encapsulated in 70 episodes. Enter your e-mail below, and we'll send you our best streaming tips weekly for the Fire stick, Roku, your Smart TV.

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