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Viewers(millions)141”The Murphy” John HyamsKarl Schaefer September 11, 2015 (2015-09-11)0.94 The team is split up as they try to outrun the impending blast of the launched nuclear warheads as the nukes reduce cities all over the world into smoldering nuclear wastelands. Citizen Z finds himself battling thawed zombies and unable to communicate with the team after the nuke aimed for Camp Northern Lights is intercepted by the base's anti-missile defense system and detonated still in flight.

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In a desperate attempt to help them out on their quest to get to California and the CDC, Citizen Z issues an on-air bounty for Murphy. They also encounter several bounty hunters, the most prominent being Vasquez, who engages the group in conflict over who will take Murphy to the CDC.

(Michelle Hippie; Larry Korea's voice actress, guest stars in this episode)152”White Light”John HyamsJohn HyamsSeptember 18, 2015 (2015-09-18)0.88 The group is attacked by various bounty hunters and are caught in a shootout. They hitch a ride with this convoy, but soon encounter trouble in the form of blasters: radioactive zombies created from the nuclear blast and fallout.

Murphy again separates from the rest of the group and, joined by Cassandra and a survivor from the convoy, drive to a lab in Minneapolis.174"Batch 47"Alexander YellenMichael CassuttOctober 2, 2015 (2015-10-02)0.90 Murphy and Cassandra arrive at a greenhouse that is infested with zombie-plant hybrids. The source of Z weed,” the greenhouse also contains Batch 47, which the lab's resident leader claims will cure the zombie virus.

“Rachel GoldenbergJennifer DerwingsonOctober 9, 2015 (2015-10-09)0.88 The group travels to a Mennonite community in time for Serena to give birth to a baby girl. The two are injured and wind up at an abandoned hospital, where Vasquez reveals that he was searching for the man who killed his wife and kids.

Murphy finds a couple in an isolated home, bites them and leaves the baby in their care before rejoining the group.207”Down the Mississippi”John HyamsJohn HyamsOctober 23, 2015 (2015-10-23)0.76 The group travels south by boat along the Mississippi River towards Memphis, Tennessee. The trio come upon a settlement and, due to a misunderstanding, are tried for theft and lying and sentenced to death by hanging by the group's leader, known as Scorpion.

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10K believes that there is a hidden underground base, which Warren deduces could contain potentially working radio equipment or transportation to get to the CDC lab faster. Eventually, they confront two alien life forms, one of which attempts to abduct Bernadette.

They fatally injure the alien abductor, who turns out to be one of the community members dressed in a special suit. He was also the last test pilot of the hidden base before it was overrun by zombies.2310”We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon”Juan A. Mas Eric BerntNovember 13, 2015 (2015-11-13)0.67 The group is traveling about 100 miles north of Flagstaff.

Murphy, Warren, Vasquez and Add encounter a group of Native Americans at a casino, led by Danny. 10K and Doc are captured by a different Native American group, led by Danny's estranged son, Gordon.

Meanwhile, Warren advises Citizen Z on how to operate a rocket launcher to kill off the last remaining zombie at the station. The real shooter is still at large, and attempts to shoot two more people, including Doc.

In a panic, the shooter identifies himself and attempts to leave with Dana, but is shot by a half-turned zombie. Urban claims to have used Murphy's blood to generate a cure for the zombie virus.

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La Ran picks Vasquez as the test subject to prove whether the cure will work.2613”Adios, Mustaches”Abram Cox Jennifer DerwingsonDecember 4, 2015 (2015-12-04)0.97 Warren suggests to La Ran that Urban should be the first test subject, and he is forced to inject himself. Warren and the team, pursued by La Ran and her minions, arrives in time to behead Urban.

Murphy frees a mass of imprisoned zombies to stop La Ran's group. The team finds five Chevy El Casinos and drive toward California.2714”Day One”Dan Merchant Michael CassuttDecember 11, 2015 (2015-12-11)0.83 In a flashback prologue, Simon Cruller (Citizen Z) recalls how he wound up at the North Pole.

Meanwhile, someone has hacked the system at the North Pole, and while tracking down the hacker, Citizen Z discovers that he is being used to find Murphy. Warren and Vasquez enter the house, to be greeted by a lady who is hiding some weapons.2815”All Good Things Must Come to an End”John HyamsKarl Schaefer and Daniel SchaeferDecember 18, 2015 (2015-12-18)1.10 Citizen Z tries to warn the group to abort the mission because the location has been compromised, but is unsuccessful.

A group of armed men led by the captain of the submarine and Dr. Merch arrives to escort Murphy (and 10K) away. After they leave, a group of armed men led by La Ran arrives, looking for Murphy.

Warren's group retreats back into the house, where the woman provides them with a stash of hidden weapons. Dr. Merch reveals that they attempted to develop a zombie cure but had mixed results, but now Murphy's blood will help them to achieve success.

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In the end, Vasquez spares the repentant Scorpion's life but decides to leave the group. Scorpion joins Doc, Add and Warren as they arrive at a beach to see the submarine on fire.

They also see Murphy leaving in a boat with Dr. Merch, the captain and three of the crew, just before they are captured by some foreign guards. The final scene shows Murphy's daughter having a tea party with some zombies.

Welcome to the Apocalypse Warren recovers from the drone crash with handsome, mysterious Cooper; Doc and the others finally arrive in America, where they meet George, who is helping form the new country. Escape from Altar 10K nearly loses everything as Panic and anti-Talker sentiments flare after an explosion derails the vote.

Pacifica Warren, Doc and George find evidence of vigilante violence against Talkers, and Lt. Dante may be part of an underground network helping Talkers flee humans. Killing All the Books Pacifica is bombed and the heroes decide to follow the Talker Underground to stop whoever is behind the attacks.

Murphy and his band of Blends runs the casino there which also serves as a sanctuary for the Talkers. Heartland The heroes arrive in the farming outpost that produces flour for biz kits and find it overrun by zombies.

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Baskerville With some help from an outpost of renegade hackers, Warren and George hack Altar's defenses and discover Estes' secret plan. At All Cost Estes imprisons the captive Talkers and Blends, while Warren and George plan their attack on Altar.

The writers push the envelope and seal the show’s fate with the first every zombie baby. When Doc gets trapped in and airshaft and decides his time is due, he lights up.

As the troupe hits Wisconsin, they stumble upon a huge wheel of cheese. The next outrageous moment in the same episode is how the team leads the tsunami into the Grand Canyon.

Nation, courtesy of Safe A few members get stir crazy; in a cuckoo’s nest sort of way. Nation, courtesy of Safe As Murphy heads to a tanning bed, a zombie pops out, and she’s been there a long time.

The wrinkled brown folds of skin is enough to keep a valley girl out of the sun. Nation will return to Safe with new episodes when Season 5 premieres sometime this year.

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