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Trainers should take great caution when going up against powerful ice-types that may hold the Ilium Z item. Water-type Pokémon have always been powerful because of their ability to manipulate the sea, however, this move takes things to a whole new level.

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Fairy-type Pokémon aren't the strongest type of the bunch, but this Z -move changes that completely because of its powerful damage and quick speed. Fairy-types will want to make sure to practice using Twinkle Tackle if they hope to take down other more powerful types of Pokémon.

Acid Downpour helps create an even more powerful move for poison-types that are ready to take their toxicity to the next level. This Z -Move dunks the enemy with a downpour of acid and soaks them thoroughly, dealing a truly terrible amount of damage to the unfortunate victim.

Poison-type trainers need to make sure their Pokémon can use this move because otherwise, their poison-type won't be living up to its full potential. This attack generates powerful waves of electricity and shocks the user's foe into submission.

Pokémon that can use this attack are going to absolutely dominate their competition and quickly win any battle! Continental Crush is a move that smacks the enemy Pokémon with a giant boulder.

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Acid Downpour 1 -- -- The user creates a poisonous swamp using its Z -Power and sinks the target into it at full force. All-Out Pummeling 1 -- -- The user rams an energy orb created by its Z -Power into the target with full force.

Black Hole Eclipse 1 -- -- The user gathers dark energy using its Z -Power and sucks the target into it. Bloom Doom 1 -- -- The user collects energy from plants using its Z -Power and attacks the target with full force.

Breakneck Blitz 1 -- -- The user builds up its momentum using its Z -Power and crashes into the target at full speed. Catastrophic 1 210 -- The user, Pikachu, surrounds itself with the maximum amount of electricity using its Z -Power and pounces on its target with full force.

Clangorous Soul blaze 1 185 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Komodo, attacks the opposing Pokémon with full force. Continental Crush 1 -- -- The user summons a huge rock mountain using its Z -Power and drops it onto the target with full force.

Corkscrew Crash 1 -- -- The user spins very fast and rams into the target with the full force of its Z -Power. Devastating Drake 1 -- -- The user materializes its aura using its Z -Power and attacks the target with full force.

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Extreme Boost 1 -- -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Levee, gets energy from its evolved friends and boosts its stats sharply. Gigavolt Havoc 1 -- -- The user hits the target with a powerful electric current collected by its Z -Power.

Hydro Vortex 1 -- -- The user creates a huge whirling current using its Z -Power to swallow the target with full force. Inferno Overdrive 1 -- -- The user breathes a stream of intense fire toward the target with the full force of its Z -Power.

Let's Snuggle Forever 1 190 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Mimic, punches the target with full force. Malicious Consult 1 180 -- The user, Incinerator, strengthens its body using its Z -Power and crashes into the target with full force.

Menacing Moon raze Maelstrom 1 200 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Luna la, attacks the target with full force. Oceanic Operetta 1 195 -- The user, Primarily, summons a massive amount of water using its Z -Power and attacks the target with full force.

The Pokémon moves its enormous body energetically and attacks the target with full force. Searing Sun raze Smash 1 200 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Soluble, attacks the target with full force.

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Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike 1 195 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Mar shadow, punches and kicks the target consecutively with full force. Splintered Storm shards 1 190 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Locarno, attacks the target with full force.

Stoked Spark surfer 1 175 -- After obtaining Z -Power, the user, Allan Rich, attacks the target with full force. Subzero Slammer 1 -- -- The user dramatically drops the temperature using its Z -Power and freezes the target with full force.

Tectonic Rage 1 -- -- The user burrows deep into the ground and slams into the target with the full force of its Z -Power. Twinkle Tackle 1 -- -- The user creates a very charming space using its Z -Power and totally toys with the target.

For drama fans, there's commentary on the state of college basketball (Jim Botham makes cameos in both 'He Got Game' and 'Blue Chips') or true story masterpieces like 'Hoosiers,' which inspired the Indiana Pacers to adopt 'Hickory High' jerseys. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes hustle at street basketball for money and glory in this funny, dramatic take on race in the '90s.

Nominated for two Oscars, this 1986 film stars Gene Hackman as a small town high school basketball coach in Indiana. Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes recruit Michael Jordan to help defeat the Monsters, a team of cartoon aliens that stole powers from NBA stars like Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing.

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Rhea Perelman stars in this heartwarming film as a high school basketball coach hoping to help inner city youth. Nick Note plays a hothead basketball coach who considers paying athletes (including Shaquille O'Neal) to come to his school.

His “I quit” speech is one of the most memorable in sports movie history, and Syracuse basketball fans will love all the Jim Botham cameos on the recruiting trail. Don Cheaply plays “The Goat,” Earl Manically, a New York playground legend who never lived up to his potential when he got involved with drugs.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jim Carroll in this dark movie about basketball mixed with drug addiction, sexual abuse and violence. Josh Lucas plays Don Haskins, the first college basketball coach to build an all-black starting lineup.

Daniel Stern ('Home Alone') and Dan Abroad ('Ghostbusters') play Celtics fans so obsessed with seeing Boston win another NBA championship that they kidnap the other team's star player (Damon Mayans). Lil Bow Wow, then a 15-year-old rapper, gets good at basketball overnight thanks to magic from a pair of Michael Jordan's shoes.

Kareem Harrison plays a ghost who helps his brother (Marlon Mayans) succeed at college basketball in this silly but fun supernatural comedy. Will Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, the zany leader of a ragtag basketball team hoping to win fourth place and become a part of the NBA.

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'Fast Break' (starring Gabe Kaplan and Bernard King), 'Finding Forrester' (with Sean Connery), 'Thunderstruck' (with Kevin Durant), 'High School Musical' (featuring Zac Efron as a singing basketball player), 'Wanna Mann' (a former NBA star poses as a woman), 'Basketball' (from the 'South Park' guys), 'Heaven is a Playground' (featuring Hakeem Olajuwon), 'Air Bud' (featuring a basketball-playing dog), 'Requiem for the Big East' (an ESPN '30 for 30' documentary), and 'The Heart of the Game' (a documentary about a girls' high school basketball team). The next big basketball movie is “Uncle Drew,” starring Kylie Irving as an old court legend (previously seen in Pepsi commercials) who recruits his former teammates (Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie) to help his nephew win a tournament and a cash prize.

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