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• Monday, 09 November, 2020
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Tectonic Rage is the Z -Power evolution of everyone’s favorite Earthquake, bringing the power of the ground beneath your target to a whole new level of scary. There are few things in Lola better than the tropical island beaches that surround the region, home to hundreds of fantastic Pokémon to discover and people to meet.

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Exclusive to Pokémon capable of learning Dark-type moves, Black Hole Eclipse combines the wonders of deep space and giant explosions into a heavy-hitter. Like many of the other Z -Moves, this one’s power is based off the regular move used to access it and requires your Pokémon to be holding the Dark Z -Crystal obtained by defeating NATU, the third Kahuna.

Guardian of Lola is shared between the four with no main difference other than the appearance, but regardless of who uses it, this move is a powerful one because of the secondary effect that removes 75 percent of the target’s hit points. Catastrophic features a cute little dance that you’ll do along with your Pikachu, before it jumps into your arms, and you throw it up into the air like a bright yellow football.

This move brings forth the face of fear itself and the unique crystal needed to use it can be obtained through Mystery Gift as a reward for picking up the game at launch. Pulverizing Pancake wakes Normal up from his slumber, powers him up, and allows him to charge across the battlefield before launching himself into the air to slam down on the opponent with a massive explosion.

Dragon ite also utilizes Supersonic Sky strike to help a Dragon Dance sweep, using it solely to break through defensive Pokémon like Tape Fine and Mega Venus. Since Supersonic Sky strike doesn't have recoil, Talon flame can keep its Gale Wings intact, allowing it to function as either a threatening early-game wall breaker or a late-game revenge killer when paired with proper hazard control.

Z -Solar Beam is then an extremely powerful hit that usually Does these bulky Water-types in conjunction with Magma Storm recoil; this set is particularly viable on Heat ran, as there is no opportunity for the Water-types to switch out. Ghosting- Z turns Shadow Claw into a 140-BP Never-Ending Nightmare that can heavily cripple these targets before securing the KO or forcing a switch after they expect to tank a hit.

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(Source: rememeberlessfool.blogspot.com)

This lets Landorus-T break through teams more effectively and allows a teammate such as Mega Yards to secure a sweep much more easily with these bulky targets being removed. It can sometimes be easy to forget that damaging Z -Moves do not carry over any favorable secondary effects from their base moves, so don't expect your 100-BP Breakneck Blitz from a Rapid Spin to be able to remove any hazards, or for a 100-BP Hydro Vortex from your Amarillo's Aqua Jet to land before that Tape Yoko strikes back.

It can also be tempting to assume that using a Z -crystal in conjunction with already good status moves such as Quiver Dance, Recover, and Stealth Rock will make them even more effective, but this is rarely the case. Meanwhile, other status moves receive entirely new effects that let Pokémon fulfill previously unavailable roles, such as a setup sweeper or improved defensive tank.

Alternatively, Atrium Z can be used together with Surf after a Tail Glow boost to give Minify an immensely powerful 175-BP Hydro Vortex that will OHIO most non-immune Pokémon outright. Another key point is to conserve Z -Moves until they have a chance to make the most impact in a match; Z -Conversion Polygon- Z might be a powerful threat, but it is significantly easier to deal with in the early-game, when the opponent still has a healthy team to respond with.

Similarly, as Z -Moves can only be used once per match, be wary of using them if the opponent can easily play around them by switching in an immune Pokémon, such as bringing Mega Sable ye into a Shattered Psyche, Breakneck Blitz, or All-Out Pummeling. Dennis EG has provided an offensive team that makes good use of Steeling- Z Katrina to lure in and OHIO checks such as Mega Venus and Landorus-T after a Swords Dance boost.

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