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David Lawrence
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Combing enabled (right) has retracted travel moves within the print’s boundaries. This decreases the possibility of coming into contact with parts of the model that have already been printed, in turn reducing the chance of surface defects or material mixing.

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A greater avoid distance means a reduced chance of contact with the printed model, however a large avoid distance will significantly affect the length of the travel moves, impacting the print time, and chance of oozing. This prevents the nozzle from hitting the object or leaving “blobs” or scratches on the print surface.

Environmental conditions and filament origin can heavily impact these settings as well*** The layer height of your 3D print is very dependent on the nozzle size of your 3D printer as well as the quality of the print you would like. Combing refers to the printer head following the path of the print rather than attempting to clear gaps.

The Shop when retracting is set to a small .1 mm so that skinny prints are less likely to be knocked off. When clicking into the Advanced Settings tab we then take a look at the Retraction and Quality sections of Cuba.

We have found this to help stick to the bed without impairing the print quality. This can increase depending on how flat the object is, how high fill density is set to, and how thick your layer height is.

Preferred fill density percentage is unique to your particular print, similar to the quality settings. The infill overlap settings are where we want to focus in order to perfect the surface quality of the print.

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While the effect is kind of cool looking, we needed to decrease that infill overlap in order for that “many” look to disappear. As we warned above, these PLA settings work well with our Luzon TAX printers with E3D ho tends.

Our nozzle runs at a comfortable (but slightly hotter than average) 205°-210 °C for PLA. This thicker glass allows for bed leveling to be easier as well as prevents cracks and chips.

Having a glass bed heated to 65° helps prevent warping and to stop parts from getting knocked off mid print. We run our printers a bit slower in order to ensure the best surface quality possible.

We have been able to make support removal a minor chore and still have a clean under surface quality to our prints. Within the same section as the support settings you will also find the platform adhesion type.

We have had parts where the brim is far more difficult to remove cleanly than the parent support material. We then change the line count to 10-15, the start distance to .01 mm, and the minimal length to 250 mm.

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With Shop you don't get scars on top solid layers. Shop also helps where you have tall narrow (tower like)features on your model.

Helps to prevent the extruder displacing the existing tower layers when the extruder attempts to put down the next layer. I try to make safe suggestions, You should understand the context and ensure you are happy that they are safe before attempting to apply my suggestions, what you do, is YOUR responsibility.

I ran into the problem with my Celtic cross print (see the hall of fame branch at this forum). Fortunately I didn't try to print the code provided by the color print app and added the M600 commands manually (with an editor) at the correct places inside the code.

Dem inscheniör is' nix EU school......> Added the M600 commands manually (with an editor) at the correct places inside the code.

On some prints, it can make the outcome a little less “clean” but for most it is not noticeable. Any advices given are offered in good faith.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that by following my advice you do not suffer or cause injury, damage…...> Any advices given are offered in good faith.

With simplify3d's prints turning out so amazing, the scratches really stand out and I want to know how to minimize them, lol. I tried the “retraction vertical lift” at 2.5 mm, and it indeed seemed to lift between different parts, but the scratches remain. I'd hate to watch the whole print all over again just to find out, lol.

Andrewk72 Posts: 161 Joined: Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:43 am Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:48 am So if you want it to z -lift, even when it's just moving over its own internal layer, then go to the Advanced tab and disable “only retract when crossing open spaces”.

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