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• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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It is not too complicated mechanically, but it does offer plenty of different sweeps and submissions that you need to learn and organize in a system that fits you. That just means that people only need a nudge in the right direction to start figuring out how this awesome guard actually works.

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Free Videos and Techniques Little Guard Encyclopedia is one of Craig Jones’s best DVDs. Just as a side note, Craig’s triangle chokes from the Guard are his best attacks, and he spares no details in explaining them entirely in this instructional.

While many do not have the dedicated instructional Craig does, they do have entire sections of their DVD sets devoted to this guard. Systematically Attacking From Open Guard Seated Position by Gordon Ryan Free Videos and Techniques Little seated open guard instructional by Gordon Ryan addresses the Guard constantly, in multiple sections of the 8 volumes this instructional contains.

While he explores many aspects of the bottom game for Yogi in this DVD, he also uncovers some great secrets of the Guard that have helped him win world titles. Iago Gama takes a different approach from Craig, though, exploring the Guard from the perspective of Hi players.

As a hint, combining this release with that of Jones is probably all you’ll lever need to figure out the Guard. Cross Sleeve Grip Guard Beyond The Basics by Thomas Lisbon Free Videos and Techniques ListAnother Hi instructional refereeing to the Guard in many of its chapters.

Although Guard DVD instructional are scarce, compared to some other aspects of Jujitsu, it doesn’t mean there is not some high-quality material available, You just need to know where to look, and how to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. Use the list above to put together the bestZguard DVD collection ever, and take your game to the next level.

In order to ensure we found the Best BJJ Closed Guard Instructional out there, we did the painstaking job of selecting and reviewing all the latest issues. Since the very early days of BJJ instructional, going back to old VHS tapes, the closed guard has been a regular subject.

Then you move on to defense and survival at blue, before going all out experimenting as a purple belt. Well, it is safe to say that BJJ instructional, at least the best ones out there, are now slowly growing into their brown belt phase.

One reason is that working form the closed guard does not require you to poses any particular athletic abilities. To that extent, the best BJJ Closed Guard Instructional scare actually the best way to learn all the secrets of the position.

Factor in that we used all the resources of every world champion and elite level coach out there, and we have the winning formula to uncovering the best BJ Closed guard instructional. In order to make sure we really have the best, we also established a baseline of technical qualities we expect from a closed guard BJJ DVD.

Some closed guard the instructional you’ll find in our guide are technical, others are conceptual, while some cover entire systems. In fact, anyone that can get the entire collection is probably going to develop a Roger Gracie-like closed guard, unbeatable even at the highest level of the sports.

Let’s open the account with a classic instructional from one of the most decorated grapples of our time. And by works, we mean stuff that’s easy to execute and chain together against pretty much everyone.

“The Closed Guard instructional by Bernard Maria follows the modern organizational structure of BJJ DVDs. In fact, all four offer intricate ways of chaining together submissions like triangles, arm bars, and chokes with come basic and some new and innovative sweeps.

The best part is that Bernardo also covers grip fighting as well as strategies to retain the closed guard and prevent passing. The Fabio Gurgle black belt and elite competitor dissects both fundamental and advanced closed guard strategies down to the very basic, making them ultra-simple.

Similarly to Maria’s instructional, this Lisbon DVD begins with ways of getting to the closed guard. However, instead of jumping, here the confused is on pulling guard, along with all the black belt secrets on braking posture.

A few submission and sweeps follow, before a look at advanced basics, like Gogoplatas, Bravo chokes and a wide array of accompanying drills. In the final portion, you can expect chains of attacks that actually form an endless loop from which no opponent can escape.

One of the most active competitors of our time, Jake Mackenzie also makes a hugely important contribution to the best BJJ closed Guard instructional list. Mackenzie is one of Roberto Cyborg’s top black belts and an avid competitor.

However, opposed to most others, he is a tireless innovator that likes to introduce new, exciting and extremely effective ways of using the closed guard. His “Competition Closed Guard DVD instructional is a BJJ competitor’s best friend.

The three-part DVD set offers tried and tested moves and tactics that are certain to get you lots of victories in tournaments. In terms of submissions, you get a deep dissection for the Bravo choke, as well as some new stuff like the elbow lock.

Sweep-wise, there are innovative lapel sweeps and concepts, topped with a few brutal wrist locks. As such, this DVD is perfect for beginners, but also full of trickery that’ll benefit even black belts.

From the standard arm bar all the way to nutty inverted arm locks, it’s safe to say you’ll get lots of taps with this piece of Dan Cover black magic. But that’s not all, Right on the tail of the last arm bar, Cover goes into triangles, once again covering a whole array of variations and modifications.

However, now he covers bent arm locks in the form of Americans and Figures before offering a few sweeps and back takes to complete the system. When you consider that Rodrigo Artillery is an elite level BJJ, Judo, and Wrestling competitor.

Inn BJJ he holds the rank of a second-degree black belt and is an BJJ Yogi World Champion and multiple-times ADC trials winner. Opening the DVD is a portion of Omoplatas that quickly transitions into the largest instructional on guard wrist locks ever put together.

It is also why everything inside, from arm bars to closed guard variations and back takes, works like a charm. “The Ground Marshall” Neil Manson is one of the most entertaining people in BJJ nowadays.

He is also a candidate for the best coach of all time, given his vast amounts of knowledge and teaching style. First and foremost, before we go into why his work is on the best BJJ closed guard instructional guide, let’s make something clear.

All of Neil’s instructional are Yogi, so don’t expect lapel work in the “Advanced Guard Systems” DVD. Neil also shares crucial instructions on how to engage an opponent from the closed guard when in Yogi.

Moreover, as he is a triangle man himself, he shares some of the craziest setups and finishes you’ll ever see! There is also a lot of modified catch wrestling submission, like reverse figures in here.

A man with the perfect combination of BJJ titles, Bruno Frazatto is a featherweight that is one of the best guard players alive. The Roberto Godot black belt is a tireless competitor, and his closed guard is one of the positions most of his opponents try to avoid.

The reason why this DVD lands in our best BJJ closed guard instructional is because of its importance. What’s more important, you’ll learn how to get back straight o the closed guard, so that you can attack from safety once again.

One to keep an eye out for is the Leg Sneak Triangle that’ll save you from many guard pass attempts Shawn Williams is a Renzo Gracie black belt and one of the most innovative grapples out there.

Shawn shares his most effective pummeling drills and setups as well as ways to switch back and for between positions. The triangle, Homoplasy, and Timur setups are some of the slickest and easiest you’ll ever see.

As a member of the American Top Team, you can rest assured he has tested his stuff against the best in the world. In fact, it actually favors arm bars, from the basics all the way to Haven arm as.

You didn’t really think there’d be a guide to the best BJJ closed Guard instructional and the Rubber Guard wouldn’t be featured? Brandon Maghreb is one of 10th Planet’s top black belts and one of the best Jujitsu coaches in the world.

Brandon shares incredible tips and tricks on getting and retaining the guard, before moving on to explore the meat hook. In terms of attacks, you get to learn anything, from triangles to heel hooks followed by some crazy rolling transitions.

Finally, you get a flash preview of the mounted rubber guard as well, which is a different riddle entirely. In fact, there are a bunch, including an arm on the mat one and a brand-new socket triangle.

The Hawaiian black belt is extremely versatile, particularly when it comes to fighting off of his back. The Falcon guard DVD comes in a single part, covering all the basics of this brand-new position.

Achieving the position and controlling it is the main focal point in the opening chapters. Wrist locks, guillotines, and flying triangles also make the cut, offering lots of variety.

As we’re nearing the end of our best BJJ closed guard instructional guide, we have a real treat lined up for you. Mate likes to work fast, not wasting time on elaborate positions and attacks.

The Estonian black belt travels the world with BJJ Globetrotters teaching invaluable concepts and systems. Disc four picks up for the same spot, offering options to prevent and deflect passes like the knee cut and even leg lock attacks.

The multiple time’s World, ADC, and Pans Champions share his tips and tricks on never letting anyone pass your guard. Similarly to Print’s instructional, this is a DVD that covers guard retention and recovery more than attacking.

In that sense, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone better than Xander to teach you about the defensive side of the closed guard. The First one is all about the Super holds system, a concept that’ll stop every passer in their tracks.

With Xander’s strategies, you’ll be able to get back to the closed guard even form spots like bottom ESA Ga tame and side control. WE offered reviews of each one of the top DVD’s to help you develop a nasty closed guard.

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