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• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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We strongly urge you to read our buying guide before you get z scale train sets. Considered a niche market for the majority of its existence, Z scale is today considered a mature scale, with the availability of a large selection of European and American trains, buildings, scenery and more.

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We have one of the most vast and efficient networks in the world, and freight railroading literally drives our economy in many ways. For many modelers, adding ballast is one of the first steps in the process of creating realistic scenery for your layout.

Both intimate and warm, elegant and creative, each moment is a unique experience, an adventure in its own right, illustrating the reinvented art of travel. The Orient Express stops in Singapore for the first pop-up exhibition dedicated to its fantastic universe.

With a unique aesthetic and a desire for escape, the Orient Express invites you to discover a new way of travelling, living and seeing the world: a culture. Discover Inspired by the unique luxury of the original train, Orient Express hotels illustrate the art of travel that's both innovative and romantic.

Powerboat® is a registered trademark of Premier Nutrition Company, LLC Introduction Winter weather presents hazards including slippery roads/surfaces, strong winds and environmental cold.

Employers must prevent illnesses, injuries, or fatalities, by controlling these hazards in workplaces impacted by winter weather. OSHA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are working together on a public education effort aimed at improving the way people prepare for and respond to severe weather.

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Preventing Falls When Removing Snow from Rooftops and Other Elevated Surfaces Provide required fall protection and training when working on the roof or elevated heights Ensure ladders are used safely (e.g. clearing snow and ice from surfaces) Use extreme caution when working near power lines Prevent harmful exposure to cold temperatures and physical exertion Learn how to use the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio to publish a simple ASP.NET Core application to Far gate.

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Shop our selection of dolls, books, and more that help build girls of strong character. It contains 491K diverse images of 13 popular clothing categories from both commercial shopping stores and consumers.

At each row, we partition the images into two groups, the left three columns represent clothes from commercial stores, while the right three columns are from customers. In each group, the three images indicate three levels of difficulty with respect to the corresponding variation. Furthermore, at each row, the items in these two groups of images are from the same clothing identity but from two different domains, that is, commercial and customer. The items of the same identity may have different styles such as color and printing. Each item is annotated with landmarks and masks. Please refer to Data Description below for detailed information about dataset.

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Style : a number to distinguish between clothing items from images with the same pair id. Bounding_box : where x1 and y_1 represent the upper left point coordinate of bounding box, x_2 and y_2 represent the lower right point coordinate of bounding box.

The orders of landmark annotations are listed in figure 2. Segmentation : , ], where represents a polygon and a single clothing item may contain more than one polygon. 'Style' of other clothing items whose bonding boxes are not drawn in the figure is 0, and they can not construct positive commercial-consumer pairs.

One positive commercial-consumer pair is the annotated short sleeve top in the first image and the annotated short sleeve top in the last image. Our dataset makes it possible to construct instance-level pairs in a flexible way.

We provide code to generate coco-type annotations from our dataset in deepfashion2_to_coco.py. Please note that during evaluation, image_id is the digit number of the image name.

In this way, you can generate ground truth Jason files for evaluation for clothes detection task and clothes segmentation task, which are not listed in DeepFashion2 Challenge. You can get validation score locally using Evaluation Code and above Jason files.

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You can also submit your results to evaluation server in our DeepFashion2 Challenge. You need to submit your results to evaluation server in our DeepFashion2 Challenge.

(For statistics of released images and annotations, please refer to DeepFashion2 Challenge). Train ValidationTestOverallimages390,88433,66967,342491,895bboxes636,62454,910109,198800,732landmarks636,62454,910109,198800,732masks636,62454,910109,198800,732pairs685,584query: 12,550gallery: 37183query: 24,402gallery: 75,347873,234Figure 3 shows the statistics of different variations and the numbers of items of the 13 categories in DeepFashion2.

This task detects clothes in an image by predicting bounding boxes and category labels to each detected clothing item. The evaluation metrics are the bounding box's average precision ,.

Table 2: Clothes detection trained with released DeepFashion2 Dataset evaluated on validation set. APAP50AP750.6380.7890.745Table 3: Clothes detection on different validation subsets, including scale, occlusion, zoom-in, and viewpoint.

ScaleOcclusionZoom_inViewpointOverallsmallmoderatelargeslightmediumheavynomediumlargeno wearfrontalside or backAP0.6040.7000.6600.7120.6540.3720.6950.6290.4660.6240.6810.6410.667AP500.7800.8510.7680.8440.8100.5310.8480.7550.5630.7130.8320.7960.814AP750.7170.8090.7440.8120.7680.4330.8060.7180.5250.6880.7910.7440.773 This task aims to predict landmarks for each detected clothing item in an image. Similarly, we employ the evaluation metrics used by COCO for human pose estimation by calculating the average precision for waypoints , where OKs indicates the object landmark similarity. Table 4: Landmark estimation trained with released DeepFashion2 Dataset evaluated on validation set.

1217 gauge train
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ScaleOcclusionZoom_inViewpointOverallsmallmoderatelargeslightmediumheavynomediumlargeno wearfrontalside or backAP0.5870.4970.6870.6070.5990.5550.6690.6430.6310.5300.3980.2480.6880.6160.5590.4890.3750.3190.5270.5100.6770.5960.5360.4560.6410.563AP500.7800.7640.8540.8390.7820.7740.8510.8470.8130.7990.5340.4790.8550.8480.7570.7440.5710.5490.7240.7160.8460.8320.7480.7270.8200.805AP750.6710.5510.7790.7030.6780.6250.7600.7390.7180.6000.4400.2360.7860.7140.6330.5370.3900.3070.5710.5500.7710.6840.6100.5060.7280.641 Figure 4 shows the results of landmark and pose estimation. Figure 4: Results of landmark and pose estimation.

This task assigns a category label (including background label) to each pixel in an item. The evaluation metrics is the average precision including , computed over masks. Table 6: Clothes segmentation trained with released DeepFashion2 Dataset evaluated on validation set.

APAP50AP750.6400.7970.754Table 7: Clothes Segmentation on different validation subsets, including scale, occlusion, zoom-in, and viewpoint. ScaleOcclusionZoom_inViewpointOverallsmallmoderatelargeslightmediumheavynomediumlargeno wearfrontalside or backAP0.6340.7030.6660.7200.6560.3810.7010.6370.4780.6640.6890.6350.674AP500.8110.8650.7980.8630.8240.5430.8610.7910.5910.7570.8490.8110.834AP750.7520.8260.7730.8360.7800.4440.8230.7510.5590.7370.8100.7550.793 Figure 5 shows the results of clothes segmentation.

In this task, top-k retrieval accuracy is employed as the evaluation metric. We emphasize the retrieval performance while still consider the influence of detector.

Table 8: Consumer-to-Shop Clothes Retrieval trained with released DeepFashion2 Dataset using detected box evaluated on validation set. ScaleOcclusionZoom_inViewpointOverallsmallmoderatelargeslightmediumheavynomediumlargeno wearfrontalside or backtop-1top-10top-20class0.5200.4850.6300.5370.5400.5020.5720.5270.5630.5080.5580.3830.6180.5530.5470.4960.4440.4050.5460.4990.5840.5230.5330.4870.1020.0910.3610.3120.4700.415pose0.7210.6370.7780.7020.7350.6910.7560.7100.7370.6700.7280.5800.7750.7100.7510.7010.6210.5600.7310.6900.7630.7000.7110.6450.2640.2430.5620.4970.6540.588mask0.6240.5520.7140.6570.6460.6080.6750.6390.6510.5930.6320.5550.7110.6540.6550.6130.5260.4950.6440.6150.6820.6300.6370.5650.1930.1860.4740.4220.5710.520pose+class0.7520.6910.7860.7300.7330.7050.7540.7250.7500.7060.7280.6050.7890.7460.7500.7090.6200.5820.7260.6990.7710.7230.7190.6840.2680.2440.5740.5220.6650.617mask+class0.6560.6100.7280.6660.6870.6490.7140.6760.6760.6230.6540.5490.7250.6740.7020.6550.5650.5360.6840.6480.7120.6610.6580.6040.2120.2080.4960.4510.5950.542 Figure 6 shows queries with top-5 retrieved clothing items.

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Phil Spector was viewed as a man with two distinct personas: The late music producer was regarded as a rock ‘n’ roll genius who elevated the genre with his “Wall of Sound” style and creating hits for several big names from the Beatles to Tina Turner A dream of harnessing steam technology to link Africa’s vast south to north, around the awe-inspiring mountain ranges that dot the continent, through the apparently arid desert landscapes, over untamed Savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife.

Cairo was never to be, but the dreamers persevered and The Blue Train now traverses South Africa and its breath-taking scenery in a manner that befits the mystique that has grown around it. A dream that would etch its course in parallel lines that snaked their way northward from the Atlantic shoreline, conquering the distance from Cape Town to Cairo.

The dream was not to be, as the Great African Railway reached only as far as a bridge across the gorge of the Zambezi River, overlooking the thundering smoke of the Victoria Falls. But in the fading years of the 19th Century, the discovery of gold and diamonds drew thousands to the edge of the continent, and those lines of tempered steel began to bear the burden of industry, commerce, and society on the move.

In the easy-living heyday of the 1920s, boasting everything from card tables to ceiling fans, to hot and cold water on tap. Withdrawn from service during the dark days of World War II, extensively refurbished and modernized in the Seventies and Nineties.

In 1997 a new Blue Train was introduced and its traditional route between Cape Town and Pretoria was extended northwards to the Victoria Falls. In the following year a second identical train came into service, allowing The Blue Train to add to its destinations Hoedspruit on the western edge of the Kruger National Park, and Port Elizabeth at the eastern end of South Africa’s Garden Route.

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The Blue Train has defined a new era of luxury travel, making the switch from steam to electric and diesel, linking veld to sea, tradition to progress, with a sense of style, grace, and mesmerizing power that has never come close to being matched. The route between Pretoria and Cape Town is a 31-hour journey of 1 600 kilometers (994 miles), through some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery offered by the African sub-continent.

As The Blue Train’s tracks roll inevitably into the distance, so life’s course brings with it joys that must be celebrated. Whether you’re rallying your sales force, rewarding outstanding performance, wooing potential clients or hosting your year-end function, stay online.

The men did wear suit and ties, my husband wore his leather jacket and didn’t feel out of place. Destination was a quick experience, suitcases came all together by the blue train staff. We are not on a tour and had to organize our own transfer which i prearranged online with Rikki’s taxi, I would certainly recommend this transport, they are a distinctive vehicle, reliable, trusting and keep in touch re arrival. All in all great experience.

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