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(Image credit: Moving)Getting Nether ite unfortunately isn't as simple as finding the ore and mining it. While that's the case for most other minerals in the game, Nether ite requires some extra steps, including mining something completely different, putting that in a furnace, then combining it with a completely different item, which you can then turn into armor and tools.

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(Image credit: Moving)When you've got your Ancient Debris, start smelting it in a furnace with any fuel source. The placement of the scrap and ingots in the crafting grid doesn't matter, as it's a shapeless recipe.

With the new Nether update for Minecraft, the strongest material in the game has shifted from Diamond to Nether ite. To get Nether ite gear, you’ll have to find and smelt Ancient Debris.

To see what depth you’re at, Bedrock players will have to enable the “show coordinates” option in game settings. Because the Nether has random holes and drops, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t fall into lava.

Image: Microsoft/Moving via Polygon Once you arrive in the right levels, you should be able to eventually find Ancient Debris just from mining in various directions. Like mining in Over world, beware of lava and make sure to keep tabs of where you are, so you don’t get lost.

These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. As the new, the strongest material in the game that you can make tools, weapons and armor out of, there’s no surprise players will want to get as much Nether ite as they possibly can.

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In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get Ancient Debris in Minecraft, alongside the best levels to farm it at to make your life that little easier. To get there, you’ll need to build a Nether Portal, which requires 10 blocks of Obsidian.

Before heading into the Nether, you’re going to need to make sure that you either have a Diamond or Nether ite pickaxe. Once inside the Nether, you’ll want to start digging down to lower your Y co-ordinate.

It’s a pale brown color and has a swirling pattern on its top and bottom sides. You’ll also need a Composter, Redstone dust and signal, and a Piston.

In other words, they’re a quick and easy explosive, and a handy mining tool. These black areas are where you’re most likely to find Ancient Debris hiding, and it’s here you’ll now want to start strip mining your way towards.

A good place to begin farming Ancient Debris | Image Credit: CaptainSparklez Once you’ve reached these areas, begin mining a few blocks directly in front of your head into a wall. As long as you’ve got some armor equipped, the blast won’t kill you.

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You do not need the Blast Protection enchantment to use this Ancient Debris farming method. After a full check, make sure you’re back up to Y level 15 and rinse repeat the process.

Ancient Debris is not destroyed by explosives, and so any Ancient Debris that your blast mining reveals will be sitting there, waiting for you to mine with your Diamond Pickaxe. Once you’ve got Ancient Debris, you’ll need to smelt it in a Furnace to get Nether ite Scrap.

Now that you have yourself some Ancient Debris, you can bring it to a furnace and smelt it using ... However, it is a lot easier to kill a fast with a bow than using your sword to deflect its fireballs unless you run out of arrows.

NOTE, this is not recommended as, if you die, you could lose a diamond sword and a full set of armor. · In Minecraft’s Nether, you can trade with Higgins, human-like pig creatures.

This increases the overall defense rating of your armor by a percentage of four times the enchantment level. If you’re fighting skeletons, Pillagers, or players, Projectile Protection is your best bet.

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This is vital for exploring the Nether, caves, ravines, and anywhere with lava or fire. Blast Protection greatly reduces damage taken from explosions.

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Nether ite is a rare material from the Nether, used primarily to upgrade diamond gear. Nether ite items are more powerful and durable than diamond, can float in lava, and cannot burn.

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If a player entered the Nether before 1.5 was released, then after the update was released, nether quartz ore would only spawn in newly generated chunks. This made it difficult to find nether quartz in old worlds.

However, it is possible to re-generate the Nether in the world options of any world. Although in real life striking a quartz crystal on a piece of steel is just as effective as flint on steel (for making sparks), there seems to be no plan to implement a quartz and steel striker, possibly because gravel (thus, flint) is more common than nether quartz, so it is cheaper to use flint.

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