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Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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The Samsung Galaxy ZFold2 is my primary daily driver and I just can't get enough of this amazing phone/tablet device. Some have removed the inside display protector, but I haven't been that bold yet and Samsung will reportedly replace that one if it goes bad.

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Thankfully AGG has a solution for this outside display and sent along one of its InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Plus protectors to test out. Given that this display is flat and doesn't extend all the way out to the edges on the front, it is a fairly easy surface for AGG to design a protector for.

The retail package comes with the protector, a dust removal sticker, a disinfecting wipe, a squeegee, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The camera is still fully open and the protector covers all the viewable area, but I wish I would have aligned it just a bit better.

The AGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Plus screen protector is also treated with anti-microbial technology so that 99.99% of surface bacteria is killed, which is always helpful for maintaining a clean device. To help keep your latest investment protected and in pristine condition, we’ll be covering the various types of screen protectors available for the Samsung Galaxy ZFold2.

The film screen protectors are extremely thing meaning once applied, they are barely noticeable and still provide crystal clear clarity and sensitivity. Additionally, this film screen protector pack from Oliver safeguards both displays against scratching and scuffs.

Made from CPU, the screen protectors are millimeters thin, yet still provide protection to the cover display and to the rear of the ZFold2 5G. This is also an alternative to fitting a case, as the back screen protector ensures your Fold2 is kept damage free against scratching and impacts.

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But many users decided to keep it given that the company recommends visiting the Samsung Store for safe removal. But now, some users of Galaxy ZFold2 are complaining on Reddit and other forums (via Sam Mobile) about the foldable smartphone‘s protector layer bubbling up around the crease.

In practice, many Galaxy ZFold2 owners were glad to have an additional layer of protection, and so they kept it, especially since the company was recommending visiting a Samsung shop for safe removal. Numerous Galaxy ZFold2 owners have begun complaining on Reddit and other forums about the foldable screen’s protector bubbling up, particularly around the crease.

There’s no official explanation as to why this is happening but because the bubbles are much more prominent around the crease, it’s logical to assume that the folding and unfolding motion itself can have this undesirable effect on the surface of the screen. All things considered, the good news is that the screen protector is technically removable without damaging the screen, as long as you’re careful enough, and there are 1st and 3rd party solutions that can replace the original film.

In addition, even if it is an annoyance, the bubbling issue doesn’t reflect a core problem with the hardware itself. The bad news is that these bubbles seem inevitable after a few months of using the Galaxy ZFold2, so if you haven’t experienced them yet, you probably will at some point in the future.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched in September 2019 which turned many heads with its foldable design. The Galaxy Fold is a great multitasked, allowing you to open more than 2 applications at once and has taken gaming to a whole new level with its massive battery life.

Here are the 10 best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Fold to keep your foldable screen safe and shatter-free. Starting off the list, we have the Minimal screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Fold which includes protectors for the front, back and the inside screens.

This screen protector is specially designed with a protective HD military grade film while keeping in mind the folding nature of the phone. Made from anti-scratch tempered glass protector film, it protects your Galaxy Fold from all corners and edges and keeps the screens clean and scratch-free.

The protector doesn’t add any extra bulk to your phone and retains the original display quality as well. Designed with high-quality and strong hardness tempered glass material that prevents scratches and scuffs on the camera’s lens.

The protector also ensures high definition with 99% transparency which preserves the original display quality of your phone’s screen. The screen protector provides three times the impact resistance of normal glass screen protectors.

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This screen protector is made from GO-Flex CPU films which perfectly covers and fits the full phone, providing 360-degree protection with 24-hours self-healing process. It also maintains the original display quality of the screen even with multiple coatings to prevent fingerprints and smudges.

You don’t have to worry about adhesion and spraying water because it comes with a new dry installation method which leaves no bubbles. Made with dual-layered high-grade PET film which provides maximum protection to your screen from scratches, bumps and fingerprints.

Easy application is ensured, with a flexible material designed for maximum full coverage on the curved corners and edges on your device. It also claims to have self-healing technology, which helps eliminate minor scratches on the film all by itself and significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges.

That is because this is not part of the screen, and it's just a flimsy piece of plastic on the display to protect from scratches and such. Now the reason why this is even a question, is because that is what broke the original Galaxy Fold.

And Samsung is also including a factory installed screen protector that you can easily remove. As part of the Z Premier Service that Samsung includes in the Galaxy ZFold2 price, users do get a one-time screen replacement for $149.

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That is not the regular price, Samsung has not disclosed how much it will cost to get the screen fixed after that first replacement, but it won't be cheap. Though, we are finding that these foldable are sometimes more rugged than traditional smartphones, it's still a good idea to treat it properly.

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