Best Z Fold 2 Deals

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Samsung’s second-generation foldable phone has been available to buy for a while now and as we said in our Galaxy ZFold2 review, it’s pretty great! The Galaxy ZFold2 brings several improvements including a new hinge that can be stopped at any angle, a wider front screen, a pinhole camera instead of that awful notch, and far more.

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There are also optimizations thanks to close partnerships with Google, where Duo and YouTube display controls on half the screen and video on the other half, and Microsoft, where you can work on a PowerPoint and Excel sheet side-by-side from within the Office app. For what we at DA think was the best overall smartphone of 2020, the Galaxy ZFold2 is worth the price of admission.

In the US, you can pick up your ZFold2 with a unique hinge from the Samsung Store, or save a little money at Best Buy. Samsung is doing things differently with the Galaxy ZFold2, allowing you to customize it and truly make it your own.

If you want to save on the Galaxy ZFold2 and don't have a trade-in, Best Buy will give you a small discount for activating at time of sale. While Amazon doesn't have a deal for the foldable right now, if you don't have a good trade-in value on your phone, the convenience may be worth it.

Verizon has a range of promotions available, including big discounts and free goodies. Additionally, you can save 50% on the Galaxy Buds Live when purchasing your new Samsung phone.

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Such a positive backdrop is likely to keep investors chasing those few stocks that still offer big recovery upside, as they seem to have started to do YTD. It is for this reason that we would encourage investors to build their portfolios now and see things through in the event of any consolidation phase that may come in Q1,” Lecubarri wrote. Taking the risk into consideration, we used Pranks’ database to find compelling penny stocks with bargain price tags.

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The Galaxy ZFold2 now comes with a larger, 7.6” display that is not covered by a polyamide film but by an ultrathin glass, making it less prone to scratches. Read our Galaxy Fold review for all the noiseless hinge details. With all that power, comes grand pricing, and some great Galaxy ZFold2 carrier and retailer deals we've rounded up for your viewing pleasure.

Needless to say, Samsung's own website is where you should start if you want to shop for the unlocked Galaxy ZFold2, as it comes with a huge trade-in discount, for a price that could go down to $1,149 or even $999, if you trade-in a Samsung foldable phone in good condition. Verizon was first to announce the promos when the Galaxy ZFold2 was released a few months ago.

AT&T has an excellent overview of the main Galaxy ZFold2 features, as you can see in the promo video below, and the carrier sells the phone for $1999 retail, or $66.67 per month for 30 months on its payment plan, with trade-in and other incentives to be found. Purchase a second Z Fold2 5G (or another eligible Samsung flagship) on a monthly payment plan.

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