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Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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After some issues, Samsung recalled Galaxy Fold to fix the problems that occurred to the hinges. As the company promised, Galaxy Fold is now in the market makes it the best foldable phone.

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For better usage & to give total experience, the company has released exclusive apps & games for the Galaxy Fold series from Microsoft Office suite, Twitter to games like Asphalt 9: Legends. You can see the full list of best -supported apps for the gadget on Samsung’s official website page.

In this article, I will focus on some best games for Galaxy Fold, Z Flip & ZFold2 that are exclusively made for foldable screens to take full advantage of them. It has powered with a high-tech chipset & a faster GPU core along with gigs of RAM to handle high graphics games.

The realistic cars, new cities, added levels & modes, and more adventure will let you ride and take part in the competition. Collect the boosters, avoid obstacles, and win the race to unlock new items.

Samsung & Nixon had a deal back in April 2019 to create an exclusive version of Tr aha for the Fold. The English version of the game has announced, so in the coming days; you can play it on the Galaxy Foldable phones.

There were the days when we had options to play the best racing, action, adventure & mystery solving games in offline modes. Here comes the masterpiece from Activision Publishing after the iconic Call of Duty: Zombies.

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The graphics, visual effects, characters, surroundings, and voice supports are at iconic levels. Do not compare it with PUBG or Fortnite, instead play it to kill your free time and to show your gaming talent.

PUBG has great features- Realistic Weapons, high-quality graphics, HD audio, and an awesome environment. You will enjoy massive HD maps and realistic battle effects while playing and a variety of cars, motorbikes, trucks, and boats or ships are also available for you to travel in style.

You are in a small town infected by zombies and now use all your weapons and other techniques to destroy all the living dead. You have to control your speed machine in traffic and difficult situations while racing with others in desert, city locations on the bridges, in the sea, or anywhere.

They have to tilt the phone to control motor directions and tap the screen to manage and accelerate speed. If the player keeps accelerating their motor, then they have huge chances to win high scores, and it shows on the right side of the top of the phone.

You can enjoy real-time multiplayer games, thrilling races, stunning graphics, and time-limited events by playing this. Temple Run 2 gives you amazing new graphics, an organic environment, obstacles to defeat, achievements special powers for the characters, and more power-ups to encourage each character to play the game much easier.

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This game is all about running and jumping over roads and critical surfaces, sliding from obstacles to escape from barricades, and turning or moving to keep playing further competition. The Galaxy Fold2 is the best smartphone to play this game and to enjoy the graphics of Temple Run 2.

The best games for Samsung Galaxy Fold, Z Flip & ZFold2 listed here are curated for the foldable screens. In his free time, he likes to read about new tech gadgets and watch movies.

As we continue to explore the Samsung Galaxy ZFold2 and develop our in-depth review, there is a lot to unpack, so we are helping potential buyers make informed decisions by diving deep into various elements. There are unique software experiences provided on the ZFold2, with some specific steps to use the various modes and limitations you should be aware of.

Samsung offers a range of smartphones -- with the A-series, S-series, Note line, and new foldable. 2 inches, so it's much more usable by itself, while the inside main display also saw significant improvements with the removal of the large sensor/camera assembly and a reduction in the bezels.

The new hinge system lets you use free-standing Flex Mode in a typical range from 35 to 155 degrees, measured from closed on the Main Display to open back to the left. However, you may also wish to view media on the device with the Flex Mode propping the display up.

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Simply start up your application, for example, Netflix, and then prop up the top/left of the ZFold2 to a comfortable viewing angle. I find an angle of about 50 to 60 degrees to be just about perfect for watching media content.

You can then close the display nearly all the way and still see content on the main screen, but there is no practical use for this angle. If text entry is necessary to use one of the apps in Flex Mode, then things change dynamically as the entire bottom of the display turns into a large keyboard for efficient text entry.

If you only have one app open in Flex Mode, the keyboard also appears on the bottom half of the display. Google Duo call controls, including AR emoji, portrait, wide-angle, low light, and more appear on the “bottom” display.

While I continue to explore use cases for Flex Mode, at this time the primary way I am using it is for video playback on the “upper” display or cover screen and Google Duo calls. While media use is nice in Flex Mode, the real power of this capability may be for enhanced camera experiences.

With the Z Flip 2 closed, launching the camera opens up the viewfinder and all controls on the cover screen. This is a good way to capture a group of people with this camera using this 10MP shooter.

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Launch the camera with the ZFold2 fully open and then initiate a folding action. Bringing the cover screen up about 35 degrees switches the camera app into Capture View Mode.

You can tap the small double arrow icon to flip to a full-screen viewfinder experience even with the display in Flex Mode. In addition to the camera controls on the right half of the lower display, thumbnails of up to five previous captures can be viewed on the left half of the lower display.

The interface looks the same with the viewfinder on top and controls/thumbnails on the bottom, but you can use the three high-performance cameras to capture content. If you want to set your ZFold2 down on a stable surface and record video content without moving your phone around, auto-framing is an option.

Note the small split square icon in the upper left of the viewfinder. Tap this icon to turn on Dual Preview and fully open up the ZFold2.

This is an innovative way to help you capture perfectly framed content. Last week, I wrote about several specific examples of using apps on the ZFold2 in comparison to the LG V60 and its Dual Screen cover.

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Swipe up and hold from the left or right side of the display to view your recently used apps. The other side of the main screen will continue to show the recently used apps.

If you want to use a third app on the main screen, swipe in to open the Edge widget. Tap and hold on a recent app and drag it over away from the Edge widget.

Images, tables, hyperlinks, selected text, and other content can be dragged between these supported apps. My family regularly uses Telegram and Facebook Messenger, so I hope these apps receive drag and drop support, too.

Ahead of Samsung's official launch of Galaxy Fold sales in Korea this Friday, the company has revealed that hundreds of apps have been updated to support the foldable tablet-handset. But given the new form factor of the Galaxy Fold, app developers have needed to tweak products to ensure they support the two screens smoothly, especially during transitions from a closed to open state.

Samsung today confirmed a few popular apps that will be available from the Google Play Store when the Galaxy Fold goes on sale. These include Microsoft's Office 365 suite, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Prime Video, iHeartMedia, and Spotify, which will be preloaded on the Galaxy Fold.

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Samsung's first foldable phone features a 7.3-inch AMOLED screen when opened and a 4.6-inch cover display that activates when it is folded. The Galaxy Fold's initial April launch date was delayed after review units were found to have serious durability issues with the display and hinge.

Andrew Sep 1st, 2020 publish Updated Nov 3rd, 2020, 11:43 after initially being shown off at the last month’s Unpacked, which focused more on the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, Samsung held another virtual Unpacked event to give some more info on the Galaxy ZFold2. This is the successor to the original Galaxy Fold, which launched back in September of last year too much fanfare.

Considering that Samsung arguably already makes the best displays on the market, it only made sense for this move to come with the glass slab getting a bit old. Fast-forward to this year, and we not only saw two versions of the Galaxy Z Flip, but those other companies have released their iterations on the foldable smartphone.

While the original Galaxy Fold was a feat in and of itself, there were a lot of qualms and sacrifices that needed to be made. Samsung took almost everything that it learned over the past year and brought us the new ZFold2, which improves in many areas, but still has two enormous problems.

ProcessorSnapdragon 865+Display7.6 inches, 22.5:18 aspect ratio, 2208×1768 (373 PPI) resolution, Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display 6. 2 inches, 25:9 aspect ratio, 2260×816 (386 PPI) resolution, Super AMOLED cover displayMemory12GBStorage256GBCamerasMain: 12MP, ƒ/1.8, 1.8m, 4K60fps (wide-angle) Ultrawide: 12MP, ƒ/ 2.

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2 × 6.9 mm (unfolded)Weight282g It’s really no secret that innovation and the willingness to push boundaries ends up costing a lot of money. These companies, like Samsung, have to spend boatloads of cash on development, R&D, and the actual man-hours to bring these smartphones to fruition, in addition to paying licensing fees, acquiring parts (I’m looking at Qualcomm), and more.

While many were hoping that Samsung would have been to bring the price down in some form or fashion, that simply wasn’t the case. Just because the smartphone market, on the whole, has become accustomed to prices starting at $1,000 and going up, does not make this any easier of a pill to swallow.

With a phone that is not only priced so high, but also sporting brand-new technology, this leaves the ZFold2 susceptible to debris getting between the screens and could end up wreaking havoc. Of course, this is a completely different design, but Google has already been working on support for foldable and dual-screened devices for the last year or two.

It’s clear that Samsung didn’t want to go down either of these paths, but we are instead left with a device that won’t fold flat and adds more thickness in a world that is getting slimmer and sleeker. Taking a look at the aforementioned Surface Duo, one of the displays itself is thinner than the camera hump from the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

And the final comparison we would like to make since the Duo is two separate displays is that the Huawei Mate XS measures in at 5.4 mm when unfolded or 11 mm when folded.

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