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Read this DBZ Apart guide about the Community Board! Learn about Dragon Ball Z Apart's best max setups of different Community Boards, Skill Bonuses, & how to get Soul Emblems.

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The Training Community Board will be able to help you by letting you to level up faster! The following setup can be a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage.

The following setup can be used as a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage. Ranking up this community will increase ATK and Support Gauge.

Ranking up this community will allow you to increase the Machine Level & Build Success, while reducing the Zen Cost. The above setup reached max rank though many of the Soul Emblem set to the Board are not upgraded.

The following setup can be a base template to assure efficiency of soul emblem usage. The following setup can be a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage.

The following setup can be a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage. Ranking up this community will increase HP, I, and Recovery Item Effect.

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The Soul Emblems selected were based on their possible contribution to the community level. The Community Board is a feature that allows you to buff and increase the passive stats of your party.

Try to mix and match Soul Emblems to gain more powerful effects that can help you in battle! Community Boards require Soul Emblems in order to level up.

This means you need to place soul emblem efficiently to achieve rank max on each board. Soul Emblems can be inserted into Community Boards to increase their rank.

The higher the Z -rank of the Soul Emblem, the faster it takes to rank up a Community Board. You can get Emblems to use in the community board by clearing missions and side quests offered by characters in DBZ Apart.

Travel around to check side quests to gain more soul emblems! Link Bonuses increase the Z -rank contribution of both Soul Emblems, making it easier to rank up a Community Board.

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For example, by having Roku and Golan on the same board, you can get a +2 bonuses to the community level. In order to increase a Soul Emblem's proficiency levels, they will need to be upgraded.

Proficiency dictates how much the Soul Emblem can contribute to the overall level of a Community Board. Max Proficiency Levels Depend On each Soul Emblem Max proficiency levels in each community category are different depending on soul emblems.

This page is part of IGN's Dragon Ball Z : Apart Wiki Guide and details everything you need to know about building the best community board setups in game. Roku Yamaha Krill in Pui Yukon Laura Gotten Trunks Kid Cell Jr Cell Complete with a total of 11 available slots, the Z Warrior Community Board is led by Roku.

While Roku can not be removed from his position on the board, the player will need to incorporate several other Soul Emblems in order to reach the maximum rank. Chi-Chi Android 18 Launch Tan Par Chaotic Golan Ox King Puppy Main BUU Mr Saturn Video Headed by none other than Chi-Chi, the Cooking Community Board can play a major part in your play through as its increased Meal Success Rates, Meal Effect Durations, and Status Boost Effects can alter how you engage in combat encounters.

King Kai Guido Become Bubbles Trunks Bony Captain Ginsu Race Butter Carbon Yam Spopovich Apple Coo Dodoma Ra ditz Veg eta King Cold Frieze Napa Headed by King Kai, the Training Community Board is the largest community board available within the game as it requires a grand total level of 575. With 23 slots available to fill, the Training Community Board is all about increasing your combat EXP and defense.

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Requiring a total level of 225 to reach the maximum level, this board excels in a number of useful areas as places have the chance to increase not only their Chance of Frenzy during battle, but also Item Selling Prices. Wardrobe Oblong Born UPA Mercenary Tao Arale-chan Catch an Sendai Marion Headed by Wardrobe, the Adventure Community Board has 12 available slots to be filled and requires a total level of 300 in order to reach the maximum rank.

Featuring slight increases to both your characters HP and I, the true star of the board is the Item Recovery Effect. Similar to Z -Orbs, Soul Emblems and the board itself can be easily overlooked if a player only glanced at the explanation given in the early hours of the game.

Yet, despite the swift explainer, the Community Board is another highly important mechanic in the game that will help the player throughout their experience in a variety of ways. Most character Soul Emblems are garnered through playing the story, yet there are plenty of others found during intermission periods and through side quests.

For instance, Roku himself is the leader of the Z -warrior squad, while Burma is head of the engineering board, and King Kai is at the top of the training section. Almost every single character, from Yamaha to Captain Ginsu, can be utilized in some fashion to the player's advantage, giving Apart this all-around feel that is rarely met in open-world games of this caliber.

While much of the narrative may be repurposed from the animated show and manga, there are plenty of side quests that deal with events ignored in the main storyline. As the player progresses through the story and unlocks more and more characters, it's important to keep an eye on the friendship levels for support party members, because boosting their skills aren't the only ways to improve their battle capabilities.

For instance, the apron would go to Chi-Chi, who is the leader of the cooking community board, whereas a pervy comic book would immediately go to Master Joshi. Utilizing bonus effects through linking and even character relationships is the best possible way to ensure the community boards are all working in tandem to their maximum potential.

For instance, King Emma and Kali have a friendship boost when linked together and work best in the Gods community board. This can be modified and tested through trial and error, of course, given the fact that there are literally infinite ways of making the best possible Community Boards.

About The Author Ryan EPP (373 Articles Published) A horror connoisseur, RPG adventurer, open-world fanatic, and part-time battle loyaler. The outcome of these encounters usually results in a Soul Emblem, a medal that represents the bond between characters.

With these Soul Emblems, players can strengthen their characters by placing them on Community Boards. If you’re not careful, you may even miss some (don’t worry though, you can still go back to obtain them post-game with the Time Machine).

Gotham has you covered with this handy Soul Emblem Guide! We’re going to make it easy and put the Soul Emblems in order of when they can be acquired.

We also list the Soul Emblem traits, so you can plan their Community Board placement. (UPDATE: We’ve added two more Soul Emblems with the release of A New Power Awakens Part 1).

After finishing with the training room with Veg eta, a certain researcher will call Roku and ask him to travel to Capsule Corporation. Once there, you will be able to fight Bony, where defeating her will earn you her Soul Emblem.

Android 18 will be located in the Southeast Islands Area at Game House. The Supreme Kai will be located in the newly unlocked Great West Desert Area.

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