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Tectonic Rage is the Z -Power evolution of everyone’s favorite Earthquake, bringing the power of the ground beneath your target to a whole new level of scary. There are few things in Lola better than the tropical island beaches that surround the region, home to hundreds of fantastic Pokémon to discover and people to meet.

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Among those you’ll probably end up finding is the new Allan Rich who loves to float on his tail life a surfboard, which, with the right Z -Crystal, allows you to use the signature Electric-type Z -Move Stoked Spark surfer. Stoked Spark surfer makes Rich soar high up into the air and slam down into its opponent like a comet, dealing a hefty amount of damage and leaving it with paralysis.

Devastating Drake charges up and unleashes a massive purple dragon that flies around the battlefield and comes crashing down on your opponent, with damage modified by the base move used to activate it. Exclusive to Pokémon capable of learning Dark-type moves, Black Hole Eclipse combines the wonders of deep space and giant explosions into a heavy-hitter.

Like many of the other Z -Moves, this one’s power is based off the regular move used to access it and requires your Pokémon to be holding the Dark Z -Crystal obtained by defeating NATU, the third Kahuna. Guardian of Lola is shared between the four with no main difference other than the appearance, but regardless of who uses it, this move is a powerful one because of the secondary effect that removes 75 percent of the target’s hit points.

With the appropriate base move learned by your Pokémon, such as Lick or Night Shade, you’ll then be able to unleash Never-Ending Nightmare. Catastrophic features a cute little dance that you’ll do along with your Pikachu, before it jumps into your arms, and you throw it up into the air like a bright yellow football.

Pikachu will speed up into a spin and then slam down into your target with enough force to shatter the surrounding ground, dealing a massive amount of electric damage as it does. While it may not be the best Z-Move available among the three new starters in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Oceanic Operetta easily takes the top spot when it comes to Water-type Z -Moves available in the games.

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This move brings forth the face of fear itself and the unique crystal needed to use it can be obtained through Mystery Gift as a reward for picking up the game at launch. Pulverizing Pancake wakes Normal up from his slumber, powers him up, and allows him to charge across the battlefield before launching himself into the air to slam down on the opponent with a massive explosion.

Card Type EnglishExpansion Rarity # JapaneseExpansion Rarity # Flying Z : Air Slash I Unified Minds 195/236 Sky Legend 045/054 Formalism Z : Tackle I Unified Minds 203/236 Sky Legend 044/054 Dragon Z : Dragon Claw I Cosmic Eclipse 190/236 SM-P Promotional cards 359/SM-P {{laughable|color=CAAD81|border color=B48A4B |ZH_due= Z -Sèuhnjng |ZH_can= / Z chunking |cs= Z Krystal |the= Z Krystal |NL= Z Krystal* Z -Crystal* Z Krystal* |phi= Z -kristalli |fr=Crystal Z |DE= Z forestall |he= Krystal ZI |HU= Z Kristy |it=Crystal Z |KO= Z Z -Crystal |no= Z Krystal |pl=Krystal- Z |pt=Crystal Z |pt-BR=Crystal Z |Ru= Z Kris tall Z |BS=Crystal Z |SV= Z forestall This item article is part of Project Intended, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on all items.

This table will show you the list of all the available Crystals in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon as well as the location on where you can find each one. A Z -Crystal (Z() Zetto-Kurisutaru) is a special type of item introduced in Generation VII, used to activate a Z -Move.

It helps Pokémon use the corresponding Z -Move when equipped with one, as long as it knows a move of the same type. For a Trainer to obtain Z -Crystal, one must complete an Island Trial challenge by defeating Totem Pokémon and a Grand Trial challenge from defeating the Island Kahuna.

Crystal Move Correspondingly/Pokémon Uranium Z Savage Spin-Out Darwinism Z Black Hole Eclipse Dragon Z Devastating Drake Electric Z Gigavolt Havoc Fermium Z Twinkle Tackle Fighting Z All-Out Pummeling Firm Z Inferno Overdrive Flying Z Supersonic Sky strike Ghosting Z Never-Ending Nightmare Grassing Z Bloom Doom Grounding Z Tectonic Rage Ilium Z Subzero Slammer Formalism Z Breakneck Blitz Poisoning Z Acid Downpour Psychic Z Shattered Psyche Rockies Z Continental Crush Steeling Z Corkscrew Crash Atrium Z Hydro Vortex Titanium Z Catastrophic Pikashunium Z 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Aloraichium Z Stoked Spark surfer Medium Z Extreme Boost Sodium Z Pulverizing Pancake Medium Z Genesis Supernova Deciding Z Sinister Arrow Raid Infinite Z Malicious Consult Primarily Z Oceanic Operetta Titanium Z Guardian of Lola Marshaling Z Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Ammonium Z Clangorous Soul blaze Uranium Z Splintered Storm shards Solarium Z Searing Sun raze Smash Uranium Z Menacing Moon raze Maelstrom Ultranecrozium Z Light That Burns the Sky Minimum Z Let's Snuggle Forever In A Team-on-Team Tussle! , if the Trainer or the Pokémon get the synchronization of movements wrong, the Z -Move won't activate.

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, if the Trainer and the Pokémon don't know the right synchronization of movements, the Z -Move won't activate. With Team Rocket's Darwinism Z, their crystal won't transfer its power, unless it's inside a real Z -Ring instead of a fake one.

, both the Trainer and the Pokémon must have a level of trust between each other for the Z -Move to work, which is similar to Mega Evolution. A Z -Move is a special type of move in which a Trainer and their Pokémon’s wishes combine to unleash a very powerful attack.

If the Pokémon knows more than one compatible move, it will be able to choose among different versions of the Z -Move with different stats, with the instance that has the highest power sparkling. Z -Moves can only be used once per battle and draw upon the PP of the Pokémon’s original moves in order to execute, requiring and consuming PP upon use.

Damaging Z -Moves derive their category (physical or special) and power from the original move. Damaging Z -Moves bypass accuracy checks to always hit, unless the opponent is in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move such as Dig or Fly.

Status Z -Moves can be blocked by protection moves, but will apply their Z -Power effect regardless. Z -Moves may be used without regard to the effects of Taunt, Torment, Disable, Encore, Imprison, and Heal Block.

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However, the Pokémon never has an opportunity to select a Z -Move if it is forced to use Struggle (e.g. if it’s affected by Taunt and only knows status moves). Weather-changing moves turned into Z -Moves (except Defog) will fail as usual during heavy rain, extremely harsh sunlight, and a mysterious air current, but will apply their Z -Power effects regardless.

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