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This page is part of IGN's Dragon Ball Z : Apart Wiki Guide and details everything you need to know about building the bestcommunityboard setups in game. While there are several methods available for reaching the most optimal / maximum community board level in Dragon Ball Z : Apart, we have listed our recommended board builds in our detailed guide below.

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Roku Yamaha Krill in Pui Yukon Laura Gotten Trunks Kid Cell Jr Cell Complete with a total of 11 available slots, the Z Warrior CommunityBoard is led by Roku. While Roku can not be removed from his position on the board, the player will need to incorporate several other Soul Emblems in order to reach the maximum rank.

Chi-Chi Android 18 Launch Tan Par Chaotic Golan Ox King Puppy Main BUU Mr Saturn Video Headed by none other than Chi-Chi, the Cooking CommunityBoard can play a major part in your play through as its increased Meal Success Rates, Meal Effect Durations, and Status Boost Effects can alter how you engage in combat encounters. King Kai Guido Become Bubbles Trunks Bony Captain Ginsu Race Butter Carbon Yam Spopovich Apple Coo Dodoma Ra ditz Veg eta King Cold Frieze Napa Headed by King Kai, the Training CommunityBoard is the largest community board available within the game as it requires a grand total level of 575.

With 23 slots available to fill, the Training CommunityBoard is all about increasing your combat EXP and defense. While the Development Community isn't necessarily one of our most utilized boards, it does come in handy for anyone that enjoys building and needs to increase their Max Machine level.

Featuring slight increases to both your characters HP and I, the true star of the board is the Item Recovery Effect. Learn about Dragon Ball Z Apart's best max setups of different Community Boards, Skill Bonuses, & how to get Soul Emblems.

You will be required to level up the Z Warrior in order to progress the game. The following setup can be a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage.

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The following setup can be used as a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage. Ranking up this community will increase ATK and Support Gauge.

Ranking up this community will allow you to increase the Machine Level & Build Success, while reducing the Zen Cost. The above setup reached max rank though many of the Soul Emblem set to the Board are not upgraded.

The following setup can be a base template to assure efficiency of soul emblem usage. Ranking up this community will increase Items and Z Orbs Earned.

The following setup can be a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage. The following setup can be a base template to assure an efficiency of the soul emblem usage.

Ranking up this community will increase HP, I, and Recovery Item Effect. The Soul Emblems selected were based on their possible contribution to the community level.

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Community Boards require Soul Emblems in order to level up. This means you need to place soul emblem efficiently to achieve rank max on each board.

Soul Emblems can be inserted into Community Boards to increase their rank. The higher the Z -rank of the Soul Emblem, the faster it takes to rank up a CommunityBoard.

Link Bonuses increase the Z -rank contribution of both Soul Emblems, making it easier to rank up a CommunityBoard. For example, by having Roku and Golan on the same board, you can get a +2 bonuses to the community level.

In order to increase a Soul Emblem's proficiency levels, they will need to be upgraded. Proficiency dictates how much the Soul Emblem can contribute to the overall level of a CommunityBoard.

Max Proficiency Levels Depend On each Soul Emblem Max proficiency levels in each community category are different depending on soul emblems. When placing Soul Emblems, make sure to connect characters to activate bonuses.

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Back To Table Of Contents Go Back To Top Page Item Location Quest Items Location Guide System Guides DBZ Apart is not just the story of Dragon Ball Z.

There have been many elements added to the game to give it a true RPG feel. A Dragon Ball Z Apart CommunityBoard is a list of boards that will allow you to gain buffs and bonuses as you progress through the story.

While you can skip it entirely, it is not really recommended because it will make the game a lot harder and bosses much more difficult. In order to activate the bonuses of the many DBZ Apart Community Boards, you will need to collect Soul Emblems.

Every Soul Emblem buffs all the DBZ Apart Community Boards but some less than others. It is worth noting that there are different combinations with Soul Emblems which give increased bonuses.

In this guide, we'll be going through all 7 different DBZ Apart Community Boards, the buffs they provide and how they are useful. The DBZ Apart CommunityBoard's “Leader” is Roku and will always be present in the center of the board.

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There are 10 Ranks you can advance in the Z Warrior CommunityBoard which will give the following buffs: Meals are used to give your characters permanent buffs to I, Health and other stats.

You need a total of 375 overall Level to reach Max Rank for Cooking. The “leader” of the Board is King Kai's Soul Emblem, and it cannot be removed.

This CommunityBoard helps you develop Cars and Robot Walkers easier. Community of the Goethe DBZ Apart CommunityBoard of the Gods has 14 Soul Emblem slots.

The Gods CommunityBoard is best for farming Z Orbs and items earned from battles. Dragon Ball Z : Apart isn’t the kind of game you might expect from the combat-heavy franchise.

As is typical of the genre, Apart has a grid-based system for boosting your characters’ stats as you gain more allies and progress through the story. Whether you’re wondering which Community Boards will make the best use of your Soul Emblems, or you don’t even know what those things are yet, we’ve got you covered.

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Increasing the rank of each board by placing Soul Emblems there will activate a series of passive stat boosts, as you can see above. With the exceptions of the characters at the center of each board, you can change the placement of your Soul Emblems at any time.

Community rank is determined by the overall level of the Soul Emblems set on each board, in addition to Link Bonuses. Both of these can be increased by giving characters gifts, which you’ll earn from battles, substories, exploration, and advancing the main story.

Friendship affects how a support character will perform in battle: the higher the stat, the more they’ll help you out. Again, in the image above, you can see Chaotic is probably a better fit for Cooking than the Development or God boards, based on the stats next to each icon.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to give gifts that pertain to the CommunityBoard where you plan to use someone most. For instance, since Wardrobe is locked to the center of the Adventure board, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give him a gift to boost his Cooking proficiency.

This board aids you offensively in combat, with boosts to your melee and I attacks, as well as your support gauge. In the early game, we’d recommend placing Golan, Piccolo, Krill in and Then here.

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This community enhances the effect of food on your party members and makes it easier for cooks to create bonus dishes. King Emma and Kali should be here, though you won’t have this board unlocked when you first get their Soul Emblems, so stick them somewhere else until you do.

There’s some enticing bonuses to be had on this board, including enhanced recovery item effects and overall boosts to your base HP and I. We’ve put Yamaha and Then here to take advantage of the easy Link Bonus until some better candidates come along.

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