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Overview Brolly is both a Zoner and a grapple, a combination fitting for the Devil. Broly's neutral and pressure make him one of the most terrifying opponents in the game, as he can effectively control any space on the screen with his armor and projectiles.

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Broly's 5S is an incredible zoning tool, much larger than other KiB lasts while also pierces through them, and can be aimed upwards to stop opponents from escaping. With 214L and a tiger-kneeable air grab, Brolly can easily grapple and frame trap opponents.

If you like not letting other people play the game or otherwise making them feel bad, Brolly is a must-play. Note: Commonly referred to as Brolly by the community, to differentiate him from the other Brolly.

Lore: The Legendary Super Taiwan born with a power level of 10,000, Brolly was considered too dangerous to live by King Veg eta, and was condemned to be executed alongside his father Prague. In an instance of sheer luck, Brolly and his father survived Planet Veg eta's destruction.

In order to live in secrecy, Prague used energy-restraining technology and mind control to keep Brolly from rampaging. Brolly is a massive brute who uses a combination of powerful blows and command grabs imbued with super armor to bully his victims.

Prisons Fantastic Neutral: Neutral game is absolutely devilish, with huge normal, one of a kind KiB last, a counter-zoning tool in Powered Shell, many armored moves, and a very proficient anti-air grab in Gigantic Strike. Versatile Mix-ups: Strong stagger potential combined with a fast, armored grab make defending against him an absolute nightmare.

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Armor comes with higher initial proration values, reducing his overall damage potential. Air normal' armor loses specifically to 2H, but not to other Head invulnerable attacks.

Uncharacteristically high and big for a jab, can be used as a ghetto anti-air, but is also susceptible to low profile attacks such as most 2Ms. The only attack in Broly's move set with regular proration values, and therefore his only unscaled starter.

Combined with Broly's other tools, the damage this move leads to is unholy. On top of that, it has great range and is -2 on block, making it a superb stagger tool.

Cancelling into this from a blocked 5LL always leaves the opponent in too much block stun for the throw to work. Regardless of Smash, all versions can combo directly into H+S Gigantic Meteor at low hit stun decay in the corner.

The armor property is lost after the active frames end, leaving Brolly vulnerable to a counter hit if he only makes contact against an assist. Not recommended since it's horribly slow, allowing the opponent to react with Vanish or even Supers if they trigger his armor.

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Very fair meter dump move when combined with Gigantic Meteor, as Brolly will instantly put the opponent in the corner, take off half of their HP bar, and now they're in knockdown state, assuming they're not dead. Due to all of Broly's button having high block stun, you always have to delay cancel into this if you want to tick throw.

The opponent has low chances of successfully mashing back due to Broly's armor, they can't chicken block because you can frame trap the jump's startup. And while it can only be extended with Supers on hit, 214L > 236H+S is an easy 2.9k, and if Broly's in Sparking or Limit Break, 214L > 214L+M will do a whopping 5.4k.

Perfect amount of startup for frame-perfect tick throw from any normal, but inferior to the L version due to its much more reachable start-up animation. 214H Smash hit wall bounces, allows for a solo combo anywhere on the screen.

j.214L Mostly used as combo filler before Vanish due to not having Smash property, while putting the opponent in a very convenient position for a grounded extension. Acts as a midscreen combo under for when you don't want to spend any extra resources.

j.214H Broly's fastest air grab, with massive range to boot. With his back to the corner, Brolly has combo routes that can mercilessly convert with the bounce as well.

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Note that at 2H height and up, j.214H > j.214L+M isn't a reliable combo under, as it will whiff against some characters in midscreen (e.g. A18, BRS, FRS, KARL). Safe on block with very good pushback, but doesn't true string from any normal and always leaves a 5f gap minimum.

As a combo tool, it has so high hit stun that essentially forces a soft knockdown. Disappears if Brolly blocks, gets hit, or triggers a cinematic with most attacks (notably j.2H, Vanish and Spark won't deactivate the shell).

Doing so deactivates the current shell on frame 6, leaving him briefly vulnerable. On corner knockdown with j.2H, you can cancel into this and have a rather ambiguous safe jump (for the opponent but also for you...), since Brolly just turns into a big green ball.

Canceling from j.DR also keeps Brolly advantageous, though it doesn't give him enough time to perform a safe jump. This uppercut won't consume Smash if Brolly Docs out before it can hit.

While the opponent recovers in the air on hit, in the corner, Brolly is pushed back at the perfect distance for something like 5S(1) > 236S. 236S will tank Super Dash attempts and either blow them up or lock them down, since Brolly is +1 if they block.

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Brolly will still do the full animation even if he's DHC'd out, allowing for some characters to continue the combo afterward for a bit more damage or even knockdown. Ground version auto-adjusts during startup to aim the ball directly at the opponent, but there's a limit to how high he can leap up to.

With certain combo routes, Brolly can set up Level 3 at just far enough from the corner that he can meaty 236S on OK, which: Throws out a Sol ball that accelerates at a much slower rate than L+M version and grows in size once it connects with the opponent (on block or hit).

Brolly recovers shortly after he releases the ball, allowing him to continue the combo. A horrible reversal compared to L+M version since the invulnerability goes away long before the hatbox comes out, but functions as the cornerstone of Broly's most damaging combos.

Without assists, there are a few common ways to combo into this Super like midscreen 236M/H, or in the corner: 236L (at low hit stun decay) or j.214X > Vanish > j.214H+S. Do note however that despite being high damaging, you should consider only using this if you have a lot of meters, or you're going for the kill, as L+M version is strictly superior for OK thanks to its hard knockdown.

Android 16 Android 17 Android 18 Android 21 Burdock Beers Brolly Brolly (DBS) Captain Ginsu Cell Cooler Frieze Gog eta (SSG SS) Gog eta (SS4) Golan (Teen) Golan (Adult) Roku Roku (Super Taiwan) Roku (SSG SS) Roku (Ultra Instinct) Roku (GT) Roku Black Gonks Hit Anemia Siren Kelley Kid BUU Krill in Main BUU Master Joshi Napa Piccolo Super Baby 2 Then Trunks Veg eta Veg eta (Super Taiwan) Veg eta (SSG SS) Veto (SSG SS) Video Yamaha Amass (Fused) Tags SP Brolly : Wheelie BLU introduces the assist mechanic into Dragon Ball Legends, and rest assured, they are far from a gimmick.

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They can potentially eradicate the threat posed by a foe with their fortune-based Buff-removing Extra Arts Card, and even act as a win condition in and of themselves with their Timer Count dependent Dragon Ball acquisition effect. Brolly and Wheelie do a lot, but the focal point of their kit is scaling Damage quickly and decisively.

Simply entering the field once grants Brolly a permanent, unshakable +30% Damage Inflicted Buff, and it only gets crazier from there. To ease this process along, Brolly reduces his Sub Count to 7 the first 3 times he's switched to standby, so it doesn't take nearly as long to get the ball rolling as it initially seems.

Altogether, it's not uncommon for Brolly and Wheelie to reach ludicrous Buff totals in combat. Brolly and Wheelie's Extra Arts Card might not turn the tide of a match by itself in most situations, but it can be contextually game-winning.

Against certain late-game Fighters, like Brolly and Wheelie themselves, that utility can potentially carry the Team to victory. It can be strong against Fighters that hold on to Ultimate or Special Arts Cards that they've obtained from Main or Unique Abilities, but that scenario is exceedingly rare.

Whenever Brolly switches to standby, Wheelie's Support Heals him for 10% of his Health and cancels his Attribute Downgrades, which is fantastic in match-ups where Rebuffs and incremental Damage are common. SP Brolly : Wheelie BLU have the ability to obtain Dragon Balls simply by breathing.

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It's ironic that SP Brolly : Wheelie BLU have a Buff Removal mechanic, considering they're so vulnerable to them themselves. Boinking their Buffs at that critical juncture will all but seal their fate, so it's best to be wary of the enemy Team's late-game strategies when using the Frieze Force all-stars.

Brolly and Wheelie's Teammates can take advantage of the Team's Special Arts Cards much better than they can. This is especially disappointing when Brolly and Wheelie share the field with SP 1st Form Frieze PUR, who adds a Special Arts Card to the Team's deck.

SP Brolly : Wheelie BLU fit right into this immensely powerful Team, and they synergize beautifully with it given the nuances of their toolkit and their Strike-oriented nature. Specifically, Brolly and Wheelie are amazing friends with SP Full Power Back PUR, as they adore his Offensive Support Buffs and the 10% Heal that they grant themselves when they switch to standby off-sets the Damage caused by Back's trademark cover-change.

SP SSR Youth Golan YES appreciates having a Fighter around that can check enemy Reds, and the Extra Arts Card Brolly and Wheelie draws can enable Golan's deadly Power Surge. Because Brolly and Wheelie are categorized as a Taiwan, they enable SP Burdock YEL's full Unique Ability, giving him serious firepower and Defense.

The two of them are a deceptively durable duo thanks to their Damage Reduction and Healing effects that activate when they switch. This equips accelerates their durability into the stratosphere, and should be run on Brolly and Wheelie when they're on Defensively oriented Team Cores.

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The following effects occur according to the number of timer counts elapsed from battle start: Character(s) Affected 2 +22% to “Tag: Frieze Force” base Strike Attack during battle.

Character(s) Affected 3 +30% to “Tag: Frieze Force” or “Episode: Sagas From the Movies” base Strike Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected 4 +35% to “Tag: Frieze Force” or “Episode: Sagas From the Movies” base Strike Attack during battle.

Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade “+20% to Strike Damage Received” for 15 timer counts on hit. SP FPS SJ Brolly BLU kicks him off the core of Sagas, and he has way too much competition on Frieze Force as well.

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