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• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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When friends or family visit your home overnight, where do they sleep? Finding a place for guests to stay can be a hassle, but if you have a folding bed, you can set up a comfortable retreat in a matter of minutes.

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If you’re shopping for a folding bed, please check out the above product list to see our top five choices. If you’d like more information about folding beds in general, please continue on to our full shopping guide.

Parents find folding beds useful when children invite friends to spend the night. Since folding beds are portable and often have wheels, they're easy to move from one place to another.

Some people find a folding bed to be more comfortable than other temporary sleeping options, like air mattresses. When shopping for a folding bed, pay special attention to mattress thickness.

The thickest folding bed mattress we found during our research was a cushy five-inch unit made by Minus. For the sake of easy storage, most folding beds are a little on the small side.

The standard twin size is roughly 38" x 75" (give or take a couple of inches), which should be sufficient to fit all but the tallest of people. However, you should check the measurements on your chosen product, as some are even smaller than the standard twin size.

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Finding a folding bed that's easy to store is vital for many consumers, especially those without much storage space at home. If space comes at a premium where you live, you may want to look for something that can fold down to an extremely compact size.

When shopping, you’ll want to strike the best balance you can between storage size and comfort. Most folding beds have metal frames, as this makes them both strong and lightweight.

You probably don't want a huge production each time you pull out your folding bed for a guest. Before you select a folding bed, check its weight to make sure you can handle it.

The “trampoline style” base of a folding bed consists of a piece of nylon mesh (or another durable material) affixed to the main body of the base with heavy-duty springs. If you up your price range to between $150 and $200, you’re likely to find a better bed with a thicker and more comfortable mattress.

Folding beds with thicker mattresses cost more, but they’re also much more comfortable. If young children will be using the bed, something smaller than a twin would probably suffice.

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However, bunk beds today come in all shapes and sizes and have varying weight capacities, features, layouts, space for headroom, and more. In this article, we’ve done much of the hard work for you and are sharing our picks for the top five bunk bed mattresses of 2021.

You’ll also learn how to choose the best bunk bed mattress for your set in our buying guide, which outlines the types of bunk bed mattresses available, important shopping considerations, and tips for making your final decision. Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader.

The graphite-infusion in the breathable comfort layer helps the bed sleep cool, and it has enough conforming to alleviate growing pains for children. The all-foam construction will cradle children’s pressure points and support healthy spinal alignment.

Runner-up The Santa Youth is designed for the needs of growing children, making it our runner-up choice for best bunk bed mattress. ThicknessTrial periodWarranty A double-sided innerspring twin size mattress that’s designed to provide comfort and support to children, the Santa Youth is the kids’ version of the original Santa mattress and is handcrafted with high-quality components and eco-friendly materials.

It also features materials that are healthy for your child, like 100% organic cotton and foams that are guaranteed to never off-gas or release harmful chemicals. Finally, the Santa Youth is accident-proof, made with a water-resistant finish and an internal waterproof barrier to protect from accidents and spills.

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The Best Value The Minus Cooling Green Tea Gel Mattress comes in four profile options in the twin size and lightweight construction that makes it perfect for tall bunk beds. Although there’s just one inch of memory foam, it provides enough of a plush feel and conforming for children to sleep comfortably.

The foams are also infused with green tea for a cooling effect and CertiPUR-US certified, but where this bed really shines is in its profile options. Shoppers can choose from a 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” profile options, but the 6” and 8” mattress heights are best for bunk beds.

The Best Innerspring If you’re looking for a reasonably priced bunk mattress with a universal feel, the Linen spa offers a low profile, a generous warranty, and details perfect for a kid’s room. ThicknessTrial periodWarranty The LinenS pa 6-inch mattress offers a traditional firm innerspring feel and a low profile that’s perfect for kids.

Inside the mattress is a layer of heavy gauge tempered steel coils, a soft foam layer, and a supportive felt pad that helps prevent sleepers from feeling the springs inside. One Amazon reviewer even noted that she tested out the mattress for a night prior to installing it in her son’s top bunk and that it felt comfortable and supportive for her weight of 150 pounds.

Altogether, these foams weigh just 18 pounds, making it extremely easy to set up in an as a bottom or top mattress. The gel-infused memory foam comfort layer helps the mattress avoid trapping heat, which can be a problem in all-foam beds.

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However, there are other factors to take into account including the type of bunk bed you’re purchasing it for, budget, safety features, and more. In this buyer’s guide, we share everything you need to know prior to purchasing mattresses for your bunk bed.

Determining the type of bunk bed you’re outfitting is an essential step in choosing the right mattress. They’re an innovative, space-saving design for children who enjoy having sleepovers with friends or for people with limited space in a room where the bunk is kept.

The right bunk bed mattress will provide a comfortable yet supportive surface and may be able to accommodate children as they grow. We recommend measuring the bunk bed’s mattress space prior to making your purchase decision.

This is an especially important factor to consider for bunk bed mattresses because children, who may be more prone to accidents and spills, typically sleep on them. Whether your child prefers innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, or latex, there’s likely a bunk bed mattress out there to suit their needs.

Measure the sleeping spaces to determine mattress size(s) (Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Custom, etc.) As you’ve learned, bunk bed mattress selection is relatively straightforward, but things can go awry if you don’t take the right factors into consideration.

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Understand what you need, get to browsing, and make your bunk bed mattress purchase with confidence. Ikea.Comte Story loft bed, with its black frame, affords plenty of open space to create an office, sitting area, or walk-in closet below.

The plywood-and-spruce creation’s stark lines and simple white finish will keep it classic for years to come. Westelm.this clean-lined loft bed is crafted from sustainably sourced wood in acorn finish, and it's perfect if you can't resist mid-century style.

Hillsdale Kids and Teen overstock.this loft bed in stoneware finish is ideal for transitional interiors and lake living. Oeuf2modern.command a design statement courtesy of the Perch loft bed with its contemporary lean and compact footprint.

The pinewood-constructed Louver loft bed in antique-grey finish boasts added functionality without the need of a tall ladder. A clean-lined white structure gives the Bowen loft bed wide appeal and the ability to play well in a variety of interior styles.

Built with mortise and tenon joinery, this sleeper earns extra points for sturdiness and overall safety. Harriet Wayfair.coma warm espresso finish lends the Getty loft bed instant coziness.

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A bulletin board and open shelving system give the desk area a punch of pizzazz. Alain Juneausouthshorefurniture.Comte Aston loft bed is perfect for cramped living quarters.

Boasting rounded corners and a cozy, cottage feel, the Blueberry-hued piece flaunts stacked storage and a built-in nightstand, which can double as a tiny workspace. This twin-sized option is available in a host of hues including the bold tangerine seen here, and it's built from steel for extra durability.

Acme Furnituretheclassyhome.Comte Ne rice oak loft bed, with its built-in desk and wardrobe, is accented with warmer-hued drawer fronts. A suspended shelf creates the perfect work station while employing practical storage.

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