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James Lee
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Most major food groups, including mac n’ cheese, ice cream sandwiches and cake have been rated. So, in the name of science, I set out to do the same with arguably America’s #1 energy bar.

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“The taste isn’t awful, but it’s difficult to chew.” “It’s a muted taste.” “I love carrot cake. Personally, I was a bit shocked this bar ranked so low, but tasters were unimpressed.

“Change your altitude.” (Note: this is not Cliff Bar encouraging you to go get high). Puff Bar is one of the hottest new vape brands on the market, introducing great flavor and vapor in a sleek package with an emphasis on value and simplicity.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Puff Bar, including how the company started, how long its disposable pod devices last, and how to use them, or skip ahead for our review of each of the 20+ delicious Puff Bar flavors you can buy, including the fan favorites picked by our very own Electric Tobacconist customers. There’s no need to spend hours Googling coil resistances and wattage or reading up on temperature control, subsuming, or the myriad of vaping terms you might come across.

With its draw-activated design, the Puff Bar is as simple as it gets, making it perfect for new papers looking for an easy nicotine hit. This light device offers great flavor that will tantalize your taste buds along with good vapor production and a smooth nicotine hit, all without you having to carry bottles of e-juice and swap out burnt coils on the go.

The demand for Puff Bar has been extraordinary, offering papers an unrivaled range of flavors in disposable form. And the market share for Puff Bar is expected to only increase, according to Goldman Sachs’ Managing Director Bonnie Herzog.

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Whether you sample a few flavors and pick your favorite for fuss-free vaping wherever you are, or build up a collection and mix and match according to your mood, Puff Bar has something for everyone. Since Puff Bars are disposable vapes, they don’t utilize self-contained pods that can either be switched out or refilled.

Because Puff Bars are completely disposable, when the 280mAh battery runs out, which is just enough to vaporize all the contained juice without causing any burnt, dry hits, all you need to do is throw the kit in the trash and crack open a new one. They’re light and portable, allowing you to slide a couple into your pocket or purse, and each features a unique colored design to make it easy to tell them apart.

Go from Cool Mint to a tasty Café Latte or from refreshing Cucumber to crisp Sour Apple with ease. When your device reaches the end of its life, and you’re out of puffs, you’ll notice lower vapor production, or none at all.

At that point, the Puff Bar can’t be refilled or recharged, so it’s a simple case of throwing it away and grabbing a new one. Puff Bar also has an “Ice” range of flavors, with fruits including banana, peach, and lichen infused with cooling menthol for a breezy and refreshing vape.

The 50 mg Menthol Puff Bar is a breath of fresh air, giving you the essence of ice-cool spearmint on the inhale and exhale. With 50 mg of nicotine, this tobacco blend is earthy and ever-so-slightly spicy, for a warm, delicious vape you won’t want to put down.

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This Puff Bar boasts over 100 five-star reviews, with multiple papers likening the taste to banana candy. Inside its sleek, blue casing, you’ll find the perfect blend of tart blueberries and crisp menthol.

Because the flavor isn’t too sweet, it’s ideal for all-day vaping, and the 50 mg nicotine strength will satisfy your cravings. With an attractive green exterior, this Puff Bar will look great in your hand, and when you draw on this disposable vape, your taste buds will be dancing as they soak up all the flavor.

The Lichen Ice Puff Bar disposable will fill your mouth with a tangy yet sweet flavor that’s made even more delicious with its icy undertone. Lichen Ice is another fan favorite, with our customers loving the smooth, cooling menthol and citrus aroma.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Peach Ice is definitely a flavor you want to try, and as it’s available with 20 mg and 50 mg of nicotine, getting the right vape for you is easy. You’ll love the Blue Ran Puff Bar, which takes this iconic flavor and puts it into disposable vape form.

One reviewer summed it up perfectly by simply stating, “OMG” (not to be confused with the delicious Puff Bar of the same name !). When you puff on this vape, you get the delicious combination of tangy and tasty blueberries and raspberries, along with 20 mg or 50 mg of nicotine.

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The grape is definitely the most intense, but you’ll also get a hint of mixed berries and menthol, giving every draw a cool finish and adding extra depth to what is already an incredibly tasty vape. There’s no worrying about messy refills, carrying spare coils, or finding somewhere you can plug in for a quick battery boost with the Mango Puff Bar.

This tag-team extravaganza gives you the distinctive taste of juicy pineapple and a punch of citrus lemon for a vape that’s as sour as it is sweet, and the two complement each other beautifully. This citrus vape authentically captures the taste of this beloved beverage, blending fizzy lemonade and sugar with the signature sweetness of pink fruit, which cuts through the sourness of the lemon.

Fortunately for fruit fans, the pomegranate disposable from Puff Bar hits it spot on. Every puff gives you the depth of flavor this exotic fruit is famous for, from the strawberry-like sweetness to a sharpness reminiscent of cranberry.

If it wasn’t for the sleek form factor of this deep red vape and the super-satisfying 50 mg hit of nicotine, you’d swear you were tasting the real seeds of the juicy fruit. The Sour Apple Puff Bar perfectly captures the tartness of a Granny Smith and delivers a taste so juicy and lifelike that the only thing missing is the crunch.

This is a bold flavor with a hefty punch, and with a taste that lingers, you’ll be able to savor your Sour Apple Puff Bar long after the exhalation. Packed with 50 mg of nicotine, this disposable delivers plumes of vapor and an authentic juicy flavor that’s just like taking a bite out of the tart fruit.

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Taking its penchant for crafting incredibly accurate fruity flavors (and plenty more besides), Puff Bar has distilled this iconic summer fruit into a convenient disposable vape. As you rush down the street, Starbucks catches your eye, and you stand still, debating whether you should deny your cravings for a frothy café latte or go and wait in line.

This coffee-flavored vape is perfect for mornings, the mid-afternoon slump, or after dinner with your favorite dessert, and every puff will give you an intense taste of coffee sweetened with cream and sugar. Whether you’re cutting out caffeine and missing your favorite drink, or you just can’t get enough and want to enjoy the luxurious taste of a café latte on your own terms, this disposable Puff Bar has you covered.

It’s the perfect vape for someone wanting to try something new, and when it comes to taste, the Cucumber Puff Bar is cool and refreshing. You might also love: Cool Mint, Menthol, Watermelon As we all know, flavors come and go, and Puff Bar is no different.

The perfect alternative: Peach Ice Unfortunately, when a vape brand gains huge popularity and is particularly successful and sought-after, fakes always follow. It is indeed possible to come across counterfeit versions of the beloved Puff Bar, but we’ve put together this handy guide to help you avoid falling victim to the fakes.

And when you buy a fake Puff Bar, you don’t just risk an off-tasting vape that doesn’t last long. Individuals manufacturing counterfeit disposable vapes give the industry a bad name, but when you buy your Puff Bars from Electric Tobacconist, you are guaranteed the real product.

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If the colors appear pixelated, or you have two boxes of an identical flavor with differing designs, you likely have a fake. At the bottom of each box will be a nicotine warning label, and on the back will be instructions for using the Puff Bar, a barcode, and a stamp that you can scratch to reveal your authentication code.

When you open your Puff Bar box and take out your disposable, the first thing you should notice is that it’s within a tearaway wrapper. The wrapper will also include the flavor and nicotine strength, and a white Puff Bar logo.

Once you’ve torn off the wrapper and have your Puff Bar in your hand, look at the color of your disposable. Also look at the details, paying particular attention to the Puff logo (this should also have a trademark), the flavor’s name, the nicotine level, and the arrow pointing to the top of the device, which is where the mouthpiece is.

With an authentic Puff Bar, you’ll also enjoy smooth vapor production and taste. If you’ve registered your Puff Bar on the brand’s website, and it’s the real deal, yet the juice still tastes harsh, these things unfortunately happen.

Much of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the flavor ban is around disposable vapes such as Puff Bars. The official word is “Any small, enclosed unit (sealed or unsealed) designed to fit within or operate as part of” a vape.

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The ban does not affect tobacco and menthol-flavored pods, but as we know, there are plenty of papers who love their minty, fruity, and dessert flavors, so it left them in a jam. There was no need for papers to stop and refill their tank or discard a burnt coil and prime a new one (which can be a convenience killer when you’re on the move); all they had to do was pop out the pod, throw it away, and slot in a new one.

Fortunately, Puff Bars, and other disposables just like them, do not fall within the FDA’s definition of fitting within or operating as part of a vape, because they’re all-in-one devices that cannot be taken apart. So if you’re wondering whether a slim and stylish Puff Bar is subject to the partial flavor ban, know that you can vape with complete peace of mind, whether you enjoy an intense blast of sour apple, the rich, earthy taste of tobacco, or a mellow watermelon vape.

We’ve pitted some top disposable vapes against Puff Bar so that you know how the competition stacks up. Hyde Disposables range of vapes offers plenty of choice, with four different editions to choose from.

The Hyde Short range resembles a bullet in shape, with a narrow mouthpiece that gives you 50 mg of nicotine and bags of flavor with every puff. They’re bright, which makes it easy to distinguish the flavor, with the Hyde cursive logo in white.

Hyde Slim vapes most closely resemble Puff Bar in terms of style and shape. The color of the logo varies depending on the flavor you choose, which makes it easy to tell your disposables apart.

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Compare that to Puff Bar’s 280mAh battery, and you can see why Hyde is a worthy competitor to this popular vape brand. Papers familiar with Puff Bar will enjoy Blue Razz, Mango, and Spearmint, while other options include Cherry Lemonade, Strawberry and Cream, Crazy Mustard (a buttery smooth and sweet custard vape), and Fire and Ice, which is a flavor explosion of spicy cinnamon and ice-cold menthol.

The disposables from JAK ECG look a lot different to Puff Bar -style vapes and the box mods that feature in “hand checks” found online. When you pick it up, the JAK ECG has a good, balanced weight to it, enough to feel substantial and rigid yet not too uncomfortable.

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