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• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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One of the three major types of cards in the game, Trap cards are meant to protect a player’s Monsters (and/or their Life Points) during their opponent’s turn, allowing the game to have a bit of interaction during both player’s rounds. Has been picking up steam as of late, with Remote Dueling really taking off and getting more official support.

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This limit also includes negated Summons, which is enough to completely shut down an opponent's turn. One of the most recent Trap cards released in the Rise of the Duelist Set, “Ice Dragon's Prison” is one of the strongest forms of removal on a Trap card.

It Targets a Monster in the opponent's Graveyard and Special Summons it to its user Field with negated effects. If the opponent controls a Monster with the same Type as the one Summoned, then the user of “Ice Dragon's Prison” can choose to Banish both those cards.

It's generally the first thing used in a turn, as if its user controls no cards, it can be activated from the Hand. Banishing face-down is the best removal in the game, as cards in that position are generally considered to be gone for the rest of the Duel.

“Infinite Impermanence” is perhaps the most played Trap card in the current meta. While Trap cards have fallen out of favor, “Infinite Impermanence” is in many instances the only Trap card in a player's deck.

The ability to negate a Monster effect is great, especially since if its user controls no cards, they can activate it from the Hand. In addition, if it was Set when it was activated, all Spell and Trap cards in the same column are negated for the rest of the turn.

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After their opponent draws, they flip this up, leaving them stuck against a full field of Monsters. “Soul Drain” was a card that was considered so powerful, it was Limited on the ban list for years, having only recently gone back to three copies per Deck.

Many Decks heavily rely on effects that activate in the Graveyard, which is what gave “Soul Drain” so much power. 1000 Life Points is a small cost to pay in order to completely shut down the opponent's strategy and while being able to negate Banished Monster's effects isn't as useful it is a solid bonus to an already powerful effect.

When that happens, since most decks run Monsters that are meant to be Special Summoned, it places the opponent’s back against the wall automatically. There are a lot of cards on this list that restrict players from doing something incredibly basic.

Whereas most Decks are still somewhat limited themselves by trying to play around their Floodgate cards, Skill Drain doesn’t require any such thing. A player can simply play a Deck designed to only Summon giant Beat stick Monsters that don’t do much else, while leaving their opponent stuck with smaller Monsters which have good effects, and suddenly the path to an easy win is there.

It doesn’t take much to reduce the number of Spells in a Deck to get the maximum usage out of it. It’s been brought back since it’s initial banning, but that’s only because now there are so many Monsters and Traps that can destroy cards.

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“Macro Cosmos” has been limited (meaning players can only have one copy in their Deck) for several years now. This seems more annoying than anything else, but the game eventually evolved, so the Graveyard is more like a superhero’s death; in other words, completely temporary.

“Macro Cosmos” being activated could obliterate a player’s turn, as Banished cards are impossible to retrieve from the Graveyard for most Decks. Trap Dust shoot” seems simple enough, as it’s only asking the player to put back one card out of a Hand of four.

It was part of an FT that involved using “Maura the Destruct or” to activate a Trap on their own turn without needing to Set it first. The player would shove their entire Deck into their graveyard, then activate “Exchange of the Spirit” which caused them to swap it back and force the opponent to switch their empty Graveyard with their Deck.

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