Best Yugioh Structure Deck 2019

James Smith
• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Using all relevant links, you’ll be able to get a deck ready for dueling instantly! Masked HERO cards will never go out of date, they bring so much to the table and can topple countless strategies of a multitude of decks.

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Dooming Balerdroch is the main culprit, being an absolute nightmare to deal with for the opponent. Any deck containing a copy of the best hand-trap in the game deserves to be first, even more so with how good the Salamangreat archetype is.

As recently as February, a Salamangreat build topped a Regional event which is pretty crazy. So not only does the Soul burner structure deck provide awesome value for money, it has upgrade potential to become tournament level.

Providing a number of great staples, it utilizes past support for Spell casters too. However, the wave of new support has dramatically increased the effectiveness of spell counters.

While they aren’t currently played competitively, Monarchs have seen their consistency boosted by the lenience of support cards on the forbidden list. INAMI tends to love this archetype too, so no doubt there’ll be support in the future.

INAMI seems to love the Machine archetype, as they’ve received plenty of support in the form of booster sets, starter decks and now a structure deck. With the print of the Rocket Revolt structure deck, you can get many of the important cards for a small price.

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Each of the sacred beasts got individual support cards, as well as an entire new play style in the form of low level fiend type monsters with 0 ATK/DEF. Summoning the sacred beasts is now pitifully easy, supporting them is a breeze with all these new fiend type monsters.

It still hasn’t propelled Shad dolls back into the competitive scene but this structure deck is great for casual duels and might be valuable in the future. Thanks to online databases, modern Yu-Gi-Oh players enjoy quick access to trending top-tier decks.

Whether mixed with Sky Strikers or used on their own, Tricksters are a powerful theme who swarm link monsters while landing effect damage. Meanwhile, you'll be casting powerful link monsters like “Trickster Holly Angel” and “Topological Brisbane” to exploit their vulnerability.

They emphasize tribute summons and let you sacrifice continuous spells and traps in addition to monsters, ensuring you always have fodder for your aces. The former option provides today's cheapest deck list, making it a great choice for budget duelists who still want a competitive theme.

From Odd-Eyes to Performances to Supreme Kings, the pendulum Magicians offer many routes to develop their theme, keeping your opponent guessing even once they see your initial cards. Magicians utilize pendulum summons to swarm monsters up to level seven, often employing “Mist Valley Apex Avian” and “Mythical Beast Jackal King” to negate opposing cards.

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They generally remain independent of other archetypes and utilize impressive swarming capabilities to summon link monsters rapidly. Additionally, they place nets like “Secret Village of the Spell casters” and “Rivalry of Warlords” to ensnare your foe, leaving them helpless to counter your tactics.

It's as simple as that; for a devoted spell caster theme that emphasizes binding your opponent over sheer power, you'll find few better than the Poltergeists. Louis often ally with Danger, Phantom Knight, and Neo Spacial cards, making their main deck members unpredictable.

These decks focus on link monsters, both summoning powerful aces and placing GUI materials into the graveyard (which activates their search effects), and they offer several battle damage traits to maximize your martial prowess. At a glance, the builds sometimes look like haphazard messes, but they form surprisingly competent smorgasbords that blend the best elements of several strategies.

Since many rely on not controlling spells/traps, Abyss decks are almost exclusively made of monsters, and they don't contain many duplicates, letting you access powerful cards like “Orbital Hydra lander” that reward you for diversifying your theme. As icing on the cake, Abyss units aren't especially reliant on the extra deck, making them surprisingly affordable for such a competitive structure.

For instance, Colossus prevents them from adding cards to their hand except by drawing, a brutal snare that completely shuts down most searches. Thanks to the light and dark attributes of Thunder Dragon beasts, you can banish them from your graveyard to summon the powerful Chaos monsters, and they also mesh well with the Danger cards.

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Additionally, the Sky Striker monsters are easily summoned (their numerous link units only need one material), and they're adept at swarming. Remember, in addition to today's list, archetypes like Cyber, SPIRAL, and Mekk-Knight still see usage and are worth considering (especially in terms of value).

And with the top decks website and ban lists continuously updating, we'll be back before long to tackle a whole new set of top-tier decks. Still, change is good, preventing a single theme from stagnating at the top and allowing new cards a chance in the spotlight.

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Lot DE 3 Decks DE Structure : Les Chains... Product en recommended, l'integrality DE vote command era enjoyed DES Que possible, la date indicative pour l'instant est LE 18 fever, main Elle est susceptible d'Eyre modified. Deck DE Structure : Les Chains Glaciates... Product en recommended, l'integrality DE vote command era enjoyed DES Que possible, la date indicative pour l'instant est LE 18 fever, main Elle est susceptible d'Eyre modified.

En recommended Deck DE Structure Bees Screes Reunited days UN meme deck LES trios Bees Screes : Aria, Seigneur DES Flames Aveuglantes, Damon, Seigneur du Conferred Fracassant ET Ravel, Emperor DES Phantasms ! Ce deck DE structure vows propose touts LES carts necessaries pour involved CES bees surpuissantes ET free DES ravages SUR LE champ DE Bastille.

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Main tenant ILS event passer Au Nivea superior Alec LE Deck DE Structure : Lien Cybersex ! I have a snapshot of the build itself, but I’ll be going through the individual cards with a brief explanation of the method behind the madness.

I ragged on this card a little for its summoning condition on the basis that it’s a dead draw early. It pierces (like all Marshals), searches on damage, it triggers from a counter trap or a negate (which you’re running plenty of) and then by banishing fairies (2) from hand, field, or GY (which, admittedly is very broad).

However, with Valhalla live, she can be a devastating early game surprise to establish board presence and start chipping at your opponent’s LPs. In the presence of “Sanctuary in the Sky” (which you’re running 5 of) boosts your ATK by how many more LPs you have than your opponent.

This card can build to ridiculous numbers, plus its piercing, its draw power, and you can summon it on the cheap by Valhalla or attributing a little Pars hath. A staple in any Counter Fairy deck, INAMI threw the players a bone including this.

Almost a footnote, I should point out that in the event that you field Ariadne, she has a Power Tool Dragon effect when destroyed in battle (reveal 3 Counter Traps from your deck, opp. So she can snowball very quickly, however with Sanctuary (again, 5 of ’em) you can also add a counter trap from GY to hand (as long as it has a different name from the one you used).

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Now you wouldn’t really be running a side deck, but I’ve placed 1 copy of Divine Punishment here to swap for Solemn Judgement in the event you’re playing TCG Advanced rules, Judgement is at 1 in the OCG and of course traditional allows for at least 1 of everything. But it does have some very good pieces to build a strong Fairy deck and is definitely worth taking a look at.

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