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Trading card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh are massive money sinks. This is a part of what makes Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution for Nintendo Switch one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh video games in years.

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Then, as you win or lose duels you’ll amass enough in-game currency to buy more booster packs. Unlike its predecessor on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam, Yu-Gi-Oh Link Evolution has no additional content that must be purchased with real-world money in order to fill out your collection.

The only indication that there could be extra paid content for Yu-Gi-Oh Link Evolution came in a Dual shockers interview. Since there isn’t any way to pay to win in this game, the online modes are still relatively balanced.

Japan is a few months ahead, but you’re still able to build a few decent theme decks early on using points you earn by dueling. This also encourages you to experiment since you can’t just throw real money at virtual card packs until you get what you need.

On top of that, Dueling Network was fully manual just like playing the game in real life. The other massive feature missing (likely because of copyright) from those free fan games are single-player matches against duelists from the anime.

Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon are great, but being able to play through every duel between Yam and Kaaba with their classic decks is a wonderful nostalgia trip. INAMI hasn’t exactly been winning the hearts of gamers over the past few years, but they deserve some praise for Yu-Gi-Oh Link Evolution.

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The Dark Side of Dimensions, featuring the return of the fan-favourite cast of the smash anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Full of chaos, scheming and unrelenting suspense, where better to kick this feature off than on top of Alcatraz Tower.

A battle of epic proportions between Yuri and Kaaba takes place as a result of Kaaba forcing Yuri’s grandfather into a duel when he refused to sell his rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Set in the Duelist Kingdom, we see Yuri against the creator of Duel Monsters himself, Pegasus.

The intense duel spans five episodes in which Yuri is desperately fighting to free his grandfather from the card he is trapped in. It seems an impossible win for Yuri due to Peruses’ upper hand in the game with the use of his Millennium item, the Millennium Eye: effectively giving him an unfair advantage with the power to read Yuri’s mind.

The pair face each other on a square pier surrounded by water, they are each chained to an anchor that when dropped, will drag them to the bottom of the ocean. This is the closest Yuri comes to death as the result of a duel creating a much more tense and foreboding atmosphere.

This is Item’s final battle before his spirit passes on and brings the series to an end after five seasons. In this emotional finale, fans watch Item duel Yuri in a battle perfectly matched for each other with decks that reflect themselves and the future and the past of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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Jan 17, 15:00animeDespite being in a saturated genre and saddled with the dual difficulties of being based on a game and featuring a ton of seemingly tropetastic characters, IDOLiSH7 Second Beat! Is the kind of totally engrossing show that it's easy to get hooked on. Every genre and subgenre has its day in the sun, but idol shows' may have never truly gone behind a cloud, whether the idols are male, female, or a mix...

However, then general manager Shiner Miyamoto shot down the idea, telling the t... But it does successfully merge a host of popular tropes into one engaging novel. Lewis Carroll's Alice duo logy, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, have inspired plenty of anime and manga over the years, and a few tome games besides.

Don't miss: Log Horizon, Redo of Healer, EX-ARM, Kimono Then, Mushroom Tense, Sk8 the Infinity, Oriya, World Trigger Season 2, Back Arrow, Bottom-tier Character Somoza, So I'm a Spider, So What?, The Quintessential Quintuplets , and more! Welcome to... Today's one of those days when I can't really form a coherent introduction to the column.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS IS BACK, BABY You may recall that last week there were a I... Jan 14, 15:00novelsEssentially, the story looks like it is boiling down to a protagonist who is forced to take on some evil airs due to the nature of his abilities and the idol he hopes to support despite that. As I read more light novels, I feel that I am developing a good sense for which ones are promising candidates for potential anime adaptations.

The series brings together director Takashi Watanabe, probably known best for Slayers of all things, writer Sadly... Nicholas Degree has all the major developments from season one to get you caught up! This winter there's an insane number of sequels coming out.

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From long-awaited follow-ups for Log Horizon and World Trigger to highly anticipated second seasons for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and The Promised Neverland. Yuri Auto is a young boy who loves to play games.

He then solves a strange item called the Millennium Puzzle which sends him on a series of adventures. Join him and his friends Cat Kieth, the holder of the Millennium Wand, Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor, and others as they embark on the m...

Brian World and Earth are merging, close friends are now enemies and the battle with the Arians has taken an even more serious turn, especially with the arrival of Don A Thousand. Yumiko Minor and Era Mats, two of the best duelists in the world.

But when they are faced with their previous lives from Ancient Egypt, they start their journey looking for the Nameless Pharaoh. An invitation to Duelist Kingdom is their answer in locating the pharaoh and completing their mission.

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