Best Yugioh Playmats

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 7 min read

A playmate is an awesome accessory to help keep your cards protected during fast, competitive duels. Playmate come in a wide array of images, styles, and quality which can make it very hard to pick the right one.

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In our comprehensive guide to the best Yu-Gi-Oh playmate, we’ll show you the top mats on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. We decided to put this in our top list due to the sheer fact that this monster is awesome.

This competition style playmate by The Gaming Mat Company is our top pick in our review list. Although it isn’t an image of your favorite monster, it brings a lot to the table.

To start, it has high quality printed images to help keep the mat bright even after machine washing, which we don’t recommend. The outlined playing field that this mat offers is relevant in the most current meta of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game which means its great for beginners and advanced players.

Full-size playmate with card outlines Built with high quality materials Non-slip bottom and smooth cotton top Waterproof 4 mm thickness Machine washable The cool thing about this mat is that it has an awesome looking universe artwork which also has an outline of the playing field.

It also has an outline of the field with all the meta relevant zones on it which makes it beginner and experienced player friendly. It’s priced in the middle which makes it an interesting choice as a budget pick if you really want an awesome full-size playmate.

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Well priced Full-size playmate Meta relevant outline of playing field Cloth top and rubber bottom It wouldn’t be a proper review or roundup without having Ultra PRO in this list.

We feel that they deserve a spot in this list since they have done so much in terms of products and innovation in the trading card community. This is a great playmate to use for numerous card or board games.

It is machines washable as long as you don’t add detergent and place it on a cold, delicate cycle. It works great as a mouse pad or as a playmate for board games.

As with most Ultra PRO products, it is great quality for the price, but there are usually better options on the market for more advanced players and veterans alike. The half playmate is only big enough to accompany the cards on your side of the playing field.

Full-sized playmate are able to support the playing field of both players for a more smooth and seamless duel. Some playmate even have an outline of the playing field to help keep your cards more organized while dueling.

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This is the type of playmate that we recommend since it keeps your field looking professional and clean. On the other hand, you can also purchase multiple different playmate based on the types of games you will be playing.

When your cards are not in use on a playmate, they should always be kept safe and secure inside a deck box. The top of all of their playmate are super smooth, so your cards will not get damaged in the heat of the moment.

The entire staff at TheGamingMatCompany are always trying their best to bring cool and unique images to the table for their customers playmate. Ultra PRO is a family-owned company with a head office near Los Angeles, California.

The safest way to clean a dirty playmate is to gently handwash it in a sink with small amounts of cold water. Putting a playmate into a machine to be washed can cause colors to fade, the top cloth to separate from the rubber, or wear out the edges.

The Deluxe 2 Player Pendulum Zone Competition Playmate by The Gaming Mat Company is our top pick due to its superb quality and design. Whichever Yu-Gi-Oh playmate you choose for your cards, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision.

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It is a mat made from durable a soft rubber having markings on its surface which will allow you to organize your cards. This is ideal for any type of card game and often has printed murals which make it look beautiful.

The mat has properly aligned boxes for each of your monster and spell cards. It supports two people at a time and has distinctly colored boxes for each player.

The durable cotton fiber inside the mat makes it sturdy and thus it will resist all wear and tear. A beautiful mural print ill make all your matches worth remembering.

It has colorful boxes which are printed distinctly and look good with all playing cards. It is made from highly durable soft natural rubber which will give your arms and hands the perfect cushioning.

The ribbed surface will hold your cards properly and will make sure that your opponent is not able to cheat. The printed boxes have vivid colors and look good with all, your Yugo cards.

yugioh booster gx pack special
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There are separate areas for your monster and spell cards and other boxes in which you can keep your artifacts and prizes. It has galaxy style print on its surface which gives the game an authentic feel.

You can stay organized throughout the game and bid goodbye to messy cards all over the floor. This mat can support around 2 players at a time and can also help you to extend it by adding another custom board.

It will keep you organized and has a rubber backing which will hold the mat steady. The mat doesn’t smell like chemicals or other toxins as it is made from 100% safe rubber.

The top and bottom surface of the mat are made from 100% natural and soft rubber which are easy on the skin and also cushion your cards from damage. If you’re a newbie, the other mats can be a tad confusing because they have complex box designs.

This mat has a simple view and plain lines and boxes in which you can keep your cards. The various designs resemble an anime series and complement the murals printed at the back of your cards.

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The mat is easy to clan and can be put in the washing machine for a deep cleaning. Duel in style with this amazing Yugo mat featuring miniature creatures who will make your game seem more fun and realistic.

It has dotted structures at the back which helps in providing a steady grip to your mat. This has a colorful and starry printed surface that will make you game exciting and fun.

It has a durable rubber body which will keep it safe from getting thrown away by a single nudge. As we know, the littlest of movement can disrupt the stacking of cards, this mat has been designed to prevent just that.

The pair of enchanting blue eyes of a dragon will transfix you and keep your game exciting and fun. It is the perfect mat for board games and has bright and beautiful colors printed on its surface.

It is the perfect game mat to give your friends unlimited hours of fun. Even if you spill something on this while playing, don’t worry, the mat can be cleaned with a single wipe of a cloth.

deck structure yugioh marik
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This is made from pure 100% natural soft rubber and is extremely durable. The surface is smooth yet has tiny ridges which will help in protecting your cards.

It gives you little instruction sin the form of labels, as to which card to place at which box. This is ideal for all kinds of card games and will soon become your favorite playing mat.

This mat will keep you wide awake during matches with its vibrant color scheme. The mat is printed in a soft lilac paint which is UV resistant and thus won’t get faded; it is ideal for all kinds of surfaces and will protect your cards efficiently.

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