Best Yugioh Monsters

James Smith
• Sunday, 03 January, 2021
• 9 min read

I’ve wandered the morbid deserts of the Dragon Shrine, delved into the seas of Atlantis, fought in the battlegrounds of the Draco slayers, and made cute poses with corny phrases alongside the Super Quantum, and you know what I discovered? Try to shoot an apple off of these frogs’ heads, and you’ll only end of taking an arrow to the knee, but at least you’ll now have an outdated meme story to share with your grandkids.

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Toadally Awesome reins supreme as number 1 in effect negation. Despite its ridiculous name and silly artwork, this totally awesome pair of frogs leaps miles above Apex Avian, Cyber Infinity, and other members of the I-negate-that-club by its ease of summoning and ability to add whatever gets negated to its owner side of the field.

When one considers its ability to retrieve fuel for its negation by detaching and to recycle a Water monster from the grave when it finally croaks, and it’s not hard to comprehend how Toadally Awesome outpaced its competition in 2019. Red-Eyes got tired of getting teased by the bigger dragons, so he sold his soul for a pot of melted black gold, then dipped himself in it.

He’s black, he’s metal, he’s big, he’s mean, and he has red eyes, and no, I’m not talking about your Black best friend who smokes fire and listens to heavy metal. If you’ve played Yugo in the last century, this monster has terrorized you at least once.

Essentially, anyone not insane running a Dragon deck has him stashed away somewhere within the 40 card minimum. He’s easy to summon, keeps the deck moving, and has high attack power himself.

The writer still wonders why this guy wasn’t made a Fusion or Synchro Monster. If you’re one of the young duelists in the game, be glad you don’t remember the days when they were off the Limited list.

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This oversized thunder-lizard claiming to be a dragon can bring the thunder, the rain, and the pain, especially early game. Out of all the archetypes INAMI could have dipped in a Lazarus pit, given pieces of mecha-armor, then graced with Infinity Gauntlets, no one could have anticipated the Thunder Dragons would have topped that list.

Even if the big boss of these eel-lizards, Thunder Dragon Titan, can zap your entire field into a mound of ash, the writer believes his little brother, Thunder Dragon Colossus, will shock you more. Sacrificing power and destruction for pissing-you-off-ability, Thunder Dragon Colossus stops its owner’s opponent from adding cards from the Main to the hand, a tactic freezing almost any deck in its tracks.

Its ability to come back when destroyed like it’s a thunder monster with zombie DNA makes it a storm difficult to quell, and makes it earn its spot as the best Thunder Dragon not actually a dragon on this list. Stay out of the skies Como Dark Destroyer: We have a new attack-brick in town.

Borrelsword Dragon rules the battle phase with an immunity to Mortal Kombat, something you’d kind of need for that type of thing. On top of its 3000 attack, it can switch a monster to defense and make a second attack on another monster if it does, and can half an opposing monster’s attack during the battle phase before adding the loss to its own, a gamekeeper if your opponent is already hunching over his or her summon staff.

Since the recent diminish of Pendulum power, the ghost girl with the rabbit has been usurped by her younger sister who dances in the spring, and it’s not hard to understand why. Instead of cards with blue mommies and orange daddies being our most feared opponents, special summoning a floodgate of monsters to floodgate your opponent is what’s currently vogue in the Duel Monsters realm.

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Ash Blossom stops all cards enabling one to accelerate their game, which includes special summoning from the Deck, searching, and sending cards to the graveyard simply by dropping her from the hand to the Graveyard, halting any progress harder than a steel door supported by bulletproof glass and a Whomping Willow. Her usefulness as an effective hand trap against the current state of game makes her one of the top cards of this year.

In these “noble knights'” quest for chalices, divine right, and endless equip cards, where do the women stand? There’s definitely a beautiful story behind the Noble Knight archetype (one not insisting upon itself as much as those World Legacies), yet the greatest yarn comes from the new staple not only for the archetype, but also for all Warrior decks.

These bi-seasonal chicks allow one to search for a Warrior monster upon their summon and allow one to send Equipment Spells to the Graveyard to special summon a Warrior monster with a level equal to the number of Equip Spells sent. Adding Equipment Spells to a deck just for a special summon may seem like a foolish idea, but when you remember cards like Mage Power, United We Stand, and Divine Sword Phoenix Blade exist for a consistent form of effect-cost fodder, and this “limitation” becomes another method for bringing one’s opponent to the feet of Sartorius’s round table.

The writer hears a guitar rift in his head every time this guy hits the field, and you should too. If you don't, please schedule an appointment with your nearest neurosurgeon immediately.

Nah, the writer is playing’; you’re awesome, but Heavymetalfoes Plectrum might not agree. Plectrum essentially lets one search for any Pendulum monster from one’s deck with a summon and a destruction with its effect, and it’s a mini-draw engine by letting one draw a card (only once per turn, but still.

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Every time a card in your Pendulum Zone leaves the field. With so many positives and no negatives, if you run a Pendulum deck, yet you’re not a fan of Heavy Metal, Plectrum will definitely make a believer out of you.

If your name has Peace and Slaying in it, it’s either your followers think your awesome, or your subjects know you’re crazy. Our Warm King dominates with both criteria by granting itself immunity based on what card you used to tribute summon it, which can include Spells and Traps as well as Monsters, and can destroy a card on the field during either player’s turn simply by banishing a Continuous Spell or Trap from the Grave.

Now, the writer bets you’re wondering how did this King take the spot of the Regard with a name longer than Sephiroth’s sword? Considering the ease in summoning Master Peace in a Draco deck, you’ll definitely be seeing more than one during your teeth-chattering bout, even if you sit on it with a Kiev.

Until then, you’ll have to deal with its immunity and destruction per turn tactics. That’s truly frightening, and how this Draco slaying King planted a flag on this list.

In his opinion, Skull Dread wins the race for best Yu-Gi-Oh monster of 2019 (Despite him being chained 0_o). You can special summon one monster from your hand, and, the most damning of them all, you can draw four cards from your deck, then shuffle three cards from your hand into the deck.

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A link monster fitting any archetype and enabling one to draw four cards is a titan among its brethren, making Sara Skull Dread “DAT card” of 2019. Voted in by popular demand, Shooting Quasar Dragon still earns its slot by being one of the most dangerous cards adorned in white since its release in the Synchro era.

Before Links hit the scene, all it took was three cards and a Brutality combo to summon this titan; after Links, and with the game’s current emphasis on tokens, it’s now easier than ever to have your opponent staring up this guy. Some points can be made for its newer relative, Cosmic Blazer Dragon, who negates card effects, summons, and a battle by banishing itself, but the writer would like to remind everyone, taking into account his prejudice for Wind monsters, most players will side against banishing because the current, most annoying decks use the tactic to get their strategies moving, and Cosmic Blazer doesn’t summon another monster upon it leaving the field like Shooting Quasar.

As for Overload Savage Dragon... Yeah, he's good, but I didn't want to include too many of the Barrel club, because one could make an excuse for most of them to be on a top ten list. Ultimate Conductor Tyranny : Massive beater, a quick effect that disrupt the opponent's field, on top of the ability to wipe the entire field in battle.

Yeah, his effect is ineffective against Link Monster, some might argue, but mind this : You can't Link Summon with face-down monsters to begin with. Also, you can summon him with Double Evolution Pill, and mixing him with Thunder can be quite destructive.

Creation Needle fiber : So OP that he might be the single reason for all those Cannot be used as Link Material clauses on many new monsters. Outer Entity Author/True King of All Calamities : They basically do the same thing : Lock the opponent from activating monster's effect.

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Basically, no matter what deck you face, there will always be key cards to look out for, but the cards I put on my best list are the ones that'll give you Nightmare on Elm Street shivers when you see them, considering the impact they have. What I WOULD do is create in-depth guides on how to use certain decks, considering different variants and strategies.

I wouldn't just be doing research, but try to intimately know the deck I was writing about, so I wouldn't mislead my readers. After all, at the end of the day, my writings are subjective, but I still want to enhance the knowledge of the community and create a more duel-friendly, educated environment.

Of course yes, I agree with you about the fact that a card can be considered best according to their roles, potentials and place in the deck that they come from best. He's a classic monster with a simple yet effective strategy: stack Equipment Spells on him for victory.

If equipment cards are your thing, have you ever looked into the Pylons or the Noble Knights? Spell support, but Pylons specialize in using the effects of Equip.

In my deck that thing is a nightmare if I get it on the field with two axes of despair. I can think of another card that is just brutal: Blue Eyes Twin Burst Dragon.

2 Blue-Eyes to fusion summon him, and 3 powerful effects: cannot be destroyed by battle, attacks twice in a turn, and banishes any monster it battles that has higher attack than it. The list isn't written in any order, but I do give special mention to Performance Pendulum Sorcerer.

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon's double-damage piercing is devastating, especially since most monsters are going to hide from your Blue-Eyes cards anyway. Darkness Metal is, of course, still the most versatile card in a dragon deck and always helps immensely.

If Paradox had a Maleficent version of that card, he could probably sit back sipping Blue-Eyes Tea while he ravaged the Yugo world. The card has the Egyptian gods on a leash while riding a Red Dragon Archfiend with Utopia as a bodyguard and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon as a concubine.

I've to love negation monsters like Apex Avian or Stardust Dragon/ Assault Mode! Makes me wonder why he's not used more, because 4000 damage in one turn... hurts.

Also, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but Quantum Magnus would still pose a threat to your Exotic and Blue Eyes deck. I had a few decks in my day when I loved dueling and some of these cards caught my eye, however my decks that summon Quasar on the first turn or Blue Eyes Chaos Max, or even my troll no attack exotic deck that relies on negating battle phases with hand effects, and or played cards, can probably fight these off.

I have winged dragon of Ra but I always lose because this one kid destroys him with a spell card I'm loving the rarity of that Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon too.

I run a level 8 Hieratic decks and shifted my strategy from OK to destruction (the deck is almost pure), and Lancelot is one of my favorite XYZ to run when I have two other strong dragons on the field, or to open with. I have red eyes darkness metal dragon in my deck, and it's awesome.

He doesn't see nearly as much play as he used to, but a Quick draw deck can bring him to the field with just three cards in hand. One of my favorite decks is Chaos Counter Fairy, and there's no worse feeling than having your omnipotent BLS simply absorbed by an Ark...

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