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Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 15 January, 2021
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Over the years INAMI has developed the BestYugioh games, and we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the best. You can play these games across different digital platforms and devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

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We’ve tried selecting the BestYugioh games that we could find based on gameplay and other aspects. It much based on Dungeon Dice from the TV show which is the 46th Yugo episode in the second anime series.

An amazing world championship game that uses the traditional Yugo style of play. This game comes with multiple duels like the Rare Hunters, Yam Yuri, Dual Computer and so many others.

Most fan made games would not get a spot on this list, but Yugo Pro is on another level. A mind blowing game, it comes with cards that were used only in Japan and hidden from the rest of the world.

You can spend hours or days make a simple deck because of the variety of cards to choose from. Another key point is that you can play this game online against other competitors.

Depending on which difficulty level you want to explore, you can choose any card from the deck for that purpose. However, it does not have graphics compared to other Yugo games like the Duel Links.

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Based on the original Yugo Anime series on the episode where Sakura tricked Eunuch, Honda and friends. The only disappointing thing about this game is that it doesn’t level up once you manage to concur your enemies.

Over time, you’ll improve your dueling skills, level up and rise through the ranks. Duel Links is another mobile game that has managed to grab a spot in this list.

The player assumes the Deck Leader role who's the main function is managing cards in the game. Acquiring additional cards will give you an upper hand in the game.

Tag Force 7 is my personal best because it consists of characters from every Yugo Generation. Even though most Yugo games deliberately skip this card because it’s too broken, it is fun to play with.

The only disadvantage of playing this game is you have to deal with issues like inaccuracy and the graphics are not that amazing. For die-hard Yugo fans this is one of the bestYugioh games for mobiles that should not miss in your phone.

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Somehow, a story about a young boy fighting for the Heart of the Cards made its way from manga, to anime, to a hit TCG, and over 50 video games across countless consoles. You fell in love with, the draw of this world and the fan base it has created is undeniable.

Gaming is a unique was to get immersed in the series, and bring the Duel Monsters to life. They have bad graphics, boring storylines, easy AI, and no connection to the actual series.

Fans were anticipating Nightmare Troubadour long before INAMI announced and released the game. Games, with the added bonus of an interactive touch screen that allowed for quick decision-making.

The game was a map-based duel journey through Battle City, and the dual screen allowed for the map and new 3D dual displays and Monster animations to display simultaneously. Playing through Battle City with the original Anime cast is a blast, especially because this game branched out to include Pegasus, the Virtual World, and the Paradox Brothers.

This ended up being a slow, short game with little payoff and no replay value, especially considering saving after completing the game is impossible, so you lose all your good cards from the last battle anyway. You are the ‘Chosen One’ sent from the future, dueling with the adversarial families of the York's and the Lancaster's.

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You duel your way through the war and win, and can choose which family to side with each time you play through. Overall, this is a fun game because it sets itself apart by creating an alternate universe based loosely on historic events.

The new style of gameplay and dueling introduced in The Duelists of the Roses makes it definite hit within the scope of Yu-Gi-Oh ! At least that way you could play with friends, because Zeal World Dual Carnival has no option for online or friend play, even though the technology was easily available and would have added a fun element to the game.

The AI matches you have to trudge through before you can actually play are tortuously slow and easy. With so many players out there paying to win with countless in-app purchases, this game loses a lot of potential fun.

When you pick up an old copy of Dungeon Dice Monsters, it will feel like you are part of the Yu-Gi-Oh ! It lacks cards, but for true fans, being able to play with the dice just like the game on TV is a lot of fun.

It was better than its predecessor, Duel Links, but not good enough to take up space on my limited phone storage. Phone games need to be addicting and regularly playable to stand up to the competition, and while Duel Generations has a great card library, it’s missing the spark that would make it a great game.

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The mediocre gameplay, combined with actual development issues like card inaccuracies, makes this game painful to play after a while. With fans of the card game and GO and Dnipro clamoring for a legitimate mobile platform, Duel Generations missed the mark on a great opportunity.

Breaking into modern technology did INAMI good, and this game proves it by being tons of unapologetic fun. This game has an enormous card pool to play from, Wi-Fi, tournaments, and a customizable playable character.

The Sacred Cards is somehow actually worse than its predecessor, earning it a buddy spot on this list. This game is infuriating, and the structure has fans questioning what INAMI was thinking.

In a misguided attempt to fix the easy gameplay and weak AI of The Sacred Cards, this game is nearly impossible. The AI is way too hard to beat, and the card prices are obnoxiously high compared to the pittance you win for each match.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon you pine for can be beaten by a sweet little Turbo. This system also sets up strategies you can use to best the AI in almost every match, which leads to more winning but zero fun.

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Hopefully, INAMI finds a better balance for this game someday, because the potential is there. You begin the game as a little NPC, with no knowledge of what greatness and challenge awaits you.

This game focuses on duel restrictions, which make gameplay more unexpected and exciting. The real fun comes when you access the Shadow Realm, and you can buy all the epic restricted cards.

You get to compete against your favorite characters from the Duel Monsters Universe, buy awesome cards, and win shiny trophies. You get to choose to play as Yuri or Kaaba, and that determines your side in the civil war apparently raging in this virtual universe.

The Tag Force games are always fun, but this one has the added benefit of an intense story and great graphics. It’s closer to a strange amalgamation of Monopoly, Mario Party, and Sonic Shuffle that’s struggling to survive.

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